Snowy Winter Adventure Elopement at Bryce Canyon, UT

Snowy Winter Adventure Elopement at Bryce Canyon, UT

Ashe and Matt wanted an intimate and stress-free elopement experience at Bryce Canyon. The morning of their elopement, they woke up to some unexpected winter weather that changed the timeline of their day. Despite this, their day turned out beautifully chaotic with the snow flurries. This winter adventure in Utah shows how gorgeous a snowy elopement day can be.

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How to Elope at Bryce Canyon National Park

Photography by Unleashed Elopements

Planning your elopement at Bryce Canyon park requires a permit and following basic leave no trace (LNT) practices, like most elopement locations we feature. Please remember to pick up after yourself, follow the park’s rules, and leave the area exactly as you found it.

A photography permit is covered under the “Wedding Permit” the couple needs to obtain to have their ceremony in Bryce Canyon. Ceremonies are only allowed at the Sunset Point at the overlook or in Silent City area. They must also not block any entrance or public pathways. Wedding/portrait photos are allowed anywhere else in the park.

Wedding permit fees are as follows:
1–10 people | $50/day
11–30 people | $150/day

Remember, permits are subject to change. Please check with the park for the latest permit information.

Top Tips for Winter Elopement in Bryce Canyon From the Photographer:

  • Drive a 4WD vehicle or vehicle with snow tires. Prepare for icy roads.
  • Stock up on supplies and food before you come. There is only 1 grocery store in Bryce this time of year and limited options for dining.
  • Wear plenty of layers; gloves, hats/earmuffs, base layers under wedding attire, sturdy shoes, and coats/jackets.
  • Be prepared to change your elopement timeline based on weather conditions.

About This Snowy Winter Elopement Adventure in Utah

“They spent the morning getting ready together and two of Ashe’s closest friends helped dress her in the macrame dress. Then, they spent the next few hours toughing out the snow and seeing wonderful places in the park. They decided to move their ceremony inside because of the declining weather, which turned out the best for the wedding party and was a great place for them to all hang out.

Ashe and Matt were officiated by their close friend and roommate, celebrated with drinks and their absolute favorite cakes in the World, and of course — hung out with family the rest of the night. We snuck out at blue hour to play in the snow a bit before coming back and eating dinner together.

Because of the cold weather, they opted for a day after shoot in the park as husband and wife. We explored down the Navajo Trail and it turned out to be warm, sunny day where the two of them could cherish the start of their marriage.” [Sharlee, the photographer]

Elopement Details

“I loved Matt’s suit accessories instead of tie and Ashe’s black macrame dress instead of traditional white. It was very them!

They were also such troopers for an unexpected snow storm and literally danced with snowflakes covering their faces.

Their cake was brought all the way from Boise, ID on their road trip to their elopement. This bakery is special to them because they became obsessed with it on their previous trip to Boise when they were dating and had to have it for their wedding dessert.” [Sharlee, the photographer]

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Memorable Moments From This Wedding Day

From The Photographer:

“I loved how Ashe and Matt got ready together and helped with their finishing touches. Matt putting on Ashe’s boots was a really tender moment! Their family was incredibly sweet and supportive of their special elopement and having Ashe’s grandma present was the ultimate cherry on top – she was over-the-moon for them!”

From the Couple:

“I think our favorite part was after everything was done, being able to sleep in the next morning and really enjoy being in Bryce Canyon together. However, a close second was cuddling up during our honeymoon to look over the previews that Sharlee sent over.”

You Can Have The Best of Both Worlds

“This elopement really showed me that eloping couples are ultimately happy with getting married in a beautiful place. The timeline doesn’t need to be perfect. The weather doesn’t have to be sunny and plans can change, but that doesn’t ruin their experience… It also showed me that you can absolutely have the best of both worlds on your elopement day by splitting up time with just the two of you and hanging out with your closest family and friends, all while enjoying the entire experience. It was also such a unique way to see Bryce Canyon – all covered up in snow and definitely helped us avoid huge crowds!” [Sharlee, the photographer]

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Hire a Photographer You Trust

“We worked with Sharlee closely throughout the whole process, as photos were very important to us. She honestly took care of most everything outside of getting a marriage permit for the park, dinner plans and hotel accommodations.

I don’t know if we can express how much we love our photos or how fantastic Sharlee was during the whole process. She made the entire planning process as pain free as possible. From figuring out walker-accessible viewpoints, to the Polaroids she gave us, to the little keepsakes she delivered after the big day and everything in the between…” [The Couple]

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HMUA | Yesi Beauti 
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Suit | Express
Cakes | Certified Boise 

Photos From This Snowy Winter Elopement Adventure

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