Unexpected Snowstorm During This Elopement in the San Juan Mountains

Unexpected Snowstorm During This Elopement in the San Juan Mountains

Who would have thought Kristy and Adam would have a snowy elopement in the San Juan Mountains in CO during September! They eloped surrounded by snowy peaks, flurries, and their adorable dog, Moe. Get all the details from their beautiful lookout and early winter wedding adventure.

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Details About This Unexpected Snowy Elopement in the San Juan Mountains

Kristy and Adam never would have thought they would experience a snowstorm during their elopement with their pup in the San Juans mountains.

In the moments leading up to their elopement ceremony, everything was NOT going to plan. Kristy’s nail and massage appointment were canceled, nearby wildfires were creating smog around the mountains, during their hike the day before a tree cracked in half and came pummeling towards them (thank goodness no one got hurt), and the unexpected snowstorm pushed their elopement a day back.

Despite all that, these two still got married and were able to have a beautiful adventure together in the Colorado mountains.

“We still married each other on the planned day but had a wedding celebration on a mountain top the next day. We were so happy we decided to celebrate in our own way. It was a perfect day.” [Kristy]

Deciding to Elope

Kristy and Adam knew from the start they didn’t want a big wedding and wanted to find a way to have a small mountain ceremony that was true to who they were as a couple.

“After a few attempts to plan a wedding with family and close friends, things were not lining up and we found ourselves frustrated and dispirited. When the pandemic started, we officially called off planning but would have conversations about how we wished we could just hike a mountain and say our vows. For a couple of months, we kept sending each other beautiful mountain top elopements on Instagram and kept saying…’Should we just do it?’ Finally, we decided we were going to get married our way. Just us, Adam Kristy and Moe in the wilderness.” [Kristy]

Kristy tells us they visit Ouray every September since they first started dating. They are adventurers at heart and love the area, so knew eloping in the San Juan mountains was a no-brainer. Aubrey, their photographer, helped them pick the perfect spot for them to say their I do’s.

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Tips When Planning Your Elopement

This San Juan Mountain elopement in Ouray was pretty crazy because it was not meant to be a winter wonderland during this couple’s elopement (snow in early September is super early in Colorado). Aubrey, the photographer, says her advice when planning your elopement in this area is to over-prepare.

“Make sure to triple-check the weather, but be prepared for any type of weather and roll with it. Eloping is about adventure, embrace it! This elopement we planned for September 9th, and it was a complete white-out snowstorm, so we postponed it to the following day 9/10, and it still snowed.” [Aubrey]

Besides looking at the weather, make sure to pack in layers (especially during the winter), bring plenty of water, snacks, extra clothing (including extra socks).

Kristy tells us their planning was mainly focused on finding a photographer, wedding attire, accommodation, hair and makeup, and flowers. The most important part of the planning process was finding the perfect photographer since they both wanted amazing photos to share with their loved ones.

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Memorable Moments During This Elopement

We love how these two were surrounded by snow in the middle of September! It really shows you how unpredictable the weather can be when you decide to elope. Despite not anticipating such a snowy elopement adventure in the San Juan mountains, these two had such a romantic elopement.

“The adventure of it all. I expected to be walking barefoot through alpine steams and soaking in the early September sun. Instead, I was walking through inches of fresh snow in freezing weather. It was perfect. We love a good adventure and always make the most of being together in the mountains.” [Kristy]

Aubrey’s favorite moments during this elopement include:

  • Having their first look literally on a snowy mountainside – talk about EPIC
  • Having Moe along for the day, looking dapper (just look at his adorable tie), and being a good and supportive boy!
  • Kristy and Adam’s easy-going vibes throughout the day. We dealt with clear skies, cloud-covered mountains, snowstorms, etc, and they were amazing throughout it all! They didn’t let the weather dampen their day!

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Photography | Aubrey Beth Photography

Florals – Little Bucket of Flowers
Dress – BHLDN

Photos From This Snowy Elopement in the San Juan Mountains


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