Romantic Rainy Elopement: Gabriele & Tadas’ Gran Sasso Adventure

Romantic Rainy Elopement: Gabriele & Tadas’ Gran Sasso Adventure

When it comes to elopements, the story of Gabriele and Tadas stands out as an enchanting adventure in the heart of Italy’s wilderness. With the picturesque landscapes of Campo Imperatore in Gran Sasso as their backdrop, this couple embarked on a journey to exchange their vows under the rain with the biggest smiles. Gabriele and Tadas’ elopement in Gran Sasso is a reminder that love knows no bounds and that embracing the unexpected can lead to the most memorable moments.

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A Romantic Adventure With a Shower of Love From Nature

Photography by In Bianco e Nero

Gabriele and Tadas chose to celebrate their wedding day far from the bustling crowds and traditional wedding customs. Instead, they sought the serenity and beauty of the Gran Sasso region in Italy. Their journey began amidst the ancient rock houses of Sextantio in Santo Stefano di Sessanio, where they prepared for their elopement.

The day was blessed with a slow but constant rain, which added an ethereal touch to their ceremony, creating a unique atmosphere of romance and magic. This remote location allowed the couple to fully immerse themselves in nature and in each other’s company.

Tips For Your Elopement Near Campo Imperatore

Emanuele, the photographer, shared some tips for couples considering a similar adventure:

Plan Ahead: Campo Imperatore and its surroundings are remote, and villages are quite a distance apart. Careful planning is essential to ensure a smooth experience.

Communication and Weather: Mobile phone signals can be unreliable in the mountains. It’s advisable to plan for communication challenges and be prepared for sudden weather changes, as demonstrated on Gabriele and Tadas’ elopement day.

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A Couple That Stood Out

Emanuele shared his experience working with Gabriele and Tadas, emphasizing their unique qualities. The couple’s decision to trust Emanuele and his team with the planning and design of their elopement was a testament to their adventurous spirit. Despite considering other famous locations like the Dolomites and Tuscany, they chose Gran Sasso because it perfectly aligned with their vision.

Gabriele and Tadas not only trusted their photographers but also embraced spontaneity and lightheartedness throughout the experience. When rain unexpectedly graced their elopement day, they faced it with smiles and positivity, turning an “unforeseen” situation into a beautiful and memorable moment.

Capturing the Essence: Highlights

One of the most cherished moments for Emanuele and his team was witnessing Gabriele and Tadas exchange their promises in the rain. Rather than viewing it as an inconvenience, they embraced the rain as an ally, which added a melancholic and artistic tone to their elopement. The getting-ready phase at Sextantio, a medieval hotel carved into the rock, perfectly complemented the elopement’s style.

Embracing the Unexpected

In Bianco e Nero’s account of Gabriele and Tadas’ elopement reminds us that love stories are often written in unexpected moments. This couple’s willingness to embrace the elements and the beauty of nature created a memorable celebration of their love. It serves as an inspiration for couples considering elopements as a way to prioritize authenticity and unique experiences over tradition.

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Planning + Photography: Emanuele Guadagno & Federica Anselmi from In Bianco e Nero
Venue: Sextantio
Flowers: Popp Y Flowers
Makeup Artist: MariMari Makeup
Bride’s Dress: Uta Studio

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