A Cliff Hanging Elopement in Sedona Featuring Merry Go Round Rock

A Cliff Hanging Elopement in Sedona Featuring Merry Go Round Rock

After reaching out to this photographer through our website’s directory, Jacquelyn and Zak planned an epic cliff-hanging adventure elopement in Sedona featuring the iconic Merry Go Round Rock!

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About This Elopement Near Merry Go Round Rock

Photography by Adventure and Vow

“For their elopement, we started hiking under the stars to a stunning spot in Sedona that receives little traffic outside of locals, and rarely at that for the couple to share a first look and then their ceremony just as the sun started to rise over the horizon. After the sun came out and warmed us up a bit, the couple shared a picnic together before hiking back down.

We had a brief break before meeting back up for getting ready at their AirBnB and then heading to play around in a network of caves within the red rocks. Then we off roaded up to the iconic Merry Go Round where the couple shared a first dance, letter reading from friends, and overall had a very immersive experience together all along the limestone ledges. We closed out the night with a few starry night photos before saying our so longs for the night.

Jackie and Zak are big tea drinkers so on the morning hike, they brought tea up to have and special mugs they had ordered. I thought the mugs were super cute and the perfect touch to reflect their day here in the desert together that they will always have and continue to use throughout their life together. The groom also wore a green suit which I thought went really well in Sedona and with the brides floral arrangement. I love when grooms do something a little different with their attire! ” [Traci, the photographer]

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Permit Info and Top Tips Eloping in Sedona

“No permit was needed for this elopement. In Sedona the typical rule is no more than 75 people (we recommend no more than 10 on a trail for a ceremony), no set ups of any kind and you must stay on approved trails/non-wilderness. Sedona does have some crypto soil so we recommend to our couples to know what that is before eloping in the area and stay on trail.

Our top tips for eloping in Sedona is to try to come during ‘off’ season which Sedona does not have much of these days, but early October and early March in our opinions is the best time to avoid the crowds. We also recommend avoiding trails that are super busy like Cathedral for the best experience. If you are coming to the area for an elopement we highly recommend working with a private chef as restaurants close early, but for your overall trip we recommend booking reservations at restaurants at least 6 months in advance if you plan to go to any of the well known ones like Mariposa or Elote.” [Traci, the photographer]

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Cliff Hanging Advice You Need to Know For Your Elopement

“If you are eloping in the desert and want those cliff edge images we strongly encourage couples to be super realistic with themselves about how they feel on 1000 ft drops. You do not want to plan your elopement with the idea that it will be fine if you are scared of heights and then be uncomfortable on your elopement day.

Getting images on the edges really requires you stand in very specific spots to make the composition possible, but we never want to put couples in situations they are not comfortable with so its important to be super honest with yourself when planning. Importantly on the day of your elopement when near cliff edges you for sure want to be wearing the right shoes – we recommend hiking boots with good tread.

Moving around in a wedding dress on edges you want to go slow, be aware of your surroundings and have help from a partner. This is important when it comes to putting together the timeline to allow for enough time you are not rushing in these areas.” [Traci, the photographer]

Finding the Right Vendors Through Wandering Weddings

“This is the longest working relationship we have had with a couple! They inquired with us years ago then a year ago we shot their engagement session in Joshua Tree and then this year the elopement in Sedona. It was so fun to see their day come full circle and capture their story in different places at different stages. The elopement day just felt so natural like we were hiking with old friends.

Booking your photographer for a full day brings so much value to your overall experience and at the end of the day captures all the memories that were made. Starting and ending your elopement day together with the sunrise and sunset I think is incredibly special. It is a great way to honor your first day married, but also I think the best way to get the most out of your day.” [Traci, the photographer]

Memorable Moments During This Elopement

From the photographer:

“A moment that I thought was really special during their elopement day was when they read the letters from their loved ones over a picnic. We like to remind couples that this isn’t for photos, this is your day and to fully immerse it in it and enjoy. They took their time to read them all fully, laugh, cry and just enjoy. Their family wrote some of the most heartwarming and fun stories to them about them as individuals, a couple and well wishes.”

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Photography | Adventure and Vow

Dress | Martina Liana

Dress Shop | Betsy Robsinson’s Bridal Collection

Rings | Brilliant Earth

Suit | State and Liberty 

Flowers | Mountain High Flowers 

Hair Makeup | Sedona Beauty Team 

Officiant | Adventure and Vow 

Photos From This Elopement

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