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Sedona Elopement Guide

When you think of Arizona while planning your elopement, the first place that probably comes to mind is Sedona, AZ. Between Flagstaff and Phoenix, you’ll find this gorgeous paradise of red rocks and insane sunsets. Sedona has one of the most picturesque locations for your ceremony together and it’s perfect for elopement adventures or intimate weddings. Sedona also lands a spot in our best places to elope list, so it’s only natural we create a comprehensive guide with all the things you need to know as you put together your Sedona elopement package. Our guide features elopement vendors, top places to elope in Sedona, and so much more!

How to Elope in Sedona

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If you’re looking to elope somewhere else in Arizona, then check out our Arizona Elopement Packages for more ideas.

Where to Elope in Sedona

Sedona elopements are pretty epic, not just because of the stunning views you can see, but the number of locations you can elope to. From locations that are accessible for your intimate micro wedding to an adventurous hike, there’s something for every couple in Sedona.

We’re going to talk about some of our favorite places to elope in Sedona, AZ, but it’s important to note that connecting with one of our members who specialize in Sedona elopements will allow you to have your elopement at secret locations and trails not many people know about.

As professionals in the elopement industry, it’s our goal to provide you with all the tools and information you need to plan an epic elopement, but it’s also our goal to keep these areas protected. Our list of elopement locations in Sedona should give you a good idea of where you would love to have your ceremony together. Once you know what areas you two are loving, then connect with our members to start planning your adventure!

Check out some of our favorite areas for your ceremony or elopement portraits:

Cathedral Rock

If there’s any location that defines Sedona elopements in Arizona, it’s Cathedral Rock. The hike to get to this destination is a little over a mile. Once you’re there, you’ll be on an epic red rock cliff overlooking Sedona’s landscape. While this location is one of our favorites, it’s also one of the most crowded for elopement ceremonies. Our number one recommendation is to plan a weekday, sunrise, or sunset elopement if you really want to elope here.

Bell Rock

You can’t go wrong with Bell Rock. This area is both accessible and stunning. There’s plenty of spots to have your intimate elopement ceremony or take portraits together. Every single area will give you scenic views of the surrounding red rock mountains. If you want an even more spectacular view, then plan during golden hour for the dreamiest views and photo opportunities.

Secret Sedona Cave

If you’re an adventurous couple looking for something completely different, then explore a secret cavern together. These locations (and there are plenty) are 100% remote, and you’ll have no issues with crowds. Since these areas are hidden gems in Sedona, they also require a bit of a hike or climb to get to. Make sure you team up with an experienced photographer, wear the right shoes, and consider your wedding attire during your adventure. We want you to have an amazing elopement, but we also want you to be safe!

Merry Go Round Rock

If you’re looking for somewhere quiet and intimate for your elopement, then Merry Go Round Rock is the perfect place to add to your list. This area gives you 360 views of Sedona, and it’s also perfect for any off-roading vehicle adventure. There’s plenty of Jeep rentals in Sedona, so just ask around or ask your elopement vendors for recommendations.

Slide Rock State Park

Slide Rock State Park is another great option if you’re looking for an accessible spot. There’s not much hiking involved, so this area makes for a great spot for your ceremony if you’re inviting a small group of family and friends. Since this is a state park, you’ll need a permit to have your ceremony here. We recommend reserving your wedding date with plenty of time and consulting with your elopement team to make sure you’re planning during a time where you won’t have tons of visitors around you.

Photo by The Drawhorns

Red Rock State Park

There’s plenty of things to do at gorgeous Red Rock State Park from hiking to horseback riding together. There’s also plenty of open views of red rock formations for your elopement ceremony. While this state park has only two designated wedding ceremony locations (for 100 guests), there are plenty of other options for an intimate elopement ceremony here.

Sedona Airport Scenic Lookout

We told you Sedona has something for every couple! Sedona’s airport scenic lookout is super cool for couples who travel together often. If you’re trying to plan something on the tarmac, contact the staff and see what options you have. If you rather just plan your ceremony at the lookout itself, then you’ll have epic views and your photographer may even catch an incoming plane in the background.

Devil’s Bridge

If you’re both adventurous and looking for something completely different, then Devil’s Bridge is a great place to elope to. This trail in Sedona is over 3 miles long, but the views from the bridge are breathtaking. You’ll feel like you’re standing on the edge once you arrive at the bridge itself. We love this spot for the coolest and intimate elopement photos.

Broken Arrow

Maybe you both want to ride 4×4 together during your elopement. If you don’t mind getting a little dirty, then planning your elopement adventure here would be awesome. Since this area is popular for 4×4 adventures, we absolutely recommend weekday elopements for this spot.

Permits and Rules for Sedona Weddings

While some of these locations don’t require a permit or reservation for your ceremony, there are still rules you must consider when planning a Sedona elopement. It’s always important to stay on the trail and follow the permit and regulations set in place at the state park you decide to elope to. If you both decide to elope somewhere off-the-beaten-path, then you should still respect the area you’re visiting.

It’s our duty to leave no trace (LNT) when we visit somewhere amazing. As more couples realize how amazing it is to elope, more couples are visiting these amazing scenic areas, like Sedona. Let’s all do our part and be conscious of our elopement decor and pick up after ourselves. If you have any questions or concerns, then our elopement vendors are the best people to ask.

When to Elope in Sedona

Arizona has beautiful weather year-round, so some couples end up throwing their hands up wondering when to elope in Sedona. Whether you’re looking for a snowy red rock elopement in December or a perfect breezy Fall elopement, Sedona is perfect.

Spring elopements in Sedona come with cooler temperatures and gorgeous blooming cacti. Summer elopements in Sedona do tend to be extremely hot with daily rainstorms, but you’ll also see some of the most beautiful cotton candy sunsets. While you can still plan a sunrise or sunset elopement during the summer, keep in mind that summer is the busiest time of year to visit Sedona.

Every season has pros and cons when it comes to planning your elopement. It’s important to remember you’re planning an outdoor ceremony, so it’s best to have a plan B and C in place.

Vendors for Your Sedona Elopement Package

As you start to plan your Sedona wedding adventure, it’s important to have the right team by your side. Hiring an experienced elopement vendor will allow you to plan with ease. Check out our featured vendors who specialize in intimate weddings and elopement adventures in the Sedona area.

Places to Stay for Your Sedona Elopement

Check out some of the best places to stay for your elopement or intimate wedding in Sedona.


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