BLM Campground Small Wedding in Moab

BLM Campground Small Wedding in Moab

Mark and Rachel planned the perfect small wedding on BLM campgrounds. Everything from Rachel’s colorful tutu wedding dress to the couple’s wedding rings was entirely them in the most beautiful way. Get all the details and inspiration from this wedding.

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Planning a Wedding on BLM land in Moab

“The Moab BLM requires permits for events held on BLM Land, even the campgrounds like Rachel and Mark opted for. All vendors working on site also need to be permitted through the BLM office. Hosting an event on BLM Land with more than a handful of people is best done at a group campsite like these two did, so that there is no trace left of the event.

They set up their tent on an existing group camp site, and other guests camped in the adjacent sites. This allowed guests to use the vault toilet on site as well. The soil in Moab is alive (called crypto-biotic soil), so we made sure not to “bust the crust” by doing their photos on existing trails and campsites.” [Amanda, the photographer]

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Details From This Wedding Day in Moab

Amanda tells us everything from this couples wedding day revolved around them celebrating their favorite places on Earth with their clan of favorite people. These two built their dream wedding day. It was non-traditional, but it was entirely them. They even had their wedding rings made of wood and sand.

“We travel a lot. The redwoods took our breath away the first time we visited – during a 7 month road trip in a little teardrop camper we built ourselves. They still amaze us, quiet us and bring us joy no matter how many times we visit and we go to see them as often as we can.

The wood from our rings is redwood from our friend’s property in Northern California where he owns a sustainable forestry business. We’re also commercial fisherpeople in Alaska. Our favorite place in the world is a very remote island in the gulf of Alaska. It’s a place of big waves, huge storms, massive cliffs, endless beach treasures and an abounding sense of smallness. The sand from our rings is from the center of a gargantuan grizzly bear footprint on the beach of that island.” [The Couple]

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Top Tips When Planning a BLM Campground Wedding

“Communicate well with guests. Hosting the wedding on a group campsite helps you have more space than a small elopement without damaging the environment, but it’s still important to encourage your guests to carpool when possible and to ensure they are aware of the crypto-biotic soil in the area.

When hosting a wedding in Moab it is also good to communicate the realities of flash flood potential, and sun protection if your guests are not familiar with the high desert.” [Amanda, the photographer]

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Memorable Moments During This Wedding Day

From the photographer:

“I loved the guests all dancing under the stars into the night. The moon rose above the horizon as the band began to play the most wonderful bluegrass and folk music. Everyone danced under the light of the moon and the string lights of the tents into the night. Rachel wore the most incredible colored tutu beneath her white wedding dress, which transformed into a light-up accessory for the reception festivities, and guests were encouraged to come in costume or silly hats (which were passed around if needed.)”

Photography: Amanda Matilda Photography
Venues: Moab BLM
Dress: JJs House
Tutu: Hua on Etsy
Flowers: Farmyard Moab
Donuts: Doughbird Moab
Rentals: Moab Event Services
Rings: Chasing Victory

Photos From This Small Wedding in Moab

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