Outlander-Inspired Hand-Fasting Anniversary Renewal in Scotland’s Duncarron Medieval Village
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Outlander-Inspired Hand-Fasting Anniversary Renewal in Scotland’s Duncarron Medieval Village

Chara and Charlie celebrated their first wedding anniversary at Duncarron Medieval Village in Scotland. They included a handfasting during their adventure to celebrate their marriage.

“Dressed in their Outlander-styled period attire, we spent their anniversary exploring Duncarron Medieval Village, where they had married the year before when the final preparations were underway for their event. Before the ceremony, they took time to reflect on the year past at the village and how much had been built and achieved. It has gone from strength to strength – having been involved in many high-profile TV/film projects and has developed into a wedding venue too!” [Raini]

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About This Anniversary Handfasting Ceremony in Scotland

Chara and Charlie are part of Canranald Trust for Scotland, according to Raini. This trust dedicates itself to the preservation and dissemination of Scottish culture and heritage through entertainment and education.

“Charlie is the Chief Exec of the trust and has led the development of the Duncarron Medieval Village. Chara works in the trust as their Artistic Manager. She is a costume-maker and actually made some parts of the outfit she wore for our session together. They are quite the power couple!” [Raini]

Charlie and Chara’s passion for Scottish heritage is beautiful, and it fits perfectly they performed the handfasting ceremony and shared a dram of whisky from a traditional quaich for their anniversary.

They also walked around the stone labyrinth Charlie made for Chara as a wedding present the year before, which represents overcoming challenges together.

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Deciding to Plan a Post-Elopement Adventure

A lot of couples ask us if it’s ok to plan an anniversary adventure since they couldn’t elope or because they loved eloping so much. We are here to announce that you can plan a post-wedding adventure together whenever you want! Just like eloping, there are no rules, and Chara and Charlie are the perfect examples of this.

“Life can get challenging at times so we feel that in order to not let the mundane get in the way of romance, celebrating the day of our union is important. Revisiting our vows and taking the time to contemplate and celebrate all we accomplished together keeps us grounded and grateful.” [Chara]

Picking a Location For Your Anniversary Adventure

Duncarron Medieval Village is an untapped gem of a location for couples who want to feel truly immersed in ancient Scottish heritage, according to Raini. She tells us this village makes you feel like you’re back in time (all the Outlander vibes).

The village is also surrounding Scotland’s gorgeous countryside, which makes adventuring outside the village to Carron Valley Loch or walk the Loup of Fintry super simple.

“They chose to celebrate their first year together by honoring the long-gone Jacobite era and its Celtic traditions with a handfasting renewal. Traditionally, handfastings are said to last a year and a day as a ‘trial marriage’. Whilst Chara and Charlie’s wedding last year was no trial marriage, it felt symbolic to have a second handfasting a year and a day later.” [Raini]

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Top tips for Planning an Anniversary Adventure Together

Raini tells us what couples should consider when planning a post-elopement adventure for their anniversary.

  • Sit down together and think over ideas that will really make you feel connected as a couple. Do you want to go somewhere new? Do you want it to be somewhere you have a special connection to? What certain activities do you two want to do together?
  • Adventure doesn’t have to mean hiking up a mountain. Adventure is whatever makes your heart beat a little faster, those little butterflies in your stomach. It can be whatever makes you feel alive and takes you out of your norm. Don’t be afraid to choose your own version of ‘adventure’.
  • There is no ‘TOO MUCH’ or ‘NOT ENOUGH’ when it comes to planning this kind of adventure. Don’t let anything make you feel like you have to change it to fit into someone else’s idea of what’s the right way to celebrate your love in the post-wedding season of your relationship.
  • Plan something during the adventure that will give you a moment of uninterrupted connection. Whether it’s re-reading your vows, writing and reading letters to each other, watching your wedding video together, handfasting, or planting a tree… Do something symbolic to mark the day intentionally.

Are You Ready to Plan Your Next Adventure Session Together?

Some couples think you can only plan an adventure together during your elopement. Why is it important to consider planning an anniversary adventure together?

“We, as a society, put a huge emphasis on a small number of relationship ‘milestones’ (getting engaged, getting married etc). As though other times are somehow “less important’. But being in love over a longer period of time takes work and commitment. It means waking up every day and saying ‘yes’ to the same person. It means adapting and encouraging as you and your partner grow as individuals with trust that your bond is flexible enough to grow with it. This is why it’s so important to celebrate those times after the wedding day. Celebrate the sh*t out of being in love, and more importantly, growing in love.” [Raini]

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Photography | Raini Rowell Photography
Venue | Duncarron Medieval Village 
The Clanranald Trust (hosts at Duncarron Medieval Village and who helped with making their amazing attire – alongside some pieces by Chara herself)

Photos From This Anniversary Handfasting Ceremony in Scotland

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