A White Mountain NH Waterfall Elopement With Their Family & Dogs

A White Mountain NH Waterfall Elopement With Their Family & Dogs

When Marce and Josh started wedding planning, they discovered that an intimate, adventurous, white mountain elopement was MUCH more “them.” They said “forget this,” and committed to making their dream of a fairytale waterfall elopement a reality.

New Hampshire is probably one of the best places to elope you may not think of when you first decide to elope, which makes it the PERFECT elopement destination. Use our elopement directory to start planning your elopement.

About This White Mountain NH Waterfall Elopement

Photography by Babel Photos

“This joyful, dog-friendly, and tear-invoking adventure elopement was planned in a matter of days. Marce’s family, Josh’s family, and service dog pack, all had a beautiful hand (and paw) in the making of this dream day.

Their day started upon a stunning waterfall for their first look. The weather, logistics, and everything, truly came through for them. Marce walked down her ‘fairytale’ stairs to her future hubby, and it was precious. We then traveled to a nearby falls location that was a bit less steep and more family-dog mobile. It was filled with music, hugs, tears, and some dog love. Okay, a lot of dog love. A golden hour, tear-jerking ceremony led us into a sunset at a local winery.” [Kayla, the photographer]

Eloping at a New Hampshire Waterfall

“The beauty of both of these waterfall locations is that there is no permit required for eloping. However, both Glen Ellis Falls and Jackson Falls are easily accessible, therefore highly popular, locations. It is important to be mindful of ‘carry in carry out’ practices since these locations are enjoyed by so many. Additionally, parking is accessible so there need not be any ‘off roading’ parking that can damage the land and pathways of locations.” [Kayla, the photographer]

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Top Tips Eloping Here

“The time and season in which you elope! These are two VERY easy locations to drive up to see and are family-friendly. Therefore, peak times are early fall on the weekends. I recommend sunrise, sunset, or mid-week elopement planning. I cannot recommend a sunrise experience enough.

Otherwise, you should be able to find a secluded area since both Falls locations are large and have long pathways. For Glen Ellis: if you want to elope AT the main falls, I HIGHLY encourage a mid-weekday, early, experience.” [Kayla, the photographer]

Details From This Elopement

“The beautiful balance of nature, adventure, and romance. Their first look was among the forest (of which Marce identifies as feeling like in a fairy tale with the stone stairs and lush green woods), a famous NH waterfall, and gorgeous trails. Their ceremony was at another falls location. Not to be outdone, their ceremony was at this beautifully intimate winery in New Hampshire to which I recommend to all: Alpine Garden Winery. They finished their night with a candlelit dinner, local wine, and a glowy sunset. Marce’s mom hand-crafted the plates herself, and this was truly a magical event made possible with the help of every person.” [Kayla, the photographer]

Memorable Moments During This Elopement

From the photographer:

“Marce and Josh reached out a week before their elopement. After weeks of planning, they really took a moment to ask: what feels most authentic to us? Why are we feeling tied to convention when it doesn’t seem to serve us? SO they threw out the plans, reached out, and prioritized themselves and their family’s favorite things: nature, adventure, their dogs, and quality time with family. I am so humbled by their FRIENDSHIP throughout the day: the laughter during their pictures, their snuggling with their dogs, their adoration for their family who traveled from Mexico to right down the road. These two are best friends and just witnessing this itself will forever stay in my heart.”

Final Words of Advice

“If you are looking to elope in New Hampshire, I highly recommend partnering with a photographer whose energy, style, and vision align with your top priorities. Elopement photographers are true partners in your planning, beginning, middle, and end of your elopement, and couples deserve to have the right expertise and guidance to ensure a smooth, fulfilling day.

I also recommend being open-minded to the possibility of change with adventure elopements: potentially moving first look locations based on weather, being flexible with times, and allotting cushion time so that you don’t feel tied to a minute-by-minute agenda. If you decided to elope, it’s probably because you resonate with a non-traditional experience. SO, ROLL WITH THAT FEELING, and plan things that are authentic to who you are as a couple. This is your day, and there are no ‘boxes’ you have to fit into.” [Kayla, the photographer]

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Photographer: Kayla owner of Babel Photos
Rings: North Country Fair Jewelers
Florist: Field Floral Studio (Portland) for bouquet and corsage
Dog collars: Marce’s mom
Marce’s Clothing: Bronx & Banco
Hair: The Cut Off Salon & Day Spa
Make Up: Debony Salon
Food: Alpine Garden Winery 
Caterer: Elevated Gathering
Other vendors: Dolce Utopia (porcelain plates at the winery)

Photos From This Elopement

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