Romantic Wedding Elopement at Fogo Island Inn

Romantic Wedding Elopement at Fogo Island Inn

Natasha and Andras had the most romantic wedding at Fogo Island Inn. Our team is loving the dramatic views of Newfoundland, Canada during this elopement. This remarkable inn sits on an island, off an island, which gives you one of the most intimate settings for an adventure elopement.

Joel and Justyna Bedford documented the couple’s amazing wedding day during this moody and windy day. This elopement is gorgeous not just because Natasha’s two beautiful dresses or the guitarist serenading the couple, but because Fogo Island Inn is surrounded by rich culture.

According to the website, Fogo Island Inn was created to boosts the economy for these locals built on tourism, art, and food. This accommodation actually makes it a point to hire from the local community. All the furniture and textiles in the inn are also made by local craftspeople.

This fact makes this elopement destination all the more interesting and beautiful. Check out all the details from this intimate wedding at Fogo Island Inn.

If you want to skip the story, then jump straight to the photos from this Wedding Elopement at Fogo Island Inn.

Photography by Joel & Justyna

Details From This Elopement Wedding Day in Northern Newfoundland

Joel and Justyna documented Natasha and Andras’s day with only the bride’s close friend as their witness.

“When there are no guests, no hosting responsibilities, no structured timeline, and no pressure, the true magic of an elopement begins to reveal itself in its core elements. The love between two people, their union, and the experience of living that day, ever-present for each other. There’s also something that happens to us as photographers when we’re allowed the freedom to stay in the moment, carefully observe – and even participate a little…We’re still not completely sure what the word is, but whatever it is, we can be sure that it’s a gift.” [Joel and Justyna]

The couple was able to enjoy an isolated Newfoundland landscape free of any tourists or distraction. They were also greeted warmly from locals they ran into with smiles and warm congratulations.

Planning for This Intimate Elopement

A great way to plan your elopement is to have clear communication with your wedding vendors. This will ensure that you all are on the same page. Planning an intimate wedding allows couples and photographers to have more creative freedom as they go about the day.

“To help them think about what is most important, we ask specific questions as to what is truly meaningful to them as people, as a couple, and about their intimate celebration.  Whether it’s a 300-guest wedding or tiny elopement, our philosophy is the same; photos should capture unique memories, experiences, and emotions – if we help build a day to remember, the photos should come naturally.” [Joel and Justyna]

The photographers guided the couple to have a good mix of adventure and romance as they went about their wedding day at Fogo Island Inn. As we go through these images, we feel like we are right next to this couple as they eloped. This is wonderful to share when announcing your elopement to family and friends.

Highlights From This Fogo Island Inn Elopement

Joel and Justyna made sure to get to know the couple and figure out where their interests were. From that, they suggested a timeline of adventures including a traditional Newfoundland shed party. They even shared ice-cream together from a local vendor!

“The shed party was definitely a highlight. A room of lunching-locals and punch-drunk travelers, walls plastered in knick-knacks, old photos, and local memorabilia. The smells of hearty stews and goblets of good wine. In the middle of it all, our lovely guests-of-honor sharing in a dance to a traditional Newfoundland wedding waltz, with live music by locals on fiddles and washboards.” [Joel and Justyna]

Tips for Couples Planning an Elopement Far From Home

Joel and Justyna suggest hiring a professional to do the legwork for you. These two made sure to suggest the perfect ceremony location for these two. They also suggested a local musician for ambiance at the ceremony and first dance and found some amazing spots for the couple to admire and explore together.

“Good vendors have connections worldwide. Their ideas and experience will be able to best help you create a perfect day – one you couldn’t even have imagined had you tried to do it yourself. You have one opportunity to do it right, so make it count!” [Joel and Justyna]

Elopements Vs. Traditional Weddings

Natasha and Andras are easy-going, confident, joyous, and a dream to photograph, according to the photographers. They also tell us how much they enjoy documenting elopements because they can really get to know the couple.

“An elopement gets a wedding down to its core elements, so there’s less pressure on the bride and groom. They also spend more time with each other and aren’t spread too thin as they tend to be at larger weddings.” [Joel and Justyna]

Other Vendors Involved

Accommodation | Fogo Island Inn 
Makeup | Amy Gatschene 
Wedding Dress | Stephanie Davis Designs 


Photos From This Wedding Elopement at Fogo Island Inn


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Thank you, Joel and Justyna for sharing this Elopement session, and congratulations to Natasha and Andras. 


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