Dancing in the Rain at Volcano National Park: Tracey & Bradley’s Adventure Wedding in Hawaii

Dancing in the Rain at Volcano National Park: Tracey & Bradley’s Adventure Wedding in Hawaii

In the heart of Hawaii, Tracey and Bradley embarked on an extraordinary adventure wedding. The couple’s desire for a unique celebration led them to the mesmerizing landscapes of Volcano National Park and Punalu’u Black Sand Beach.

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About This Elopement at Volcano National Park

Ann, the photographer, describes the day as an exploration of nature’s wonders. Beginning at a quaint Airbnb cottage in Volcano, Hawaii, the couple, along with their immediate family, started their day with amazing views all around them. From the scenic Volcano National Park, featuring the Thurston lava tube, to the picturesque Punalu’u Beach with its distinctive black sand, Tracey and Bradley’s love story unfolded throughout the day, making for one epic adventure elopement.

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Planning Your Elopement at This National Park

“Couples can contact the Hawaii Volcano National Park Coordinator for information and pricing for the photography permit in the park. I encourage couples to apply as soon as possible to make sure they have enough time for approval. Rock stacking is quite common here. But couples should be aware that per the LNT principals of the HVNP: ‘Park staff may use ahu (stacked rocks) to mark some trails and keep visitors safe. Please do not create new ones. The stacking of rocks can be culturally offensive, disorienting to hikers, and potentially against the law.’” [Ann, the photographer]

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Weathering the Elements

The photographer emphasizes the unpredictable weather conditions in the park. From rain and fog to sunshine, the couple is advised to remain flexible and patient, with backup options in mind. Ann suggests keeping an eye on volcanic activity updates that may affect park closures or road access. Flexibility, she notes, is key to embracing the varied landscapes within the park.

“I was glad to have was clear umbrellas in my car. They came in handy when the weather decided it was going to keep the showers through the afternoon in Volcano. Though we didn’t need them at the beach, it was more for peace of mind that we had them handy just in case!” [Ann, the photographer]

A Memorable Hawaii Elopement Ceremony

Tracey and Bradley stood out for their adventurous spirit. Opting for an itinerary that extended beyond the typical hour-long elopement, they wanted a fuller narrative of their day. Ann, excited by their willingness to embrace the changing weather, cherished capturing moments from Tracey’s pre-wedding time with her sister to the almost twilight hours.

Most Hawaii elopements that I photograph are short, lasting about an hour. I love that they wanted me to capture a bigger story of their day. From her sweet time with her sister before Bradley saw her for the first time, to sticking around almost until it was too dark to shoot! I love that they embraced the changing weather of Volcano. These are the kind of elopements I love the most!” [Ann, the photographer]

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Photography: | Ann Ferguson Photography
Officiant | Big Island Elopement Officiant
Hair & Makeup | Beauty with Aloha

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