Adventurous Hike and Mountain Wedding Ceremony in Telluride, CO

Adventurous Hike and Mountain Wedding Ceremony in Telluride, CO

Telluride is a gorgeous mountain town tucked away in Colorado. Adventurous couples flock to this remote corner to explore the epic mountains during summer or ski together during the winter. Jennifer and John planned a hiking elopement along with an intimate wedding ceremony with their closest family and friends.

Amy, from Amy Bluestar Photography, gives us an insider on what to look out for when planning your hiking adventure in this town. Follow along to see this couple’s adventure, and why planning a Telluride elopement is one of the best decisions you’ll make.

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Details About This Telluride Elopement Adventure

Jennifer and John had the perfect mix of adventure and tradition for their wedding day. They were able to hike together and see some epic views while being together with their loved ones to witness their wedding ceremony.

We love the small details they included during their wedding day. They had “Just Eloped” signs hanging off their backpacks during the hike down. This is a great idea to get some shots to announce your elopement. Jennifer put some wildflowers in her bouquet and hair from the area. Another detail we love is their picnic. They even packed cheeses, pretzels, and champagne to share with their loved ones after their ceremony.

“We hiked up to a high-alpine lake in the dark to catch the sunrise at the top. They had their first look just as the sun started to come up, and then they shared their vows with just a handful of close friends that made the journey with us. We had a picnic-style brunch, and then after taking some photos, we made our way down the mountain and stopped by one of the most popular spots in town, Bridal Veil Falls. It was an epic way to end an even more incredible day!” [Amy]

bride and groom sharing a picnic with family and friends after wedding ceremony in Telluride

Planning A Micro Wedding in Telluride, CO

Telluride has a bunch of options when it comes to planning an intimate wedding ceremony with your loved ones. From mountain vistas and waterfalls to scenic overlooks and ski slopes. Some elopement destinations are even accessible and don’t require a major hike.

The biggest recommendation we have is to make sure you obtain the necessary permits and team up with one of our members to help plan your elopement in Telluride, CO. Since this area can get crowded, connecting with someone experienced in the area is a must to ensure an intimate and fun experience

“Jen and John were planning a larger intimate wedding with family and friends but after covid hit, they decided to have an even smaller elopement with just a handful of friends that were willing to hike up the mountain with them! My advice is to have a very small group along for the adventure OR hike up to an amazing location just the two of you and then read your vows before you hike back to family and friends for an intimate ceremony and celebration!” [Amy]

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Telluride wedding ceremony in Colorado with family and friends

Tips For Your Telluride Elopement Hike

Besides packing for your hiking adventure in Telluride, you’ll also want to decide which month you want to elope together. Telluride is beautiful year-round, but you want to make sure you two discuss what type of elopement vibe you want. Do you want fall colors? Plan your elopement in late September to early October. Do you want to see wildflowers and waterfalls? Elope during July or August.

“If you are planning on hiking for your elopement in the summer, I definitely recommend planning an early morning sunrise hike. Storms tend to roll through in the afternoons. It is an earlier day which means you are hiking in the dark, but it makes for an incredible experience, and allows you to truly enjoy the entire day.” [Amy]

It’s important to remember, however, Colorado weather can be a bit unpredictable, so plan accordingly and bring some layers.

just married elopement signs during Telluride elopement hike

Memorable Moments During This Elopement

Amy shares some of her favorite moments during this couple’s wedding day. These moments are perfect for couples who are considering including their loved ones. Elopements don’t always have to be just the two of you. At Wandering Weddings, we encourage all couples to adventure how they want to, where they want to, and with who they want to.

“Walking back down the trail after the ceremony, we passed by a group of people who saw us coming. Just as Jen and John passed by, one of the hikers threw up grass and flowers that she had picked over them and cheered in a way of celebration for the couple. I was able to capture this moment, and it is one of my favorites from the day.

Another favorite moment of the day was having the friends of the couple share stories and give mini speeches throughout the day. Some shared on the hike up, some after the ceremony, and some as we made our way back down the trailhead to the cars. It was an amazing way to hear about and celebrate their love throughout the day.” [Amy]

couple in front of waterfall near Telluride, CO

Should You Elope?

If this Telluride elopement is inspiring you, then maybe you should consider eloping! Amy tells us there’s nothing more personal and romantic than elopements, and she aspires to elope herself one day.

“Plan a day that includes the things you love. The day is all about you and your partner, so focus on the things and the people you love and you are guaranteed to have the best day ever.” [Amy]

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Photography | Amy Bluestar Photography 
Bridal Designer/ Dress shop | BHLD
Grooms Attire: Suit Supply
Hair: Kylie Borchers from Moxie Loft 
Florist: Flowers by Ella 

Photos From This Telluride Elopement Adventure

Telluride wedding ceremony in Colorado with family and friends bride and groom sharing a picnic with family and friends after wedding ceremony in Telluride

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