Styled Elopement at Capella by the Sea and Secret Beach, Oregon Coast

Styled Elopement at Capella by the Sea and Secret Beach, Oregon Coast

Capturing love against the backdrop of the breathtaking Oregon Coast is a dream come true for any elopement photographer. In this styled elopement, you can see how you can easily mix traditional wedding elements with elopement elements. Capella by the Sea is an amazing spot to plan your wedding ceremony for your small wedding in Oregon. Let the waves of inspiration wash over you as we explore the details and insights from this styled elopement.

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Location Spotlight: Capella by the Sea and Secret Beach, Oregon Coast

For this styled shoot, Doug and the couple embarked on a romantic journey at Capella by the Sea, a mesmerizing venue in Brookings, Oregon. This venue probably has the coolest architecture with its endless windows and wooden beams, providing the perfect canvas for an intimate wedding experience. Following the vows, the adventure continued to Secret Beach, where the stormy night threatened but ultimately rewarded the couple and photographer with an unforgettable sunset.

“Some of the details I loved were the details at Capella by the Sea, the floral arrangement, the red velvet cake, and the champagne tower! It was so much fun to incorporate some of these details into this elopement. This photoshoot really emphasized how you can have anything on your elopement day.” [Doug, the photographer]

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Permit and Leave No Trace Tips

Capella by the Sea requires a rental fee and event insurance. Secret Beach demands a special use permit. Doug’s advice to couples is to let their elopement photographer handle the permitting process and fees. When exploring Secret Beach, couples are encouraged to follow Leave No Trace principles—plan ahead, pack out trash, stick to marked trails, and respect the surrounding wildlife.

“Capella by the Sea venue is available for rental year-round at $129 an hour with a 2-hour minimum. Event insurance is required. For Secret Beach, a special use permit is required through the Oregon State Parks. Permits can be applied online or by calling the Oregon State Park. Be sure to contact your elopement photographer, as many photographers like me will handle all the permitting process and fees for you.” [Doug, the photographer]

Top Tips for Eloping in this Location

Doug suggests planning the elopement on a weekday to avoid crowds, especially since Secret Beach isn’t as secret as its name implies. Optimal time? Sunset. The Southern Oregon coast allows for year-round elopements, making it a versatile choice.

Advice from the Photographer

Doug encourages couples to think outside the box and tailor their elopement to their unique preferences. Whether it’s the intimate setting of Capella by the Sea or the secluded beauty of Secret Beach, couples have the freedom to craft an elopement that resonates with their dreams. With the added bonus of proximity to the California redwoods, the Oregon Coast provides an opportunity for a diverse and unforgettable adventure.

As you plan your own elopement, let Caylee and James’ story at Capella by the Sea inspire you to create a day as unique as your love. Special thanks to Doug of Sea to Summit Photography, What in Carnations, Lawson & Company LLC, and Capella by the Sea for weaving magic into this styled elopement.


Photography | Sea to Summit Photography
Florals | What in Carnations
Planner | Lawson & Company LLC
Venue | Capella by the Sea

Photos From This Styled Session

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