Stephanie and Gary’s Marquette Elopement

Stephanie and Gary’s Marquette Elopement

Stephanie and Gary found Julie from Catchfly Photography on Wandering Weddings. Their Marquette elopement featuring Little Presque Isle and The Cove is the perfect inspiration. They incorporated elements from a traditional wedding and turned it into an amazing elopement experience with their loved ones.

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Eloping in Marquette

The elopement day began at Rippling River Resort, where Stephanie and Gary prepared for their intimate ceremony. Stephanie had a special first look with her father, who also officiated the wedding! The couple found their photographer through our elopement directory and planned an awesome elopement in Michigan.

They ventured to Little Presque Isle for a ceremony under the cloudy skies and by the brisk waters of Lake Superior with their family and friends.

After their wedding ceremony, their celebration continued at The Cove on Presque Isle for a private first dance, followed by portraits at Black Rocks and Downtown Marquette. They finished their wedding adventure with a cozy dinner at Iron Bay restaurant.

We knew we wanted our day to reflect us as a couple and our love for nature, and the way the outdoors brought us together. We chose to invite 26 of our closest friends and family, and we celebrated our love surrounded by the beautiful trees of Little Presque Isle, right beside Lake Superior. It couldn’t have been more perfect. We really did not need any decorations, as mother nature is already beautiful enough on her own. We did not want to take away from all the natural beauty, but we did choose to use a rug and native ferns to compliment the scenery around us.” [The couple]

Tips for the Trail: Little Presque Isle Insights

To bring this vision to life, the couple and their photographer, Julie, navigated the unique requirements of their chosen locations.

Julie advises future couples to secure all necessary permits, contact local authorities, and consider the weather for a seamless elopement experience. She also emphasizes the importance of adhering to Leave No Trace (LNT) principles, ensuring minimal impact on the environment.

Little Presque Isle Cabins tend to handle the application process and Debra Gill will be your go-to gal! A recreation pass is required to park in the parking lot and carpooling is encouraged as you cannot block out any parking spaces or park on the road. You will need to fill out an Event Application and Photographers will need to fill out a Non-Event Application. Additionally, Little Presque Isle Requires a Liability Insurance Policy.” [Julie, the photographer]

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Deciding to Elope

The couple’s decision to elope stemmed from a desire for a celebration that truly reflected their love and values:

We just wanted a meaningful day that felt like us. We wanted the whole day to feel open and carefree, where we had time to do what we wanted, explore the places we loved, and enjoy the outdoors together. Weddings have gotten so out of control these days, and we did not want that. We wanted the day to be simple and feel like us while still being memorable and special. Eloping was the best way to do that.” [The couple]

They chose Marquette, a place where their love for each other and the outdoors converged. The decision to elope allowed them to focus on what truly mattered to them, creating an intimate, stress-free day.

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Details From This Elopement

The couple’s warmth and thoughtfulness translated into memorable moments, such as Gary including coordinates in his vows and Stephanie having her father officiate the wedding. A local floral shop grew all the ferns for the ceremony, which was another simple yet meaningful detail.

We kept everything very simple so there really was not much to plan! It was the best way to go. Minimal planning means you get to focus all your time and attention on all those little details that matter the most. Some of my favorite details from the day included the special chair I had reserved in memory of my brother who passed away, and the first look with my dad. Gary and I also chose to have matching boots which was a lot of fun!” [The couple]

Crafting the Perfect Day

Stephanie and Gary’s elopement costs around $9,500, showcasing the flexibility of elopements when it comes to budgeting.

“Minimal planning means you get to focus all your time and attention on all those little details that matter the most.” [The couple]

They splurged on photography, recognizing its everlasting value, and found joy in the simplicity of their celebration. Stephanie and Gary’s elopement serves as a testament to the fact that a meaningful, intimate celebration can be just as, if not more, magical than a traditional wedding.

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Memorable Moments

From the photographer:

“Gary including the coordinates into his vows. That was really special. Stephanie having her Dad officiate the wedding. I honestly really love when someone very close officiates the ceremony. I find that it adds so much more to the ceremony. So many more feels when its someone close to you that you love and care for. It was cold out, Mid October for this fall wedding and a bit windy, but watching Gary keep his wife warm, and blowing on her hands was by far so sweet!”

From the couple:

“One of our favorite parts of the day was our private first dance alone. We chose to have our first dance in the cove at Black Rocks located in Presque Isle. It was just us, nobody else. We danced to I Remember Everything by John Prine. We were able to take those few minutes and just be together, soak up all the feelings of being married, and have a memorable first dance alone. It was so intimate and the most special moment of our day…”


Photographer | Julie of Catchfly Photography
Hair and Makeup | Fresh Coast Beauty
Florals | Lutey’s Flower Shop

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