Epic Elopement Adventure at OR’s Samuel H. Boardman Corridor and CA’s Redwoods

Epic Elopement Adventure at OR’s Samuel H. Boardman Corridor and CA’s Redwoods

This Samuel H. Boardman Corridor Elopement is a gorgeous elopement destination for couples who are looking for a lesser-known, but equally beautiful ceremony spot in Oregon. Sarah and Blake traveled from Florida to explore both the Redwoods in CA and this epic state park OR.

“We explored the Redwoods, climbed giant trees, stopped at goodwill (because why not!?), and then ran off to the beach for their ceremony. When we arrived to the coast, it was COVERED in fog. As they said their vows, the fog continued to lift and by the time they kissed, you could see down the coastline backdrop. It was magic. We celebrated, ran around the water, and had the best day.” [Dawn, the photographer]

If you’re thinking about eloping in Oregon, California, or anywhere else, then team up with one of our experienced elopement vendors to start planning your elopement adventure.

Samuel H. Boardman Corridor Elopement Destination

Photography by Dawn Photo

This state park in Oregon is filled with secluded beaches, epic rock formations, and picturesque views all around you. This destination is perfect for couples who want a coastline elopement in Oregon. We love this spot because there are different hikes to explore from longer hikes to views that require no hike at all.

Sarah and Blake, like so many couples, started their wedding planning a traditional wedding but changed their plans once the pandemic hit. Sarah tells us big weddings never appealed to her, so ending up planning an intimate elopement was a bit of a dream come true for this couple!

“Top tips for eloping in the southern oregon coastline is to really explore the area! There are so many secret trails, so either get a photographer/vendor team who knows the area and can help you, or explore a ton before hand to find your perfect spots! It’s all so beautiful, you cant go wrong! As for permits, those types of things change so frequently and depend on the size of elopement, so always check in with the local state park rangers and ask them way before hand so you can prepare for your day!” [Dawn, the photographer]

Another important thing for everyone to be aware of is tide times on the coastline! Depending on where it is, it could be unsafe to go to sand, so just be aware and try to plan your timeline accordingly!

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Planning Your Elopement

This couple tells us the planning process was so easy, which we love hearing. All they did was run across Dawn on Instagram and immediately fell in love with the way she captured the personalities and emotions of her couples.

Teaming up with a professional elopement vendor will always be our top recommendation when planning your elopement because they can easily recommend other vendors to you, just like Dawn recommended the couple’s officiant, Jimmie.

“Dawn helped us choose our specific location and plan our whole day. Choosing a location was probably the hardest part, because Oregon is just so diverse and there are so many insanely beautiful places there. With Dawn’s help, we decided to spend the day in both Oregon in California. In the Redwoods and on the coast.” [the couple]

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Memorable Moments During This Samuel H. Boardman Corridor Elopement

Dawn tells us the best part about eloping is how couples can make their day totally about them. Even if this means going to the Goodwill store and climbing trees, like this awesome couple. The opportunities on what you can do during your elopement adventure in the PNW are limitless!

Check out their favorite moments to help inspire you.

The Couple’s Favorite Moment:

“We really loved how laid back the whole experience was! I have always heard people talk about how your wedding day is such a blur and you’re being pulled in so many directions and it’s over before you know it. This was not our experience at all. Our wedding day felt like the longest day ever, in the best way possible. We were truly able to soak in every moment. We even made a spontaneous trip to Goodwill, in full wedding attire, because we had a little time to kill before our ceremony. Dawn made us feel so comfortable and we all just laughed all day and had so much fun.” [the couple]

The Photographer’s Favorite Moment:

“Oh gosh, can i say the whole day!? Sarah dreamed of having this Oregon coastline behind her ceremony while her and blake read their vows. Well typical Oregon fashion, the coastline was completely fogged over when we arrived to the beach location! Of course, they were bummed, but I promised them it still looked sooo cool, and a true PNW kinda day. As they read their vows, the fog slowly lifted.

At the exact moment they went in for their first kiss as a married couple, the fog was almost entirely gone, and the entire coastline revealed itself to us. It was such a surreal moment and felt so in line with their day and even made the view that much more special.” [Dawn, the photographer]

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Deciding to Elope or Not

So should you elope? This becomes a difficult question to answer for some couples because they aren’t sure if they want to run off, just the two of them, and say I do. If you’re stuck deciding if you should elope or not, just remember you can customize your elopement any way you want to.

This means you can invite family and friends, plan a micro wedding ceremony before and then an elopement adventure, or just a post elopement reception with your loved ones.

“If anyone is thinking about eloping, we 10000% recommend it! Eloping allowed us to completely focus on the only thing that should matter on your wedding day – the love we have for each other. It was truly the most amazing experience, and Dawn and Jimmie made it so much fun for us. It sounds so cliché, but we really wish we could live that day over and over again!” [The Couple]

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Photography | Dawn Photo
Officiant | Jimmie (@officiantjimmie)

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