Romantic Elopement at Rio Agrio Waterfall, Costa Rica

Romantic Elopement at Rio Agrio Waterfall, Costa Rica

Waterfall elopements are probably one of the most epic spots to plan your elopement, especially waterfalls in the tropical paradise of Costa Rica. This elopement at Rio Agrio waterfall is a laid-back, romantic, and fun idea to consider when planning your own elopement!

“Both Johanna and I dreaded the idea of doing a large formal wedding. We both wanted something more personal to share just between us. We also liked the idea of treating the elopement as a honeymoon as well, which was much more affordable and much less stressful. The hardest part was telling our families we were not planning on having a wedding, which they were very understanding.” [The Couple]

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About This Rio Agrio Waterfall Elopement

Jeremy and Johanna planned their elopement at one of the moodiest waterfalls in Costa Rica, Rio Agrio. Javier, the photographer, tells us it’s only a 20-minute walk to actually get to the waterfall, which is rare to find in Costa Rica.

“It rained just a few minutes after we started, and of course, that didn’t stop us. There is no barrier for real adventurous souls. At the end of the session, they jumped to the lake. It was not part of the plan though, but you know what they said, ‘SOMETIMES THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE UNPLANNED.’” [Javier, the photographer]

Planning Your Elopement at This Location

At the moment, you don’t need a permit or specific permission to elope here. However, this can change at any moment. We always suggest double-checking with both the park’s website and your elopement photographer for the latest updates on permits and regulations.

“Neither of us had been to Costa Rica but both of us had always wanted to travel there (We had even joked about retiring there). So our desire to experience a new environment and country was what sealed the deal. Once we decided on the country, we began scouring the internet for photographers and we found Javier. We were able to find him by doing a search on Instagram for ‘Costa Rica Elopement’ and fell in love with his photos. We reached out to him and told him what our ideas were, that we wanted a tropical jungle/waterfall environment. With this, he was able to make the rest happen. He was very knowledgeable and able to steer us on selecting a location in Costa Rica to do the shoot.” [The Couple]

Javier’s top tips for eloping at Catarata Rio Agrio:

  • Wear comfortable shoes. It is a 20min walk through a rainforest, which means you will find rocks and mud on the ground.
  • It is recommended to bring an umbrella or raincoat in case of rain, something very usual in the area.
  • Bring extra clothing in case gets wet so can have a comfortable drive back to the hotel.
  • Explore! This location has two more activities, perfect for portraits. A blue lake, which its color comes from the Poas Volcano, and a dinosaur park!

Memorable Moments

From the photographer:

“They walked through the waterfall in sports clothing. Close to the waterfall, they changed into their wedding gowns and did their first look. A few minutes after we had started the photoshoot, it rained so we had to wait until it stopped.

At the end of the photo shoot, they decided to jump into the lake, something that was not in the plan, but definitely my favorite moment.”

From the couple:

“The shoot was our favorite part by far. Javier made it a day we’ll never forget. Everything from the location he selected, to him ensuring it was secluded for us to have privacy, to his mother assisting Johanna get ready. It was an amazing and unforgettable day.”

Final Advice From The Photographer

“I learned to get ready for unpredicted circumstances. In this elopement’s case, the rain. As an elopement photographer, we need to advise couples or get all needed to make them have a comfortable and safe experience” [Javier, the photographer]

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Photos From This Elopement in Costa Rica

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