Rainy Horseback Riding Elopement in Mat-Su Valley, AK

Rainy Horseback Riding Elopement in Mat-Su Valley, AK

Mikayla and Tim spent their elopement day exploring Knik Riverbend, Summit Lake Hatcher Pass, and gorgeous Pioneer Falls. It was rainy throughout the day, but that didn’t stop these two from having the most epic horseback riding elopement in Alaska we have seen. Get all the details below!

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About This Horseback Riding Elopement in Mat-Su Valley Alaska

“Mikayla and Tim were truly so awesome to work with! I loved that they were ready for any adventure! Alaska had record breaking rainfall this year and even in the pouring rain we had a blast. They fully trusted me to suggest their guided horseback tour with Alaska Horse Adventures and it was amazing, even in the rain! What really struck me as unique was the custom rings they had made from reference images of the mountain ridge-lines in the area that I sent them. Definitely, a fun way to add a special touch to it all.

Their attire, her flower crown, the statement sunglasses, I could go on and on! It all came together so well! Mikayla is also the owner of @foliage.creative and made all of her own gorgeous stationery. Tim’s monogrammed bolo tie was pretty sick too!” [Connor, the photographer]

“We planned out our whole trip together based on reaching out to locals in a Facebook chat and google. Hatcher’s Pass was Connor’s idea and when rain prevented us from spending the entire day up there, we changed plans like 3 days before the shoot and added in the horseback riding which ended up being EPIC and gave us pretty badass photos.” [The couple]

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Special Use Permits and Leave No Trace for This Location

“If you’re getting married in Hatcher Pass there is a special use permit. Hatcher Pass was one of the later locations we shot at on their special day. No permits were required for their cabin, the horseback trip at Jim Creek, or the waterfall. Mikayla and Tim chose to have all of their paperwork done in Ohio, their home state. Regardless of whether permits are required, LNT is crucial in keeping Alaska protected and beautiful for future generations. The biggest tip I remind my clients is to keep on trail when possible to help the vegetation grow and keep the environment just as beautiful for the next couple.” [Connor, the photographer]

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Top Tips for Eloping at This Location

“Alaska tends to humble you if you’re not prepared with the right gear for the weather… and the weather always seems to be changing. An extra jacket, rain gear, layers, and good shoes/hiking boots come in clutch if there is even a chance we could run into tough weather. Bear mace is also an excellent item to have on you depending on the location. Talk with your photographer and plan what activities and experiences you want to do/scenery you are interested in. We will gladly help suggest some rad locations across AK! Drive times, the season of the year, estimated hiking time, and # of family members attending are key things to factor into where you want to Elope in Alaska.

The best months for Elopements here are June-September. Depending on where you select to go, having your photographer familiar with the area, trail, and landscape can be invaluable in navigating, avoiding dangerous situations, and essentially acting as your guide. Things are different in Alaska and it’s hard to understand that fully until you’ve been here.” [Connor, the photographer]

Memorable Moments During This Horseback Elopement in Alaska

From the photographer:

“One of my favorite moments from the day was when we shot the most badass outhouse images ever at the cabin they were staying in. I haven’t seen too many outhouse elopement portraits before, but they were devoted to the experience and we laughed the whole time! Starting the day with our laid-back morning at the cabin while getting ready, with coffee of course, really set the day up with good vibes. Their horseback tour with Alaska Horse Adventures was definitely a top moment as well! Seeing them both laugh and ride together in the rain?!? Heart melter for sure!”

From the couple:

“I think exploring all day in the Alaska weather in multiple locations! It truly was exhausting and the most uncomfortable I have ever felt (wearing two layers of pants UNDER my dress then a few jackets on top – that became soaked within the first few hours!) but I wouldn’t have traded it for the world as it was such an adventure!”

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Photography | Connor David Photography

Stationary – Mikayla (bride) @foliage.creative
HMUA – Alissa @wildwoman_hairdesign

Horse tour – @akhorseadventures
Custom ring – Etsy

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