This Live Stream Wedding Ceremony Is Simple and Perfect

This Live Stream Wedding Ceremony Is Simple and Perfect

When couples plan their elopement, they may start to feel overwhelmed at the thought of not being able to have their friends and family witness their ceremony. During this year, we have seen weddings transform into not just elopements, but into live stream weddings, proving that your wedding day can be anything you want it to be. The concept of a virtual wedding is something that many couples who elope can opt for to include their family and friends. Haley and Alex originally planned on getting married in Cabo, Mexico; unfortunately, Covid-19 derailed their original plan. This wedding is the perfect inspiration for brides who are struggling at the thought of postponing their wedding due to natural disasters or whatever life may bring. We’ll go over all the details and break down how you can stream your wedding ceremony.

“You can have an adventure anywhere! Exploring around or right outside your backyard will help you see its potential! Having a positive perspective goes a long way. Alex and Haley were so happy to get married, they didn’t worry about where they were, and we made the best of it!” [Jessika]

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How to Livestream a Wedding

Before the day of the wedding ceremony, you should test the internet connection. This is important for various reasons, but definitely to prevent your vows from being lagged or cut off.

If you’re planning your elopement somewhere other than home, we suggest making sure with your venue if they have live stream capabilities. If you are eloping somewhere remote, like one of the locations on our best places to elope list, then we suggest planning to bring a portable Wi-Fi resource.

You can also go the social media route and do a live stream via Facebook or Instagram. There are also live stream services such as and Zoom. This is a great time to team up with your photographer or videographer to see what options you have.

Planning a Virtual Wedding

Haley and Alex changed their small wedding in Mexico to a backyard wedding ceremony. They decided to have a live stream wedding, so those who were unable to attend their original wedding location due to travel and government restrictions could participate.

“Our planning started only 2 weeks prior to us having the ceremony. We decided that it was important for us to keep our original date, instead of delaying our marriage until an unknown date/time. We got my husband’s uncle ordained online, ordered bulk flowers from Costco, and invited parents and siblings to join us. Not a lot of decorating was needed, as we had our ceremony outdoors.” [Haley] 

Jessika, the photographer, documented this intimate wedding on Alex’s parent’s property. She also recommends testing out your Skype or Zoom call before with whoever you are connecting with to avoid issues. Another great tip she mentions is having your device set up at the right height and angle.

“I loved seeing their family on the computer screen! They had to make sure it was set up before Haley walked down the aisle. Alex and Haley had a private first look, so they had already seen each other which made everything easier. I was also more aware of blocking the family’s view when I was taking photos. I didn’t want them to have to watch my butt in the screen the entire time!” [Jessika]

How to Find Beautiful Wedding Portraits Spots in Your Backyard

Jessika tells us the couple’s family showed her around the property and gave her advice on the best locations for photos. This intimate wedding also allowed her to focus on the details she normally couldn’t during traditional weddings.

If you’re thinking about planning a live stream wedding ceremony, think about the beautiful places near your home. Even if you can’t travel, you can always have an adventure, even if it’s in your backyard.

“During blue hour we ran up a cornfield to take photos of the gorgeous sky! While up there I asked them to hold hands and step in and out from each other. They started laughing and said this was something they did together in High School! It was so fun to watch them doing something that made them feel nostalgic. I also really loved watching their family build the ceremony arch! They all worked together to put the greenery up and add flowers one at a time.” [Jessika]

Other Tips For Intimate Weddings

What we love about this intimate wedding is how the couple let go of the stress from their original plans falling through. They, instead, they focused on finally becoming husband and wife. This is a wonderful reminder for couples planning their elopement because things will not always go to plan. The weather may get gloomy, the sky may be too foggy, you may forget to bring something, or you may be on lockdown during a global pandemic. Despite whatever comes your way, just remember to enjoy your day!

“Include your originally booked photographer in your day, if possible! Jessika had planned to come with us to Mexico and we were able to have her make the trip up to Iowa instead. Not only was she an amazing photographer, but she was able to coordinate the perfect locations and poses we needed to make everything look beautiful.” [Haley]

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Photography | Jessika Christine Photography

Wedding Dress | Lulus

MUA | Ashley Wessling

Photos From This Livestream Wedding Ceremony in Iowa



Keeping Things Simple

This intimate wedding, like most elopements we feature, was simple and beautiful. According to Jessika, Haley wore a Lulu’s wedding dress and made her own bridal bouquet and ceremony backdrop.

The couple also incorporated their Cabo shot glasses they had made for their original date, and they shared a drink with their family at the end of their ceremony. Haley and Alex also tell us how intimate and meaningful this virtual wedding ceremony was for them. They were able to celebrate with everyone they originally wanted to be present on their wedding day. They also loved how stress-free the whole day was for them.

“Make it simple and remember that it’s about you and your significant other, not necessarily about everyone else. Friends and family will have the opportunity to celebrate with you at another time and they should understand the circumstances.“ [Haley]


Thank you Jessika Christine Photography for sharing this elopement with us, and congratulations to Haley and Alex!

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