Kyle and Keaton’s Elopement Adventure in 3 Areas of ONP

Kyle and Keaton’s Elopement Adventure in 3 Areas of ONP

In the heart of Olympic National Park, amidst the towering trees, rushing waterfalls, and serene beaches, Kyle and Keaton planned a small wedding ceremony and epic elopement adventure.

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Waterfall Vows & Small Wedding Ceremony

The Olympic National Park became the backdrop for Kyle and Keaton’s elopement dreams.

This sweet couple really wanted to elope just the two of them. Their family wanted to be apart so they all compromised, and included their family in their ceremony. They were so much to work with. In all, we adventured into three different locations in Olympic Park.

We started with emotional first look and exchanged heartfelt vows amidst the misty spray of the falls. From there we adventured into the Quinault Rainforest for their ceremony with their loved ones, and portraits in the forest. It was a destination elopement for them. Seeing them in awe of the vibrant greens and tranquil atmosphere of the rainforest was something so endearing to watch.

Lastly, we went to the beach near Kalaloch. We adventured around, they laughed, played, and had so much fun. The beach was entirely empty. Their story serves as a reminder that love knows no boundaries and can flourish in the most unexpected places, leaving us with the enduring message that true love, like nature itself, is both timeless and boundless.” [Ashley, the photographer]

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Crafting the Perfect Day: Behind the Scenes with Ashley

Ashley, the photographer, shares some insights into the planning process and the unique aspects of Kyle and Keaton’s elopement.

Permits and Leave No Trace (LNT): Olympic National Park, with its smooth permitting process, allows for a seamless experience. Special use permits are required for weddings and ceremonies, including elopements. To apply for a special use permit, you can download a Special Use Permit application here. Once you fill it out, send the application back to [email protected]. The fee does get more expensive with the more people you have with you.

With 13 guests, this couple paid $150 for their special use permit. Ashley stressed the importance of educating clients about Leave No Trace principles and adapting plans to accommodate the location’s natural beauty without disrupting its delicate balance. According to Ashley, Kyle and Keaton originally wanted to have their ceremony in the middle of the forest, however, we couldn’t do this and keep everyone on the trail. They compromised by having their personal vows and first look done by themselves and meeting everyone else for their formal ceremony at a spot that could accommodate everyone.

“Kyle and Keaton really wanted to maximize their time within the Park, and hit as many locations and scenery as possible, while also maintaining a balance of their alone time, and time spent with their loved ones. They ended up getting ready together, having breakfast, and a leisurely morning. Then meeting us along the way at three different locations throughout the day. 

We did first look and private vows at a waterfall, followed by a rainforest more “formal” ceremony with their loved ones, and couples sunset portraits at the beach in Kalaloch. Afterward, they met their loved ones for dinner at one of the Lodges for dinner. It was a bit broken up, but they took amazing advantage of locations, and combined alone time and time spent with their family and friends. It was relaxed, and just what they wanted.” [Ahsley, the photographer]

Deciding to Elope

This couple knew they wanted an intimate wedding in a forest the moment they got engaged. To keep things intimate, they invited a few loved ones and decided on an elopement date 2 months away.

I definitely think elopements can be for anyone. They can be as detailed and planned out if you need them to be or it can go with the flow with only the most important things taken care of. We knew an elopement style would fit us because we didn’t need anything, just each other in nature and everything would be okay…

I really appreciated the way we decided to get married. It was intimate and special and we still got to share it with our family. We got to say our vows to each other in private and show our raw emotions without fear of judgement of family or friends. Aside from getting ready, we got to spend the whole day with each other and focus on each other…

I believe the package we got was around $6,000. It included 4 hours of photography (we got about 450 insanely gorgeous pictures), hair and makeup, officiant, flowers and of course Ashley’s help and planning. Ashley’s team was amazing to work with, they were genuine and fun to be around. We had a blast the entire day with each other and her team. They definitely made our experience so special and so easy. Even our family was unsure of the idea, but in the end, they thought it was a beautiful wedding that was much more than they expected.” [The couple]

Memorable Moments

From the photographer:

“Their really emotional first look + private vows, and sunset portraits. Since they eloped on a weekday, and a less populated part of the Park, we hardly saw anyone else on the trails. We had the entire beach alone to ourselves. It was so magical, and exactly what they wanted.”

From the couple:

We both agree that our first look and vows were the best part of our day. We also had a blast climbing on rocks and trees and exploring nature for our pictures, it was super fun.


Photography | Beginning and End Photo

Second Photographer | Tara from Tara Nichole Film + Photo / [email protected]
Officiant | Stacy from Outshined Elopements / [email protected]
Floral | Farm and Flower WA / [email protected]
HMU (Hair and Makeup) | Ashleigh Victoria Artistry / [email protected]

Photos From This Elopement

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