A Vow Exchange With a Kayak Adventure & Donuts at Kelly Park Rock Springs, FL

A Vow Exchange With a Kayak Adventure & Donuts at Kelly Park Rock Springs, FL

You don’t necessarily have to plan a beach elopement if you’re eloping in Florida! This Kelly Park Rock Springs styled elopement is the perfect inspiration for couples who want to elope in the sunshine state. This session features a romantic vow exchange on a large river rock, overlooking clear blue spring waters, followed by eating donuts and a kayak adventure.

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Planning an Elopement at Kelly Park Rock Springs

“The permitting process at Kelly Park Rock Springs is very relaxed, meaning you often do not need one if it is just you and your partner. Always contact the park ranger first to double check current permitting rules. LNT principles are super important to follow around our Florida springs since they are habitats for many different animals. I recommend having minimal decor and just enjoying the natural beauty of the park!

Since there currently isn’t a permit fee you can expect to spend $3/vehicle for the entrance fee plus $69 for a double kayak rental.” [Jessica, the photographer]

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Top Tips For Your Kelly Park Rock Springs Elopement

  1.  Don’t plan on eloping here in the high season (May-August). This is a popular spring when school is out with lines building outside the gates before opening. Fall, winter, and spring are perfect if you want to beat the crowds.
  2. Having your elopement on a weekday will guarantee much fewer people are around than on a weekend. Also, aim to be at the park at the opening for a private elopement!

Details We Love About This Styled Session

“The florals were the perfect touch to the surrounding beauty of the springs. I also loved that the bride wore a white bikini for the kayaking portion of our day!

My favorite moments were when the couple had the whole spring to themselves and could exchange vows privately. I also loved that they shared their favorite treats in lieu of cutting a cake.” [Jessica, the photographer]

Final Words of Advice From The Photographer

“It’s super important to let there be a lot of buffer time in between activities so that you don’t feel rushed. We had plenty of time built in between the vows, formal photos, and making our way to the kayak rental and everything was much more relaxed.” [Jessica, the photographer]

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Photography | Jessica Lauren Photography

Couple | Kayla and Brian
HMUA | Pricila Lopes
Dress | Rue De Seine from Olivia Bowen Bridal
Florals | Fern and Curl
Donuts | Dixie Cream Donuts
Signage | Lazy K Leather

Photos From This Styled Session

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