Glamping Dome Elopement Adventure and Intimate Vows at Jedidiah State Park, OR

Mylinh and Zachary wanted to escape the pressures from their family of having a big traditional wedding and create an adventure day of their own. They were drawn to the Southern Oregon Coast for its unique beauty, being so close to the Redwoods, and being able to experience a new scenery from their midwest lives. They used their elopement day to symbolize their new adventure together. They spent elopement day exploring Jedidiah State Park after getting ready in their glamping dome.

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About This Elopement Day

Photography by Unleashed Elopements

“These two love taking roads trips and seeing new places, so that’s exactly what they did on their wedding day. They started the day by waking up at a remote glamping dome sharing coffee, tea, and croissants by the water where they had the entire morning to themselves…

After their morning stroll, they wanted to cuddle in bed and enjoy their glamping dome. The dome was complete with chairs, tables, a couch, and even a hammock! They then helped each other get ready and exchanged their perfume and & cologne – which they picked out for each other and will hold as a special smell for years to come.

Then, they drove to the Redwoods to hold their intimate ceremony which sparked many emotions and had the entire grove to themselves. Next, they took some wedding portraits exploring another nearby Redwoods trail before taking off to their beach time. This is where they explored one of the best beaches on the Oregon Coast to tide pool and saw starfish and sea anemones.

Lastly, they moved onto one last beach where they watched the sunset, popped champagne, hiked back with lanterns, amd enjoyed a SUV-picnic. They wanted to incorporate a lot of small, memorable activities into their day and finished their elopement adventure with a first dance in front of their Jeep rental, ignited sparklers, and stargazer.” [Sharlee, the photographer]

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Deciding to Elope

“We chose to elope because we wanted to celebrate our love in our own special way with just the two of us. I (Mylinh) am actually attending vet school so we knew that we wouldn’t be able to have a huge wedding with friends and family for a few years and we were just ready to celebrate us. Our day was so perfect and so stress-free and we couldn’t imagine getting married any other way.” [Mylinh]

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Planning an Oregon Coast Wedding

“We choose the Redwoods and Oregon Coast because both places just felt so magical. We are from Florida and have only traveled to the west coast once prior to our elopement. We debated between multiple places in the PNW but the huge forests and serene coast felt perfect to us!

We actually planned our whole elopement in just a few months. It was kind of a spur of the moment decision but it was so much fun planning. We definitely used Pinterest a lot for inspiration on how we wanted our day to go. With the help of Sharlee and all of her amazing recommendations we found the cutest accommodations at Cedar Bloom Farm. I ordered try-on dresses from Azazie and Zach ordered an emerald green suit from ASOS. We decided that instead of having a cake we wanted macaroons instead because it’s one of our favorite desserts to share.” [Mylinh]

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Top Tips When Planning an Oregon Coast Elopement

“No permits required on Oregon Coast as long as there are no setups of any kind or groups over 50 people. Redwoods State and National Park require a ceremony permit for the couple to apply for and the photographer’s permit will be covered under this. No live florals are allowed in the Redwoods and you cannot have your ceremony in Stout Grove or Fern Canyon due to popularity.

If you are tidepooling, be careful where you step. If you do not know if you can touch a sea creature safely, don’t or be sure to research this before as they are very fragile! You CAN touch sea anemones by dipping your hand in the water, then touching with 1 finger.

Visit the Redwoods in the morning or late afternoon/evening. Harsh light makes the forest hot, sunlight is patchy in your photos, and is very crowded. Seek out “lesser known” locations and you’ll avoid running into tourists, giving you more intimacy for your elopement. My favorite months to elope here are May, September, and October for the best weather and less crowds.” [Sharlee, the photographer]

Memorable Moments During This Elopement Adventure

From the photographer:

“Their slow morning getting ready together. They had bought each other wedding perfume and cologne to exchange and got to smell them for the first time when they were getting ready for their day. Such a wonderful way to smell that same scent to trigger those special memories.

They also had a hilarious moment during their ceremony when Zach’s phone went off. It was his favorite hockey team’s theme song, which Mylinh had just mentioned in her vows how she still loves Zach even though she hates his team. It was spot on timing!

Lastly, I loved watching them have their first dance in front of their Jeep underneath the dark sky and blasting their favorite songs together. It was a very emotional moment for them.”

From the couple:

“Our wedding day felt like it was a day of celebrating our love together. We weren’t worried about making others happy or stressing out about minor details, we just shared a beautiful day together that created so many special memories. But our favorite part of our day was definitely stargazing at night, toasting to our marriage, and dancing in the headlights.”

Estimated Cost of This Elopement

Estimated cost breakdown from the couple:

– Travel: $1000
– Accommodations: $300
– Car rental: $600
– Attire: $500 (total)
– Flowers: $40 (made my own bouquet and flower crown)
– Other: $100
– Photography: $3250

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Details We Love About This Elopement

“Mylinh and Zach wanted to make sure that their day was intimate and detail-oriented. We ended up only encountering a few other people their entire day and were overjoyed with this experience. As popular as this area is to elope in, you can find hidden gems to avoid large crowds and still get beautiful views!

I absolutely loved the thought they had behind each detail and parts of their day from Mylinh making their floral arrangements, to flying across the country with a whole picnic setup of candlelights and personalized macaroons.” [Sharlee, the photographer]

Final Words of Advice

“Scenic road trip elopements are one of the best ways to explore on your wedding day. Mylinh and Zach took their love of traveling and road tripping and made their elopement just that. It was a priority for them to visit and explore new places by trying new things like tidepooling and stargazing. Make sure to give yourself at least 1-2 hours at each location you visit during your elopement scenic road trip so you don’t feel rushed and can actually enjoy the places you go!” [Sharlee, the photographer]

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Photography | Unleashed Elopements
Dress | Azazie
Vow Books | Etsy 
Florals | Hand made by bride
Bride’s Ring | LaMore Design 
Glamping Site | Cedar Bloom in Cave Junction, Oregon


Photos From This Elopement

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