Florida Fishing Boat Elopement Inspiration Filled With Island Hopping and Booze Cruising

Florida Fishing Boat Elopement Inspiration Filled With Island Hopping and Booze Cruising

This fishing boat elopement in Stuart, Florida is the perfect inspiration for couples who are looking for a unique way to celebrate their wedding day. Who said you can’t celebrate your elopement on a boat mixing some gin cocktails, shot gunning beers, and island hopping?

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Details From This Fishing Boat Elopement


Taylor and Harrison spend their lives out on the water, so it only made sense to curate a wedding adventure around what they love to do.

Details we love from this elopement:

  • Getting ready together on the boat
  • Sunrise ceremony
  • Fishing together in their wedding attire
  • Swimsuit outfit change
  • Gin cocktails and beer
  • Island hopping for some fun portraits

“After we snapped portraits in their formal wear, Taylor and Harry changed into bathing suits for island hopping. We stopped at an island that had the most gorgeous mangroves. Changing from a wedding dress to a bikini is my favorite part about a Florida elopement.” [Anna, the photographer]

Planning a Boating Adventure in Florida’s Unpredictable Weather

Florida may be known as the sunshine state, but it can also have some of the most unpredictable weather. It can be sunny one moment and thundering the next. Anna’s top tip is to just go with the flow!

“Florida’s weather and ocean patterns change on a dime. Make sure you have a Plan A and B in case there’s terrible weather or the tides are not in your favor. For this elopement, the weather dropped into the 50s the day before which made getting into the water ridiculously cold, but it was still so worth it. When all else fails, embrace the change. It’s part of the adventure…

At the end of the day, this entire day was about Taylor and Harrison having the best freaking time of their lives to celebrate their marriage. It didn’t matter that the seas were actin’ a fool, or it was cold AF. It mattered that the good vibes were there. We took the obstacles and turned them into something better, and went with the flow.” [Anna, the photographer]

Planning a Fishing Elopement in Florida

Anna tells us eloping on a boat in Florida is completely doable even if you don’t own one! She recommends reaching out to a local charter company. There are charters for sport fishing, booze cruising, or just hanging out. Work with the company/captain to tell them what you’re looking to do and if they’re able to accommodate.

“No permits are required to elope in the ocean; however, you will need your marriage license! You’ll be limited to what the charter company allows, so make sure you discuss with your captain about your vision. For example, if you really want to island hop and jump in the water, double check to make sure that you’re allowed to do that.” [Anna, the photographer]

Learn more about eloping in Florida.

Why You May Want to Elope on a Boat

“Boat elopements are perfect for adventure-seeking couples who want the island vibes of Florida on their elopement day. It’s the perfect combination of thrill and relaxation. If you’re on the fence about an ocean elopement, consider first if golden sunset vow exchanges, tasty cocktails, reeling in a huge sport fish in your bikini (or wedding dress), jumping in the ocean as a newly married couple, and getting sun-drenched with the love of your life is for you.” [Anna, the photographer]



Photography | Hazography
Couple | Taylor and Harrison O’Connor
Boat | Outta Line
Dress | Salt Gowns
Bikini | Amazon
Jewelry | Hani Bee Jewelry
Flowers| Sarandipity Floral
Cake | Sweet and Savage Bake
Hair Stylist | Wild Tress Studios
Makeup Artist | Fabkardash Studios

Photos From This Fishing Boat Elopement

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