Fernando and Jessie’s Magical Elopement in the the Redwoods and Oregon Coast

Fernando and Jessie’s Magical Elopement in the the Redwoods and Oregon Coast

Fernando and Jessie had a magical vision brought to life amid the great Coastal Redwoods and on a beautiful Oregon beach. Get all the details from their magical elopement below.

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About This Two Day Elopement Adventure Exploring the Redwoods and Oregon Coast

“This elopement took place in Jedediah State Park where they frolicked together with their daughter (who played the part of a woodland fairy!) Jessie wore a vibrant autumnal gown that contrasted the greens of the Redwoods beautifully and also complemented their daughter’s fairy wings to perfection.

Fern and Jessie exchanged vows and then we headed to grab some dinner with their loved ones. We ended the day on a Brookings beach where the newlyweds danced in the waves. Fern and Jessie have taken swing dance classes and were stoked to put their skills into practice. Watching the sunset from the beach completed a perfect day. On the second day, we spent the day at the Sequoia Park Zoo, admiring the animals and taking full advantage of the Redwoods skywalk. Fernando and Jessie’s daughter was all smiles, still donning her iridescent fairy wings.” [Sam, the photographer]

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Permits and LNT For Your Adventure

“This location doesn’t require a permit for portraits as of 2023, but the skywalk will still be open to the general public, so going on less popular days will help avoid crowds. Entrance fees to the zoo are $25 for non-Humboldt residents, and every person must purchase a ticket.” [Sam, the photographer]

Please remember to double check all parks and their most up to date permit rules. At all locations, even if no permit is required, practicing the proper LNT principles is essential to protecting the land.

Top Tips For Your Elopement Adventure

“The top thing to know is that the skywalk will still be open to the general public! I’d budget an hour here, from parking to finishing up your session, if you won’t be walking through the rest of the zoo. When exploring the Redwoods, be sure to stay on trail (that includes staying off downed Redwood trees, since they are nurse logs, or have the potential to be!)” [Sam, the photographer]

Details About This Adventure We Love

“Fern and Jessie were so incredibly intentional with their day, from their first look vows to having their own little fairy in the form of their daughter. They practiced their swing dancing on the beach and had a great balance of spending time with their guests and devoting some time to just themselves. They really allowed the day to flow and trusted me to take them to alternative spots when the marine layer socked in our original locations!

I LOVED that Jessie opted for a colorful gown that matched her surroundings! I also loved that they incorporated their daughter, “Bea” by having her be a fairy. But truly, their intentionality and practice of being present (even for an adventure elopement) was next level.” [Sam, the photographer]

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Memorable Moments During This Elopement:

From the photographer:

“Fern and Jessie embraced their inner children on the beach at the end of Day One! During their gallery reveal, they reiterated how amazing it was to be in the moment with each other and just play. Especially because they’re new parents!”

Final Words of Advice

“If you’re eloping on the Oregon Coast, especially in the summer, be sure to hire a photographer who is familiar with the area and knows alternative spots when marine layers (thick patches of transient fog due to high temps inland) roll in. When that happened to Fern and Jessie, I was able to take them down the road to another beautiful spot I knew of that ticked all their desired boxes. When it comes to the skywalk, even when you’re there midweek, if it’s during the school year, there may be field trips. Mondays and Tuesdays are statistically the least likely days for field trips.” [Sam, the photographer]

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