Fall Elopement Adventure in Charlevoix, Quebec

Fall Elopement Adventure in Charlevoix, Quebec

Canada has some of the most epic views and elopement locations we have seen, and the best part is not many couples know about them! Since eloping has yet to take off in a lot of places outside the US, these locations are ideal for couples looking to avoid big crowds. Anicka and Ryan’s Fall elopement in Charlevoix, Quebec had the perfect mix of love, adventure, tradition, and loved ones.

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About This Fall Elopement in Charlevoix

Photography by Mirona Photographie

This elopement allows us to appreciate the small moments between couples during an intimate wedding day. Anicka and Ryan started their day in a cabin in the woods of the Malbaie, where they got ready and face-timed their best man.

Mirona, the photographer, helped the couple find the perfect ceremony location, but not before the two finished getting ready together at a private viewpoint together. Then Anicka’s sister, their officiant, 3 other guests, and their newborn child witnessed their union.

“We then hiked down to spend the last few minutes of daylight by the Saint-Laurent river. Anicka and Ryan sat by the water and reread their vows to each other while their dog Suko was running around on the beach. They also enjoyed some tea, since it was something they loved to do together as a couple.” [Mirona, the photographer]

After sunset, they got back to their cabin and everyone helped to set the table for diner. They brought their family dinnerware set from home for the occasion and sat around to enjoy a delicious meal by Chez Truchon, a local caterer.

Incorporating Loved Ones Virtually

Anika and Ryan included Ryan’s best friend virtually because he wasn’t able to make it due to Covid restrictions. Despite living in a time with restrictions and constant rule changes, more and more couples are seeking to have a virtual wedding or incorporate their loved ones virtually.

“After their ceremony, they watched a recording of their best man’s speech. Since there wasn’t much cell service on the mountain top. Ryan and Anicka opted to have their best man record his speech and they watched it on their iPad just after their ceremony. It was really important to include him as much as possible.” [Mirona, the photographer]

A lot of couples actually tell us their number one hesitation to elope is not including loved ones on their special day. There is, however, a ton of meaningful ways to include them before, during, and after your elopement. Check out these ideas:

  • Go Dress Shopping With Them
  • Facetime them as you get ready
  • Virtually invite them to the wedding ceremony
  • Planning an engagement party or post elopement celebration
  • Inviting them to a private photo viewing party once you get your video/photos back

The biggest advice we can give couples is to not get overwhelmed. If eloping is really something you both want to do, then go for it. Your loved ones will understand, and this special day should be all about you.

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Planning an Out of Country Elopement

This elopement in gorgeous Quebec is the perfect intimate inspiration for couples to plan an easy-going out-of-country elopement. Mirona, the photographer, tells us since elopements are not that common in Quebec, not many locations will require permits for shoots or weddings. However, it’s always a good idea to double-check because this can always change.

“Get a local elopement expert to guide you. Having someone local you can trust is key, not only to help you navigate Quebec’s language barrier (we are a french speaking province), but also to guide you to local hidden gems away from tourists like I did for Anicka and Ryan’s elopement in Charlevoix. We love our province and we can’t wait to share it with you!” [Mirona, the photographer]

Another tip Mirona has is to pack accordingly! It can get cold if you’re planning a fall elopement like this couple. Pack hand warmers, good hiking shoes, and layers!

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Memorable Moments During This Fall Elopement in Charlevoix

Mirona tells us the intention behind the details of this elopement is everything. The decor, the outfits, the guests, the location, even the plates they chose for their private diner party had emotional importance to them (they were Anicka’s family dinnerware passed down from generation to generation).

Photographer’s Memorable Moments:

“When driving to their elopement location, there was fog everywhere (we could barely see 2 meters in front of us). We left their cabin not really knowing if we would get a view once we get to the location but that didn’t stop them from trusting the weather and that ‘things will be the way they are supposed to be’. Once we got there, the skies cleared up and we got one of the best views of the surrounding mountains.

I remember the groom saying to me: ‘ With a traditional wedding I’ve always felt like everything was meticulously calculated to make sure everything goes as planned, but with an outdoor wedding, like ours, it’s more fun because we never know what’s going to happen next. The only thing we know for sure is that we are going to get married no matter what.’”

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Photographer | Mirona Photographie

Wedding dress | Boutique 1861

Cabin | Chalet Spa Canada

Groom’s suit & shoes | Vincent d’Amérique

Flowers | La Malbaie Fleuriste

Groom’s wedding band | Happy Laulea
Caterer | Chez Truchon

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