Personal Upper Peninsula Elopement Adventure in Marquette, MI

Personal Upper Peninsula Elopement Adventure in Marquette, MI

You don’t always have to travel to exotic and well-known places for your elopement. There’s plenty to explore in the state you live in, and you’ll save on that plane ticket! This Upper Peninsula elopement adventure in Marquette, MI is the perfect inspiration for down-to-earth couples who love exchanging vows over sipping their favorite beer.

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About This Elopement Adventure in Marquette

Eloping in the Upper Peninsula is probably one of the most underrated elopement spots. We love Michigan elopements because there are so many spots to explore. This destination is perfect because it’s not the first on everyone’s list when thinking about where they can elope.

This couple’s elopement adventure in Marquette is the perfect example of how relaxing, picturesque, and adventurous elopements can be in this area.

“Rachel and Jordan began their day by getting ready at their Airbnb with their parents and having a first look before hiking. For the first hike, they explored some waterfalls, had a picnic in the woods, and toasted with beers from their hometowns. Then we hiked up a mountain for Rachel and Jordan to exchange their vows and rings at sunset. It was the most beautiful and moving vow exchange I’ve ever seen. After watching the sunset, we hiked back down with headlamps and ended the night with Taco Bell (their favorite!) around a bonfire.⁠⁠” [Brittany, the photographer]

Eloping in the Upper Peninsula

So what do you need to do to prepare yourself for your elopement in Michigan? Brittany’s advice is to hire an elopement vendor who is familiar with the area. These vendors can help you find the best spots to elope (even the remote and secret ones).

“I think this is especially important because Michigan is an underrated elopement location so not many people are familiar with the area, especially in the Upper Peninsula. I also recommend being prepared for any type of weather. Rachel and Jordan had a beautiful day with perfect weather, but sometimes the weather can change multiple times during the day in Michigan. It’s always better to be prepared in case it rains or the temperature drops.” [Brittany, the photographer]

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Personal Touches We Love From This Elopement

Out of everything from this Marquette elopement adventure, we love how Rachel and Jordan personalized their wedding day with the little details that matter the most to them, without the stress of including them during a bigger wedding.

“I loved the wood flower bouquet and boutonniere that Rachel and Jordan had, and I also loved the beers they brought for their picnic – they each picked a beer from their hometowns. And I loved that they picked up Taco Bell for their bonfire! They get Taco Bell a lot together, and it was such a unique touch to add to their day.” [Brittany, the photographer]

Memorable Moments During This Marquette Elopement

Brittany tells us Rachel and Jordan were some of the most easy-going couples she’s worked with. They were incredibly happy, joking around with each other, and so full of adventure and love.

“When Rachel and Jordan exchanged their vows, there was no one else around. I backed up with a longer lens to capture their vows, so even I could barely hear them, but just observing their reactions to each other’s vows was so heartwarming and beautiful. When they teared up, so did I, because it was just such an emotional moment. I also really loved their bonfire at the end of the night, they put their feet up, enjoyed some Taco Bell, and just relaxed together, sharing stories and joking around.” [Brittany, the photographer]

Planning Your Perfect Elopement

At Wandering Weddings, we aspire to continuously inspire couples to plan the wedding of their dreams. If that means hiking all day together and sharing a beer or two, then go for it. Don’t be afraid to plan it because you’re afraid of what family and friends may think.

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Photography | Brittany Hamann Photography
Hair and makeup artist | Fresh Coast Beauty
Dress | The Dress Shop
Flowers | Wood Flowers
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