Chris and Aubrielle’s Fun Redwood National Park + Eureka Zoo Elopement

Chris and Aubrielle’s Fun Redwood National Park + Eureka Zoo Elopement

Aubrielle and Chris wanted to have the most fun and unique elopement day possible, so they decided to elope amongst the Redwoods, visit Eureka Zoo, and a beach! They even squeezed in a romantic bath together before their adventure began. Get all the details below.

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About This Elopement at Redwoods and Eureka Zoo

“The day started at an old, off-grid hexagon Airbnb in the mountains. Miles from the nearest neighbor, this specific Airbnb had a working bathtub in the backyard with a gorgeous view, so of course, it was required that’s how we should start the day.

Aubrielle and Chris changed into bathing suits and took a dip in the bath, blowing bubbles and taking in the view together. After a slow morning, they got ready together before we headed out to the nearby zoo.

When these two said they wanted to have a unique day, they truly meant it. We started with walking amongst the redwoods, a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience that the two of them absolutely loved. We then went to check out all the animals, stopping at a petting zoo where the goats were insistent on trying to eat Aubrielle’s bouquet. The last stop was the gift shop where they bought ice cream and enjoyed it on a nearby bench.

We then made our way to the beach for sunset where the fog covered the trees and the mist from the waves made the most moody lighting for a ceremony.
The day was perfect, exactly and completely about them, just the way an elopement should be.” [Brianna, the photographer]

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LNT and Permit Information For This Elopement in the Redwoods

“A permit was not required since part of this shoot took place at the Eureka Zoo, which only required an admission fee. The beach did not require a permit. However, please be sure to stay on all designated trails. Don’t climb on the fallen Redwoods, don’t take sand from the beach, and don’t veer off into the ferns.” [Brianna, the photographer]

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Top Tips For Eloping at Eureka Zoo

“Be sure to plan your ceremony to be early in the morning or later in the evening. In a place like this, where the general public is allowed, expect to run into other people while taking pictures. It’s also important to note the time of year for this location, as the spring and winter season is very rainy which can lead to road closures not necessarily in Eureka, but around Redwood National Park in general.” [Brianna, the photographer]

Memorable Moments From This Elopement

From the photographer:

“Aubrielle and Chris were such a fun couple to be around! You could tell how much these two really loved each other. We incorporated so many fun aspects into their day like taking a bath, writing vows, and getting the dress dirty, things that make my heart flutter a bit with every elopement.

The bath the two shared together was definitely my favorite moment. Watching them in their element just laughing and basking in the day was so incredible to witness. Their personalities really came out during this time, as shown in the pictures.”

Final Words of Advice From The Photographer

“Working in Redwood National Park is such a unique experience. I think many couples opt for locations like Yosemite and Big Sur, which are beautiful, don’t get me wrong… but I think a lot of couples overlook the beauty that is Northern California. If you’re hoping for a secluded elopement experience, ask your elopement photographer about location recommendations. Sometimes, it requires a bit of additional travel, like it did for Aubrielle and Chris, but it’s always worth it.” [Brianna, the photographer]

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Photography | Brianna Parks Photography
Florals | Eureka Florist
Invitations | Shelby Lynn


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