Romantic Casa Flamingo Elopement Near Joshua Tree, CA

Romantic Casa Flamingo Elopement Near Joshua Tree, CA

Sometimes plans change, even with elopements. For Steph and Alex, their original elopement plans in Yosemite moved to Joshua Tree because of the wildfires. Despite their change of plans, their Casa Flamingo elopement was perfect for them.

“‘I’ve loved you since the fourth grade’, he said. ‘That’s why I let you copy my math homework.’ Steph and Alex sat nestled on a boulder amongst the Joshua Trees while they read their vows and soaked in the sunset across the desert. It was 1000% them and 1000% perfect.” [Karissa, the photographer]

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Photography by Wildflower Photo Co.

Details From This Elopement in Casa Flamingo 

From getting ready jitters, to their ceremony in the desert to their personal vows on that big ol’ rock, this romantic elopement that started in Casa Flamingo is everything.

Steph and Alex spent the morning lounging with their daughter and family taking their time to get ready. Karissa, the photographer from Wildflower Photo Co., tells us every detail was rooted in them as a couple and despite the change of plans, no one could imagine the day any other way.

“Nestled amongst boulders and Joshua Trees, these two had a ceremony with their loved ones. It wasn’t until afterward, as the sun dipped beyond the horizon, these two exchanged their personal vows just the two of them. They ended the evening back at the Airbnb with their family as they had their first dance and cut their cake underneath a starstudded sky.” [Karissa, the photographer]

From flower crowns to matching dresses, Steph and Alex incorporated their style and had their adorable daughter, Lavender, with them. Alex even wore a fun suit, which perfectly represents how this couple threw tradition to the wind to follow their hearts. 

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Booking an Intimate Airbnb For Your Elopement

While we love hotels, Airbnbs provide you with a lot more space, privacy, and details to capture during your getting-ready portraits. Casa Flamingo is an adorable pink home in the desert near Joshua Tree. It’s trendy, unique, and in the perfect location. 

“It’s a perfect location for a couple looking to elope with just them or a small group in the desert without having to worry about crowds or other tourists. The beautiful thing about this spot is its stunning landscape and privacy. Where most of our Joshua Tree elopements happen in the park, this spot is so beautiful you don’t need to walk further than a 5-10 minutes from the house itself for the perfect ceremony location.” [Karissa, the photographer]

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Memorable Moments During This Elopement

We love how intimate this elopement was. Even by just looking at the pictures, you can tell how stress-free and loving this day was for Steph and Alex. Karissa, the photographer, tells us the ceremony with their sunset wedding vows, and the fact they included their daughter was beyond the most memorable moments during the day.

This couple included their whole family during their elopement ceremony but then climbed on a huge rock to watch the sunset, exchange their personal vows, and reflect on their love since they were 16 years old. 

“It was so heartwarming watching Steph help Lavender (their daughter) get ready. Then watching Lavender put a flower crown on Steph and looking at her mom with SO much love and excitement.” [Karissa, the photographer]

This comes to show other couples how important it is to create a wedding experience that feels true to you. If you want to include your family, do it. If you want to sit down alone and talk about inside jokes and get silly, then do it. 

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Are You Ready to Elope? 

Deciding to elope can be overwhelming for some couples because they aren’t sure if eloping is the right decision for them. However, once you realize there is no right or wrong way to elope, then most couples are on board with the idea.

“For me, Steph and Alex’s day was a perfect example of a couple just needing the people they love and themselves together to kick off their best adventure yet. When curveballs were thrown their way during the planning, they kept their heads up and were determined to just have a great time with each other.” [Karissa, the photographer]

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Photography | Wildflower Photo Co.

Airbnb | Casa Flamingo Joshua Tree

Cake | Sweet Life Cakery 

Dress | BHLDN 

Suit | The Black Tux 

Alex shoes | Guariz 

Necklace| Set and Stones 

Alex’s ring | Metal Crafted Jewelry

Flowers (bouquets, crowns, & boutonniere)| Tumbleweed Floral Design 

Flowers on table: Let’s Frolic Together 

Videography From This Elopement

Photos From This Casa Flamingo Elopement

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