A Boho Themed Micro Wedding at Big Bend in TX

A Boho Themed Micro Wedding at Big Bend in TX

Nate and Kelly wanted a wedding day that felt true to them in a setting that they felt a connection to, and no location felt as fitting as Big Bend. Their boho micro wedding included thoughtful details like custom-painted champagne bottles, personalized denim jackets, and a family-style dinner table decorated with gorgeous dried flowers.

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About This Boho Micro Wedding in Big Bend

Photography by Anna Claire Beasley

“Kelly and Nate were so intentional about the details of their day— from gorgeous jewelry, to thoughtful gifts for their family (and vendors!), to an absolutely stunning DIY family dinner set up that Kelly put together, it was a day that had meaning in every single moment. I love all of the details that are nods to the desert — the custom, hand-painted bottles of champagne, the art that Kelly’s sister gifted to her and had her use as decor for the wedding, the warm-toned dried florals and custom denim jackets. I also loved how the geometric table plate setting mirrored the tiling of the covered seating area!

One of my favorite things about couples having lots of gorgeous details in their wedding day is it allows me to find threads I can follow in the visuals of the day that are call backs to special moments — for example, I took a photo of their wedding bands with a picture of St Elena canyon from a travel guide I found in their casita, and St Elena is the canyon in the background of their ceremony.

They spent the morning getting ready at the newly-opened Proprietor’s Casa at Willow House in Terlingua, Texas, and then exchanged vows in the national park with St Elena Canyon standing tall behind them. It was a day that combined desert minimalism with thoughtful, elegant touches and ended with a romantic first dance under the stars.” [Anna Claire, the photographer]

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Permits and LNT for This Elopement

“In Big Bend National Park, you must secure a Special Use Permit for your wedding ceremony or vow renewal. More information can be found on the Big Bend National Park website here: Special Use Permit.

Another key thing to keep in mind is that desert environments are really fragile! It’s important to minimize your impact and do what you can to keep the park in good shape so future generations can enjoy the land. One of the best ways to do that, especially in gateway communities like the Big Bend region, is to bring in as much of your own resources as possible so that you don’t deplete the local resources.” [Anna Claire, the photographer]

Here are some examples that Anna Claire shares with her couples:

  • Pack out all of your trash and throw it away back at your own home (if possible) or in a larger city that has better waste disposal solutions.
  • Pack in all your own water. My favorite water jug to travel with is the Scepter 5 Gallon Water jug.
  • Bring a backup power source in case you lose power on your wedding day. The one I have at my house is the Goal Zero Yeti 200x.
  • Bring a first aid kit. Even if it’s just to help doctor your blisters from a hike, it’s best to be prepared—especially when you’re in a remote location like Big Bend.
  • Have a backup plan. Weather changes quickly, and desert environments are prone to flooding when it rains. I recommend having a backup location and game plan in case of weather.

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Top Tips for Planning a Micro Wedding Here

“When eloping in Big Bend, my top recommendation is to be prepared for lots of time in the car! Big Bend National Park is huge, and so when you are planning your timeline for the day, it’s important to consider how much of it will be spent driving. Park speed limits are 45 mph and under, which means that those miles can really add up! If you can, try and book lodging close to where your ceremony location is (or vice versa). This will allow you to spend more time out and enjoying the day, and less time driving from place to place. If you do want to see multiple sites while you’re in Big Bend, it’s best to book a long weekend or full week stay in the area.” [Anna Claire, the photographer]

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Memorable Moments During This Micro Wedding

From the photographer:

“One of my favorite moments from the wedding day was the first look. They had been a little skeptical of the first look and decided to do one primarily so they could spend more time together during the wedding day, but they didn’t really have huge expectations for it. It ended up being one of the most emotional moments of the day and was such a beautiful thing to witness.

Another favorite moment was after the ceremony recessional, when Jeff (the officiant/musician) was playing guitar and singing and Kelly and Nate turned back around to look at their family. It was so tender and special and felt like a moment frozen in time where they got to see the beautiful experience they had created — definitely a moment that has stuck with me since their day.” [Anna Claire, the photographer]

Final Words of Advice From The Photographer

“My biggest advice about eloping in Big Bend is to make sure you are prepared for how remote the location is. Things move at a different pace in West Texas as cell service is sparse, Internet is slow, and power outages happen frequently. If you come in with an openness for spontaneity and going with the flow, you’ll have an amazing experience.” [Anna Claire, the photographer]

Photographer + Elopement Guide | Anna Claire Beasley 
Florals | Alba Dahlia Floral
Wedding Dress | Lillian West, purchased at WED in Fort Worth 
Cake | Wonderful Kakes

Photos From This Micro Wedding

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