Epic BC Heli Elopement at Ispoot Glacier

Epic BC Heli Elopement at Ispoot Glacier

Probably the best thing about eloping is the endless possibilities that come when planning out your day. Olivia and Mitchell made sure to plan an epic BC Heli elopement at Ispoot Glacier and then end the day paddle boarding by Ivey Lake Lodge.

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How to Plan a Heli Elopement in BC

Planning a helicopter elopement is probably one of the most adventurous and unique ways to elope we have seen. You get to see the most epic and remote locations without the big hike! Black Comb Helicopters specializes in these heli elopements and offer stunning locations in Whistler, Squamish, and Pemberton. Olivia and Mitchell opted for Pemberton, BC.

How much does a helicopter flight cost? Flights range from $2,125 – $4,500+, depending on where you want to go and how long the total flight time is.

“The great thing about helicopter elopements (at least with the ones I’ve worked with) is that you don’t need any sort of permit to get married at their chosen locations. They have already sorted out permission to land at the designated locations.

As for leave no trace, usually the locations are covered in snow which is perfect for movement and you don’t have to worry about staying on trail, or they are very rocky with little to no plants. If there is vegetation, try to stay on the rocks and avoid stepping on the plants. As always, take everything that you brought back with you; thankfully that’s very easy with helicopters as they have compartments to put your stuff.” [Candice, the photographer]

Candice’s Top Tips For Booking a Helicopter Tour for Your Elopement

  • Choose your season – Keep in mind helicopters can’t fly in heavy fog, rain, or clouds. The winter months (October – May) will bring the most precipitation. July and August are your best chances for great weather.
  • Be flexible – Flights can be canceled due to weather. Plan another day as a backup option just in case.
  • Pick a time of day – She recommends the very last flight time if possible for the best lighting
  • Keep it small – This type of adventure is usually suitable for an elopement party of two
  • Schedule extra time with your photographer outside of the actual helicopter adventure – more time = more adventure

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About This Elopement

Olivia and Mitchell started and ended their day at Ivey Lake Lodge and had an epic elopement ceremony at Ispoot Icefield in Pemberton, BC.

“We were joined on the adventure by Steve from Whistler Elopements! He beautifully officiated the ceremony with stunning mountains and turquoise waters glistening in the sun…Olivia and Mitch wasted no time sliding into the next experience. In full wedding attire, they hopped onto paddle boards for a quick trip around Ivey Lake. The juxtaposition of their wedding outfits and the boards, along with the sweeping mountain views made for some fun photos.” [Candice, the photographer]

We love how these two packed so much adventure together. This elopement is an excellent example of just how much you can pack into a full-day elopement with your photographer by your side capturing it all!

Ready to Elope?

Now that you have seen this elopement, you probably want to have an epic heli elopement yourself packed with paddleboards and sunset mountain views after. Here’s what you need to keep in mind when planning an eventful wedding day…

“Plan ahead! Make sure it fits in your timeline, and account for time to get to the location and set things up. The best way to incorporate things is to do them near where you are staying, or involve a company that has all the equipment for you.

If the couple is involved with the activity avidly, then make sure they have the proper equipment to transport things (eg. if you want to go mountain biking, have the bike rack attachment and tire pumps).” [Candice, the photographer]

The other tip Candice shares are to plan your elopement on a weekday, especially if you’re planning to elope in BC during the summer. This will help you have a more relaxing and intimate experience.

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Photography | Candice Marie Photography
Heli Tour | Blackcomb Helicopters
Officiant | Whistler Steve
Boots | Dr Marten
MUA | Dolly Makeup
Bouquet was made by a friend in the UK and was shipped to them!

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