Austria Elopement Guide: Perfect For Your Destination Wedding
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Austria Elopement Guide: Perfect For Your Destination Wedding

If you’re a couple who loves traveling abroad or just exploring new places, then Austria is an amazing destination for your intimate wedding day together. Known for its gorgeous castles, palaces, and architecture, Austria also has some of the most gorgeous spots to elope.If you’re thinking about planning an Austria elopement, then feel free to jump to each section to plan your Austria elopement wedding together. 

Cat Ekkelboom-White from Wild Connections Photography, helps us give you the best advice when planning your Austria wedding together.

“Austria is often overlooked in favor of it’s more famous neighbors. Whilst it may not boast the tallest or most iconic peaks, I believe it’s one of the best places to elope in the Alps.

It’s more budget-friendly than Switzerland and less crowded than the Dolomites. You’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to epic locations to say your wedding vows.” [Cat]

How to Elope in Austria

When To Elope in Austria

The beauty of planning your wedding day in Austria is the endless possibilities you have. Austria is beautiful year-round, so the better question to ask is what type of elopement adventure do you want to plan in Austria?

Austria is magnificent year-round and every season has something special to offer. From December until April, a lot of sleepy Austrian villages turn into buzzing ski resorts, with some of the best skiing in the world combined with rustic alpine architecture and wild apres-ski bars.

From June until October the pace of life is generally a little slower, with most people coming to experience the amazing hiking, biking, and swimming in mountain lakes. But even for those who crave some more adrenaline, there are some incredible climbing, kayaking and paragliding spots too.” [Cat]

The busiest months tend to be June-August, while fewer tourists will visit during the Spring and Fall. Winter also gets pretty busy if you’re planning to visit the Alps since it’s such a hot spot for skiing. 

Whatever month you decide to plan your elopement in Austria, the best advice we have is to connect with a specialized photographer or planner in the area. 

Austria Marriage Laws

Getting married abroad can be confusing and sometimes impossible. Some countries have a lot of restrictions and rules when it comes to their marriage laws, and a lot of couples end up planning commitment ceremonies during their elopement adventure.

If you’re set on getting legally married in Austria, then go for it! 

Austria allows non-residents to marry, and since 2017 it also supports marriage equality. The only type of legally-binding ceremony in Austria are civil ceremonies, which must be conducted by the local registrar at the registry office (Standesamt) or at an approved outside location such as a nearby mountain hut or castle.” [Cat]

It’s important to note that these civil ceremonies are generally short and very matter-of-fact. They are also officially conducted in German. Non-German speakers must hire a court-approved translator. There are, however, some registry offices that will make exceptions and conduct the ceremony in English. 

Foreigners who are trying to obtain an Austrian marriage license should submit the required paperwork no earlier than 6 months before your wedding day. The good news is no witnesses are required for your legal ceremony, so it takes the stress off if you’re planning on traveling on your own together. 

If you’re starting to feel overwhelmed, then connect with one of our Austria members to help plan your special day. Or you can just forget the paperwork all together and have a romantic commitment ceremony before or after you sign your paperwork. 

Where to Elope in Austria

From outdoor mountain weddings to fairytale castles and lakeside villas. There are no short of amazing places to plan your wedding day in Austria. This area is not only gorgeous, but it’s also perfect for couples who want an intimate elopement experience without the fear of it being overcrowded by tourists. 

Check out some of our favorite elopement wedding venue areas in Austria:


One of the most beautiful places to elope in Austria has to be the Austrian Alps. The Alps spans through cities of Salzburg and Innsbruck and gorgeous Tirol (or Tyrol). Planning your elopement with the view of the alps will give you spectacular views. 

Tirol is also known as the “capital of the alps” with some of the highest mountains and most popular ski resorts, including Kitzbühel. Whether you want to go skiing or hiking, explore peaks like Gross Glockner and take in the beauty all around you.

Check out this dramatic Plansee Lake elopement inspiration in Tyrol.

Salzkammergut Mountains

If you’re looking for mountain lakes, then look no further than Salzkammergut mountains. Getting together with a photographer who is familiar with the area can help you narrow down a ceremony location spot that is away from the crowd and has stunning views.


Known to be one of the most beautiful old towns in Austria, Salzburg has plenty of elopement locations with mountain lake views surrounded by green alpine pastures.

Check out this snowboard winter wedding adventure in Zell am See near Salzburg.

Top Tips For Getting Married In Austria From Cat

  • If you want to get married in the snow but don’t really love the cold, consider March or the beginning of April. There’s usually still snow on the mountains, but the valleys are turning green again. The temperatures are much warmer, which means less layers under your wedding clothes.
  • For hiking elopements, consider September and October. Not only are the temperatures ideal for hiking, but the Fall colors are starting to come through.
  • If you want to elope on the top of a mountain but you don’t want to hike for hours on your wedding day, pick a resort with a cable car to get yourself to the peak faster. There are so many destinations that run the ski lifts in summer as well as winter. Check when they have their between season closing times, which usually fall in April-May and again in October-November.
  • Within Austria there are amazing rail connections, making traveling between the bigger cities and even the more remote alpine towns extremely straightforward.

Vendors For Your Austria Elopement Package

If you’re planning an elopement, hiring an experienced team is a must. Austria is pretty foreign to many couples. Hiring an experienced Austria wedding photographer or planner will allow you to prepare for your special day.

These professionals are also pros at suggesting unique ceremony locations or making sure you have all the paperwork and fees completed prior to your big day.

Search for the perfect Austria elopement vendors to put together your elopement package. 



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