Same-Sex Wedding Ideas to Help Guide Your Elopement Planning Journey

Planning your wedding day should be exciting for every couple. For same-sex couples, however, planning their wedding day can be stressful for multiple reasons. The wedding industry has historically catered to a certain standard couple, and this “standard” brings a lot of hesitation for LGBTQ+ couples to plan their special day. At Wandering Weddings, we want to provide all couples with helpful tips and vendors. These wedding ideas are perfect for same-sex couples who are trying to navigate their wedding planning journey together. 

We have seen some of the most magical and romantic elopements from our LGBTQ+ couples. From romantic proposals to epic adventures. We made sure to include a ton of inspiration from our awesome members at Wandering Weddings. 

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Wedding Vision

At Wandering Weddings, we are pros at breaking wedding traditions and traditional norms. On your wedding day, no matter who you decide to marry, you should have the freedom to celebrate your marriage how you want to. Regardless of sexual orientation or identity, you should enjoy your wedding day the way you envisioned it. 

The perfect same-sex wedding ideas come from doing what you both love. If a traditional wedding is too stressful or doesn’t feel like you, then you should consider eloping. We have seen hundreds of couples ditch their wedding plans and opt for an adventurous elopement instead. There are no rules when it comes to an elopement, and that is why we think it’s ideal for all couples. You can include your immediate family, your pets, or just go on a romantic adventure together. The options are endless!

Wedding Vendors

It’s sad, but we still have heard multiple stories from our same-sex couples and other couples in the LGBTQ+ community who were refused services by wedding vendors. Here at Wandering Weddings, we provide vendors who will help ALL couples on their elopement planning journey. All of these inspirational elopements on this blog are from our photography and videography members! If you’re looking for wedding vendors outside of our directory, then remember research and communication is key. 

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Take Your Time. You didn’t decide to marry your soulmate in a day, and you didn’t say yes to the first person you dated. The same is true with your wedding vendors. Don’t be afraid to take your time, and make sure you both are comfortable with your photographer, videographer, planners, florist, and more. 
  • Ask all the questions. As a couple within the LGBTQ+ community, you want to make sure you’ll be treated with respect, and the same amount of energy every other couple gets planning their special day. Ask all the questions and introduce all the scenarios. If you sense any hesitation, then don’t hesitate to continue your search. Trust us, there are many vendors out there who would love to help you plan your special day. 
  • FaceTime and book an engagement session. Try and meet your vendors face to face, or at least facetime them.  This is a great way to talk about your concerns and ideas because just texting or emailing won’t cut it! Another great way to see if you click with a vendor is to plan an engagement shoot with your photographer! 

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Family and Friends Expectations

These awesome wedding ideas for same-sex and LGBTQ+ couples easily show you how amazing eloping is. We wouldn’t blame you if you’re thinking about traveling to an epic destination to say “I do”. The possibilities are endless when it comes to planning your wedding day together. We just want to remind you to not get overwhelmed with the expectation of others. We know this is tough, but we encourage you to just focus on what matters to you as a couple. This is why we think planning an elopement is an awesome option if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the opinions of others. The only thing on your mind should be to getting married and celebrating your love for one another. 

Wedding Traditions

When it comes to getting married, there are a ton of wedding traditions your mother and grandmother will tell you about. Even though we love a lot of these wedding traditions, some of these wedding ideas may not align with our awesome LGBTQ+ couples. Did you know you can also plan an elopement and incorporate all the wedding traditions you love and more? 

The Proposal

In a same-sex relationship, who proposes to who? Despite what you might, anyone in a queer relationship can propose to each other. We love it when couples decide to both propose to each other.

Same-Sex Marriage Ceremony Ideas

Like with any wedding tradition, we are firm believers to do what you both feel comfortable with and align with. If some wedding traditions don’t feel right, then don’t be afraid to change things up or do away with them altogether.

Here are some awesome same-sex wedding ceremony ideas to consider:

  • First look. Many couples, not just couples in the LGBGTQ+ community, are forgoing waiting until the altar to see each other. Having a first look is an awesome idea to appreciate each other without having the nerves of the ceremony in the back of your mind. If you’re not sure you want to have a first look, then maybe get ready together! Again, there are no rules, and that whole seeing your partner before the wedding day is a myth! 
  • Walking down the aisle. Traditionally, the groom waits for the bride who is walked down the aisle by her father. This tradition in itself is very old-school. Some great ideas to consider is walking down the aisle together or walking down the aisle with someone special. You can walk alone, with a friend, or with a family member. Who walks in first or who walks with whom is up to you, and you should not feel bad about it! We recommend trying out a couple of scenarios to see how you both feel about it. 
  • Ceremony. During the actual ceremony, the readings may not apply to your relationship. This isn’t just because you’re in a queer relationship, but because a lot of the readings are very old school. Personalize your ceremony by talking this over with your officiant. Writing your wedding vows is another great way to incorporate more about your relationship together. Make sure to check out our same-sex wedding vow examples below!
  • Other traditions. You can incorporate any wedding tradition you love. Just worry about celebrating your union together. With that said, do the first dance together, cut your wedding cake, toss the garter, bouquet, boutonniere, and just enjoy your wedding day.

Wedding Attire

On your wedding day, you should look and feel amazing! But what do you wear on your wedding day as an LGBTQ+ couple? The short answer, whatever you want! It’s important to wear a wedding outfit you’re comfortable in and not wear something you feel you “should” be wearing. If you want to wear a suit, then rock it. If you both want to wear wedding dresses or suits, then go for it! Same-sex and LGBTQ+ wedding attire and wedding dresses should be whatever you both want it to be. And you don’t have to wear white either! 

Check out these awesome same-sex wedding outfit ideas:

Keep it classy and dress warmly together during a winter elopement, like this one in Paris.

If you’re planning a beach elopement, then you can keep things simple and light with white sundresses.

Maybe you both want to make a statement. How epic are these blazers? We are more than a little obsessed. Don’t be afraid to wear something on your wedding day that makes a statement on who you both are.

Matching bouquets and blankets make the perfect wedding accessory pair during a winter Scotland elopement.

You don’t have to wear matching suits! We love it when same-sex couples coordinate their wedding attire without being exactly the same.

Flowy wedding dresses are perfect for first dances together.

Pro tip: wear whatever you feel comfortable in, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Consider where you’re going to elope when picking your wedding attire.

If you both want to wear a wedding dress, you both don’t have to wear white! Get creative with it, and wear whatever color wedding dress you’re loving!

If you both want to wear white, then wear a style you personally love.

Or you both can perfectly match together and look amazing.

We are 100% sure you both will look amazing in whatever you decide to wear.



Now that you’re inspired, it’s time to start planning. Are you thinking eloping is the right choice for you? If you’re thinking about eloping, then head to the best places to elope to pick your favorite elopement destination. If you already have a destination mind, then jump to more elopement ideas

Same-Sex Wedding Vow Examples

These videos are perfect to use as inspiration when writing your wedding vows.

Videography by Evergreen Era Films.

LGBTQ+ Elopement Day Inspiration

This backpacking elopement is the perfect inspiration for couples looking for something adventurous, intimate, and romantic. This LGBTQ+ elopement inspiration incorporates a romantic vow exchange, champagne showers, elopement announcements, and lots of cuddles. Scroll through the images to see what ideas you both want to incorporate on your wedding day.

“We wanted to do a styled shoot including an LGBTQ+ couple. We want all couples to feel safe, and respected when they come to our website and know we are inclusive of all love. So, Kelly reached out on a local Facebook page, asking if there were any LGBTQ+ couples interested in playing dress-up, and getting some cool photos out of it! I had so many couples reach out. The LGBTQ+ community is AMAZING. I was so grateful and overwhelmed by the support I received through the FB messenger app. So many couples wanting to help, so many couples wanting to be apart of something so important. Virginia and Kadie made my job easy. They were so in love, so playful, and so happy to be helping out a fellow photographer in their community.” [Kelly]

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