5 Tips You Should Know For Your Arches National Park Engagement

An engagement adventure is probably one of the most exciting things you can do with your partner to explore somewhere epic before your big wedding day. Utah is one of the tops places to elope, so it’s no surprise that Arches National Park is a great engagement destination. Check out two fun engagement sessions at Arches below, along with some top tips from Rebekah, the photographer.

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1) Plan a Full Day Event or Be an Early Bird

Arches Park is HUGE! There are more than 2,000 natural sandstone arches to explore and other geological formations scattered throughout the park. Rebekah tells us that a lot of the best backdrops Arches has to offer is a good driver or hike away from each other. So plan a full-day adventure!

“Depending on the time of year, bring lots of water. The climate is super dry and while engagement sessions are a whole lot of fun, being dehydrated in a desert climate is no fun! HIGHLY recommend being an early bird for your session at Arches for multiple reasons but the main one is beating the crowds. The couple(s) in this(these) session(s) were down to wake up early enough to meet up at trailheads around 4 AM. It’s a small price to pay for tourist-free views all to ourselves!” [Rebekah, the photographer]

2) Acquire Your Permits and Follow LNT

If you’re eloping at Arches National Park, then you need to acquire a special use permit. For engagements at Arches National Park, however, you don’t need a permit if you have no props and shoot in the general area. If you add other vendors, like a planner with decor, to your engagement photos, then you’ll need a permit. Also, make sure to pick up after yourself during your adventure to leave no trace (LNT).

“With a plethora of views that are stunning just right off the road to the arches where you can actually walk/climb up to, literally there is not the mediocre side of Arches NP.” [Rebekah, the photographer]

3) Do an Activity Together To Break The Ice

When it comes to your engagement photos, you can literally do any activity together. In fact, photographers actually encourage couples to do activities that they would normally do during their downtime. Rebekah tells us this helps take away the clunky awkward feeling of doing something outside of your comfort zone and being photographed. Need a fun idea? At Arches National Park, with the correct permits, you can rock climb together!

“Something that doesn’t require a permit, maybe a bit of your precious sleeping time, is getting a photograph together under the milky way. This is something I really wanted to do while there but never had the right opportunity to make it happen. The skies are so big and if clear, the astrophotographs one could take out there would be out of this world pun intended.” [Rebekah, the photographer]

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4) Have Fun With Your Outfits and Play Off Of The Landscape For Inspiration

For Arches National Park engagements, the best way to plan your outfits is to think of your landscape! For any location, consider the colors around you. Another good idea is to wear a dressy outfit and a more casual outfit.

“Because the landscape is very monochromatic with rich orange/red/and brown wearing colors that contract will help you really POP. Bold earth tones. This is where an all-black or all-white outfit can really go so far! Yes to the bold color blocking. Go as loud as your personality allows while still keeping it simple. Don’t wear colors that will have you fading into colors of the landscape or patterns that compete with the scenery. Think bold but simple.” [Rebekah, the photographer]

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5) Make Memories and Take it All In!

The best advice anyone can give you for your engagement session is to just have fun and enjoy it!

“Life is short and we are so finite. Allow yourself to get lost in the beauty of the park and in the arms of your partner. Remember what it’s like to feel small when you stand inside the Turret Arch and remember that the love that brought you and your partner together is what it’s all about.” [Rebekah, the photographer]

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