Anna + Tim’s Rustic Blue Ridge Mountain Elopement With Their Pups & Parents

Anna + Tim’s Rustic Blue Ridge Mountain Elopement With Their Pups & Parents

Anna and Tim’s elopement in the Fall colored Blue Ridge Mountains in NC is the perfect inspiration to keep things simple and intimate for your wedding day. They planned an elopement ceremony with their parents and dogs and then explored a little afterward.

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Intimate Elopement Ceremony in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Photography by Erika El Photography

Anna and Tim’s love story unfolds against the backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Asheville, North Carolina. They rented a cozy cabin nestled among the mountains, where a small creek and wooded area in the backyard set the stage for their heartfelt ceremony.

The day began with Anna and Tim getting ready alongside their parents and their adorable dogs, Elide and Kona. The couple exchanged private vows in a secluded first look. Their dogs were with them the whole time, playing around. After sealing their love with a ceremony filled with warmth and simplicity, they celebrated with cake and champagne, featuring their beloved pups as non-traditional cake toppers.

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Tips When Eloping in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Erika El Photography shared some valuable insights into eloping in the Blue Ridge Mountains:

Permit and Leave No Trace (LNT) Guidelines:
Certain areas along the Blue Ridge Parkway may require permits for wedding ceremonies. It’s crucial to check and obtain permits where necessary. Follow Leave No Trace principles, especially in sensitive areas like rocky outcrops, respecting wildlife habitats.

“Since their ceremony was held at their Airbnb, we did not need to receive a permit for their portrait time at these locations however general LNT principles still need to be followed! Primarily at the second location, the rocky outcrop and cliffs, it is vital to respect the wildlife, as it is a common place for falcons to nest and breed so you mustn’t cross the rock wall and climb on the cliffs below. This area does have signage to alert people which is great.” [Erika, the photographer]

Planning Tips: Plan ahead and secure wedding plans early, particularly during peak seasons like fall. Opt for weekday elopements to avoid crowds, and consider holding the formal ceremony away from the parkway locations.

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Deciding to Elope

“Ha, we aren’t very traditional people. We are also fairly private people so when we actually started thinking about OUR wedding, we wanted it to be intimate and special. I had always dreamed of the big traditional wedding, but I think that has just been what is put into little girls’ heads from childhood. The more I thought about it, the less I wanted that…

I wanted to make sure I was mentally present for everything happening that day. I did not want the stress of having to be on such a set schedule and having to talk/entertain everyone. We wanted the day/weekend to feel like a staycation and to just be relaxed.” [Anna, the bride]

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Planning This Elopement

“Tim and I both love being outdoors and even more than that, love the North Carolina mountains in the fall. We picked an Airbnb close to our home and our photographer, Erika, was so incredible and helped us plan and pick trails nearby. She was such a wealth of knowledge when it came to what trails and locations needed permits, which ones do not allow wedding photography, and what time of day would be best.” [Anna, the bride]

Anna + Tim’s Elopement Estimated Cost Breakdown:

Airbnb: $1,700
Dress: $2,700
Hair/Makeup: $800
Flowers: $475
Cake: $140
Photographer: $4,850
Officiant: $525
Private Dinner: $1,300

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Memorable Moments During This Elopement

From the photographer:

“While we were in the meadow Tim’s ring became loose due to the cooler temperature and slipped off his finger into the dense grass. These rings were significant since they handmade them together with a local jeweler. The entire 15 minutes we searched on our hands and knees in the grass, which felt way longer, Tim was incredibly calm and patient, they both tried to problem-solve and work together and neither one of them got upset or frustrated with the other…They were leaving town the next day, so they would not be able to come back and search for it. I loved seeing Anna and Tim be so kind and gentle with each other even under less than ideal circumstances. Thankfully Tim did find it!”

From the couple:

“The entire day and leading up to it was simply amazing from start to end! There were so many special moments from dress shopping with my mom, to getting to enjoy coffee with both of our families the morning of, exchanging our private vows with one another as the dogs ran around us, and going hiking for the first time as a married couple!

Bring your dogs! Ha, but really; having our dogs there was a no brainer and even kind of took some of the pressure off. They were goofballs in all the right moments and now we have beautiful photos of them to treasure forever.

Anna and Tim’s elopement serves as a reminder to keep the focus on the love shared between partners. In a world where weddings can become overwhelming, their day was a celebration of simplicity, togetherness, and the joy of being surrounded by loved ones—including their furry friends.


Photographer | Erika El Photography (@erikaelphotography)
Dress | Wildflower Bridal (@wildflowerbridal) and Anna Kara (@annakaraofficial)
Hair/Makeup | Manning Lucas (@hairmua_by_manning)
Flowers | The Blossom Jar (@theblossomjar)
Cake | Blue Ridge Bakery (@blueridgebakery)
Officiant | Vanessa Allen LaRotonda (@adventure.officiant)
Chef | Hibachi Chef Blue (@chefbluemobilehibachi)

Photos From This Elopement


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