Full-Day Adventure Elopement in Southern Utah

Full-Day Adventure Elopement in Southern Utah

Rhonda and Jeremiah planned a wedding day based on how they wanted to celebrate it. After changing their original elopement plans in the Phoenix and Sedona area, they decided to plan an epic adventure elopement in Southern Utah. They even started their adventure before 3 AM and had 3 outfit changes throughout the day.

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Details from this Adventure Elopement in Utah

Rhonda and Jeremiah tell us they love the personalization and the care-free planning that comes with eloping. The couple hung out with Traci, their photographer, and John, their videographer, the day before their elopement. They ate dinner together, planned their outfits for their elopement day, and their vendors were even able to capture a very important moment for the couple before the sun rose.

“Jeremiah and Rhonda pray together and read scripture every single morning no matter what time they have to get up together, even if that is 2:45 am. Jeremiah asked us if we could capture that moment for them, and we did! We woke up and knocked on their door as their alarms went off to document that day’s scripture and prayer. On this morning the scripture said something about a big event happening on this day, and it couldn’t have been more spot on.” [Traci]

After getting ready, these two had the most epic elopement adventure in Southern Utah! They explored three different locations, exchanged vows, and even had a romantic picnic overlooking Utah’s most scenic views.

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Top Tips Planning Your Elopement in Southern Utah

This adventure elopement in Southern Utah is pretty amazing. Since this couple had a full day’s adventure, we asked Traci for her top tips when planning a sunrise elopement in the area.

When it comes to planning a sunrise elopement, try to get to the location at least the day before so you can adjust, relax, and get ready. Traci recommends setting everything out you need in the AM and packing everything you need for the day of your adventure the night before. Getting a good night’s sleep is another important tip to remember, including eating a good dinner the night before.

One last thing when planning elopements in a particular area, make sure you hire local vendors. If they aren’t local, make sure they have documented an elopement in the area before. Keeping open communication with your vendors and preparing to not have cell range is also important to ensure a successful wedding day adventure. Other than those top tips, enjoy planning your elopement!

“Do it! The northern Arizona and southern Utah region are a bit more remote than some desert elopement locations but it’s an endless world of beauty! There are so many locations here where you may not run into another person, especially during winter. If you’re eloping here during winter wear layers under the dress or suit to stay warm especially before or after the sun is up!” [Traci]

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Memorable Moments From This Wedding Adventure

This elopement is filled with small moments that remind us how beautiful it is to elope. From their morning prayer to how they looked around their surroundings in awe. Traci actually tells us that at the end of the day when they were leaving Horseshoe Bend, their last location, Jeremiah told her he couldn’t wait to see some of the photos because “he felt like he had missed all the epic views all day because he was staring at his wife”.

The first look was also another special moment during this elopement adventure in Southern Utah. It was beautiful to see them exchange their first look as the sun broke over the clouds, overlooking the lake. They had the whole area to themselves as they exchanged their vows (a major bonus planning a sunrise elopement).

“From their smiles and holding each other so close at the first location in the morning for the ceremony, to the nonstop laughter and playfulness they shared in the canyon, the break they took for a picnic where they cuddled up and shared lunch and to ending at sunset holding eating other and celebrating the day over the canyon!” [Traci]

Should I Plan a Full Day Elopement Adventure OR Something Smaller?

Rhonda and Jeremiah planned a full-day elopement adventure because that’s how they wanted to spend their wedding day together. It’s important to remember that elopements are completely customizable. You get to chose where, how, and who you want to marry without anyone giving you any trouble for it. So if you want to hire your elopement photographer for 4 hours or for two days, that is your decision.

Thinking about how long your vendors should stick around? Think about what you both want to do during your wedding. If you find yourself squeezing everything into a couple of hours, then ask about full-day or multi-day adventures.

“Sometimes I notice folks are leery booking full-day elopements because they can’t imagine a full day of photos, but it’s not about the photos. Everything during this day was purposeful, there was so much connection and it held so much meaning. Yes, I may be there with my camera documenting your day, but it is your day you are experiencing with your now forever mate. A day you planned around your relationship and the start of your marriage. Embrace your wedding day.” [Traci]

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