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5 Valuable Tips for Announcing Your Elopement [Issue 1]

Wondering how to announce your elopement? Losing sleep over what the response might be?
We are all for keeping your nuptials an intimate experience, especially when saying “I do” involves a little adventure, but we also understand that the news is not always well-received. To ease your fears and help prepare you for the big announcement, we asked real couples to share their thoughts and personal stories. Now we’re passing their advice on to you!

1. Mount Sproatt Elopement in Whistler, British Columbia

Tara Lilly Photography

Melissa from Waterdown, Ontario shares…

“We told our immediate family and close friends a few days before we left for Whistler. This was important to us, so they didn’t feel left out of our big life event. It was just the way we felt best represented our love story. After that, we sent out marriage announcements on Paperless Post with a photo from our day. It was exciting to get messages back from everyone with their happiness and surprise!”

You can find Melissa’s elopement HERE

2. Romantic TreeHouse Point Elopement in Fall City, WA

Katie from Fall City, Washington shares…

“When we began to hear more and more that our extended families wanted to celebrate our marriage with us, we decided to host a small, post-elopement family reception. In theme with our wedding, we wanted it to be low-key, so we planned [an] evening party for late-summer in our backyard… so many people are excited for you and want to be a part of your special day. When you elope, your guest list will be short, if you even have one at all. Although it’s becoming more and more mainstream, it is still not the norm, and it leaves people feeling left out. If I could go back, I would send announcements after our elopement to share the experience with the rest of our friends and family who couldn’t be there in person.”

You can find Katie’s elopement HERE

3. Greek Isles Elopement in Imerovigli, Santorini

Amanda from Australia shares…

“My parents are separated, and [I] told them at different times when I felt ready to. They both naturally tried to change my mind, and at first it felt like I was saying every little excuse under the sun to justify why we had chosen to elope… My biggest advice is to stick to your guns, be firm, and [be] confident in your decision and discussing it [with family will be] easier. Get ready for them not to understand your reasons. as they will only really be thinking of what they are missing out on. Although the well-wishes will eventually come flooding in, it’s good to remember that you and your fiancé will honestly be the only two people [who] truly understand and appreciate the reasons why you’re choosing to elope – and that’s perfectly okay. In the end, my mum chose to help me with the planning… which made her feel more apart of it. My dad was, and still is, disappointed, but that is [something] he has to learn to live with, not me, as I am 100% comfortable with my decision. My husband’s family was over the moon either way, so that was easy.”

You can find Amanda’s elopement HERE

4. Golden Hour Elopement in Laguna Beach, CA

Bernadette from Southern California shares…

“About a couple [of] weeks prior to our elopement, we sat down with both of our families to let them know we were planning on eloping. Most of our family members really wanted to be a part of our day, which was difficult, because part of us wanted everyone there too, but we really wanted our day to just be about the two of us. The way we announced our elopement to [our] closest friends and family was through personal phone calls and text messages, and to make sure we did not miss anyone, we made an announcement on social media by posting some of the professional pictures with a message about our elopement and love.”

You can find Bernadette’s elopement HERE

5. Serene Elopement in Yosemite National Park, CA

yosemite national park california elopement wedding

Yen from Milpitas, California shares…

“I would say when you do decide to share the news with your family to tell them how special and important the experience was for you, and remind them you love them and [that] this decision was not made to hurt or not include them – it was just something that the two of you felt was the special way you wanted to celebrate your love. I think this will remind your friends and family that in the end, it is about the two of you and your love, and there is no reason to feel any way other than [happy].”

You can find Yen’s elopement HERE


Thank you to Melissa, Katie, Amanda, Bernadette, and Yen for your insight!

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