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This Vietnam Wedding is an Elopement Mountain Love Story

vietnam elopement wedding

Photography by Duc Thien Photography

A couple’s wedding day should be an epic story they get to tell their children and their children’s children for years to come.

With that said, it is only fitting that Hoang Anh and Nhat, the couple, decided to get married on Yen Tu, a sacred mountain in Vietnam with a 700-year-old frangipani tree road. This Vietnam wedding is the perfect inspiration if you are planning a romantic mountain elopement.

Duc-Thien Pham, the photographer, tells us that Hoang Anh is a young writer and how impressed he was with her work. The photographer became inspired to help create a unique and special day for them.

“When Hoang Anh asked me to take a simple set of unique wedding photos, I told her, ‘such a series is not suitable for you, do something impressive and different.’” [Duc-Thien Pham]

Yen Tu mountain is a historical site known as the birthplace of Vietnamese Buddhism. Being the center of Buddhist teachings since at least the 13th century, this mountain has so much history and stories to tell. It is no wonder writer Hoang Anh and her future husband, Nhat, decided to tell their love story here.

“Everyone has their own love story to tell. We choose to elope to tell our story in a different way and to also make it more memorable and meaningful.” [Hoang Anh, The Bride]

If you want to skip the story, then jump straight to the photos from this mountain elopement in Vietnam.

bride reads vows to groom.

 The Story Behind the Location of This Vietnam Wedding

The couple decided Yen Tu was the perfect destination for their elopement adventure because of its unique 700-year-old frangipani trees road, which is where their ceremony took place. They wanted something isolated and peaceful. Hoang Anh tells us not many couples take wedding photos there because many brides are against the steep climb. This bride, however, embraced the adventure and the high climb that came with it.

“Legacy Yen Tu is strong, yet a humble testament to Vietnam’s past. We felt very special when we were there. This location invites guests to immerse themselves in tales of adventure, romance, history, culture, nature, and more for the length of a memorable stay.” [Hoang Anh]

After deciding to elope on this mountain, the couple thought it was best to spend two days to discover the land and its beautiful spirit.

This mountain elopement, like most elopements, was designed for the couple. This couple spent every second enjoying each other’s company. From enjoying the view as they bathed together to hiking up a mountain to exchange vows. Once the stars came out, the couple danced under the moonlight.

“When the sun went down, we were standing on the edge of the mountain under a beautiful purple sky, filled with shining stars. Those were moments that will be extremely hard for us to witness again in our life. I watched them dancing with a fiery passion for each other in their eyes.” [Duc-Thien Pham]

vow detail photography with couple holding hands.

 The Adventure and Inspiration for This Mountain Elopement  

The couple tells us to prepare for their elopement, they read a lot of magazines and online resources, including our Elopement Planning Resources and Real Elopement Stories.

The special flower gate, which decorated the curves where their ceremony was held on the mountain, was designed and built meticulously to match the scenery of the road.

“This road was chosen because it represented the spirit of the couple’s love: strong, enduring, and harmonious with nature.” [Duc-Thien Pham]

The couple and their elopement team climbed thousands of steep stone steps with boxes of heavy flowers to prepare for the ceremony on their wedding day. The pure happiness the photographer saw in the couple’s faces, however, made their journey worth it.

Vietnam wedding portraits.

Memorable Moments During This Elopement

This mountain elopement in Vietnam is a dream to relive through the photographer’s lens. For the bride, her favorite part was the first look, and when they read their vows on the mountain. She tells us she will never forget the way her husband first looked at her, and how much she will cherish the words they both exchanged to each other.

“The vows are a beautiful moment when we can tell each other how much we love each other. Daily, we often do not say emotional words like ‘I love you’, and sometimes we forget how important we mean to each other. Hence, the vows remind us of these things; and the vows also inspire us to put more effort to keep and nurture our love.” [ Hoang Anh]

Vietnam elopement wedding

 Advice for Other Couples who Elope

The bride and groom tell us the only thing a couple who is preparing for an elopement like their Vietnam wedding day should worry about is to feel comfortable and free.

“You just need to be yourself. Show love to your partner, and be honest with your feelings and everything will be ok. It will be a meaningful event, and you will never forget the experience you will go through with your love.” [ Hoang Anh]

The photographer, on the other hand, recommends hiring an elopement team you can trust.  Duc-Thien Pham suggests choosing a wedding planner and photographer with experience to best implement your vision for your special day.

“If couples are still wondering whether or not to opt for an Elopement, think about this..whether 10 years, 20 years or 50 years later, how do you want to remember that day? Do you want your wedding to be just like thousands of other weddings out there? If you want a unique wedding experience, please bring your backpack and come with us.” [Duc-Thien Pham]


Photo and Planner | Duc Thien PhotographyHair and Makeup Artist | Kin Doan
Florals | Phi Diep Wedding
Invitation & Stationery | Flocat Creation
Leather Handcraft | 26th Supply
Calligraphy | Duka
Accommodation and Location| Yen Tu, Quang Ninh, Viet Nam

Photos From This Mountain Elopement in Vietnam

Thank you to Duc Thien Photography for sharing this session, and congratulations to Hoang Anh and Nhat!

Are you planning an elopement? Let us know where you are in your planning process in the comments below!

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