Cake, Champagne, and Pups During This Vero Beach Elopement, FL

Cake, Champagne, and Pups During This Vero Beach Elopement, FL

It’s hard NOT to elope when you see an epic wedding adventure like this one. I mean, who wouldn’t want to celebrate their wedding day on a beautiful beach, sipping champagne, eating cake, and hanging out with their dogs? They even had a mini adventure to 7-eleven after! This Vero Beach elopement will make you pack your things and adventure together at sunrise!

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Planning Your Elopement at Vero Beach

Photography by Anna Holden Photo

Vero Beach is one of the many beaches you can explore in Florida. We love this area in particular because it’s much more quiet and intimate compared to other FL beaches. We asked Anna, the photographer, what couples should plan for when preparing to elope there.

“LNT hasn’t taken off in Florida as it has out west; however, it’s largely supported without the title. As long as you’re not having a set up on the beach, you can typically elope without a permit. This elopement was at a side street beach in Sebastian, Florida. If you want to have your elopement in the state park, then a permit may be required.” [Anna, the photographer]

With that being said, please pick up after yourself, and respect the land you are visiting.

Other than that, she warns couples of “no-see-ums”, tiny biting bugs that are terrible in the summer during dawn, dusk, and nighttime. She recommends bringing some Skin-So-Soft to keep yourself protected from them.

About This Sunrise Beach Adventure in FL

Right before sunrise, we headed to a little spot on the beach that Emily and Chris frequent. Between the winding path and the sunrise glow, the scene was perfectly set for these two to tie the knot.

“They officially tied the knot right as the sun was coming up at the foot of the trailhead where you could see the beach. After they signed their marriage license, they sealed the deal with a first high five followed by a first kiss. I was totally here for this!” [Anna, the photographer]

Three things every elopement needs:

  • Puppies
  • Champagne
  • Cake Picnic

“Emily and Chris nailed every single one of them! Scroll through the photos to see Emily and Chris’ adorable labor doodles, the cutest boho cake picnic stocked full of champagne and lemon poppy cake from Sweet and Savage Bakery, a quick stop at the 7 Eleven to commemorate their marriage date, and some of the most gorgeous oaks in Vero Beach!” [Anna, the photographer]

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Planning a Picnic During Your FL Elopement

“If you want to recreate the picnic on the beach, I would find a local picnic company that offers services that can pack your basket and provide cute comfort accessories (like pillows and blankets). If you want to bring your dogs along, find a beach that allows pups and have someone at the ready to come to pick them up after a little while so you can really soak in your day.” [Anna, the photographer]

Memorable Moments During This Wedding Day

“The 7-eleven stop was definitely my favorite and a moment that I still get a ton of compliments on! This was 100% the bride and groom’s idea since they were getting married on 7/11. It added the best urban vibe to this small town beach elopement. I also loved stopping at different sceneries to get a variety for this couple’s day. They really embraced go with the flow and soaked it all in.” [Anna, the photographer]

Advice During Your Planning Process

“If you have no idea where to start in planning your low-key beach elopement, consider all the things you love to do together and make an entire day out of it. It doesn’t need to be Pin-worthy or be extra. It just needs to be you. That’s how it becomes epic.” [Anna, the photographer]


Photography | Anna Holden Photo
Dress | Odylyne the Ceremony
Cake | Sweet and Savage Bake

Photos From This Vero Beach Elopement

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