White Oak Photography

White Oak Photography

Based In: Oregon
Business Attributes: Woman Owned
Photographer: White Oak Photography

White Oak Photography

Based In: Oregon
Business Attributes: Woman Owned

Hi, there!
I see you.
You’re the one seeking adventure and freedom to be exactly who you are in all the aspects of your life, including your wedding or elopement day!
I can tell you right now if you enjoy all things life + connection then you’re in the right place. If you’re one of those people who can’t help but keep turning corners in the mountain trails even when your fingertips are chilled + your legs burn then you’re in the right place. If you like the feeling of the color green & sand between your toes then you’re in the right place. Life is about nothing but connecting with others so let’s photograph your life + document your world.

Are you struggling to let go of the unrealistic expectations and so-called “traditional” aspects of planning your easy going, adventurous, and fun Pacific Northwest wedding or elopement?
I totally get it! It’s tough; with all the pressure from industry “experts” and even your own relatives to facilitate a flawless and enjoyable day for everyone else but yourself, it can suck the fun and true focus right out of your day.
I’m here to tell you to take back your narrative! It’s your freaking wedding day and you can make it ANYTHING you want it to be. From having an adventure filled weekend of climbing mountains or off roading in the desert with your closest friends and family to hosting an elegant and bohemian garden party beneath the oak grove of your parents’ backyard, I AM THERE FOR IT. And I’ll be cheering you on the whole way to stay true to your hearts and desires while helping coordinate and document the wedding or elopement day of your dreams in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Jen | Oregon Based Destination Photographer + Creative Director
I am silly + smiley + hopelessly romantic + always cracking jokes + trying my best to be an honest visual story listener / teller with a niche for exploration of all.
If I can document your story and make you experience it over and over again, then my life truly has creative meaning.

I love getting to know people over pints. Your stories are exactly why I’m a photographer: the amazing, hilarious, raw, devastating, thrilling, simple, and painfully embarrassing stories that make up your life.
I promise to tell my fair share with you along the way, too.
I hope to connect with the easy going, fun loving, and adventure seeking for the joint effort in creating something beautifully + imperfectly you.

For those who are a little bit wild + a whole lot of in love.
For those who value vibrant + timeless imagery.
For the hooligans + misfits.

Wandering Since 2022

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