Shell Creek Photography

Shell Creek Photography

Based In: Western U.S.
Business Attributes: LGBTQ+ Owned
Photographer: Shell Creek Photography

Shell Creek Photography

Based In: Western U.S.
Business Attributes: LGBTQ+ Owned

Hey, I’m Malachi! I am an elopement photographer based out of western US, which is the BEST part of the states! With my extensive travel experience, I can help you elope anywhere! My focus is to give you guys a fun, stress free experience + epic photos in beautiful locations.


Don’t know where to start with your elopement? I’m here to help! Think of me as your ultimate elopement planning consultant.

How I can help…

• Giving you a personalized elopement location list with photos, elevation gain, trail & access difficulty, leave no trace information, & other helpful information.

• How to obtain the right permits for the locations you choose.

• Gearing up for your elopement along with the best kind of shoes to wear, how to choose a dress, suit, & other clothing, along with other things you should bring to your elopement.

• Having an adventurous elopement without a lot of hiking if you’re not into hiking or suggesting epic hikes that take you way off the beaten path if you’re down for an adventure!

• Packing your dress, suit, hiking gear, food, bouquet, & other things you’ll take with you.

• And so much more!


As an elopement photographer in Alaska, I get to take couples to some of the most beautiful places in the state! Just because you are having a smaller wedding or elopement doesn’t mean you deserve less. You deserve even more! Intimate weddings & elopements allow you to focus on the beginnings of your relationship together & that is a beautiful thing.

My photography style is inspired by nature. I have a colorful & bold, yet true to life style of photography that really captures the beauty of nature, the colors of the landscape, & the vibrance of sunrises & sunsets. I don’t want to make your day an all day photoshoot. I want to help you both create a day where you can laugh, let loose, have fun, adventure, eat good food, & just really have one of the best days of your lives. That’s why I like to be involved in helping to plan out your day. It is also why I take a documentary approach to elopement photography. I want to capture the adventures of the day & all those little moments that can make your wedding day special & worth remembering & celebrating for years to come.

My job here at Shell Creek Photography is to capture the unique connection & relationship of every couple. Your elopement is your way to create a wedding day where you can truly connect with each other & with nature. Let’s talk more about what your elopement day can be!

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Our experience with Malachi was nothing short of wonderful and he helped us have one of the best days of our lives. Neither of us ever wanted a traditional wedding and the idea of eloping came to mind when we were visiting parks around the country on a road trip. When we first saw Malachi’s photos on his website, they were exactly what we wanted our wedding day to look like – bright, colorful, and fun. From the start he was extremely helpful in planning the day at Valley of Fire by researching excellent shot locations, securing our permits, and helping us get a schedule of the day’s events going. Throughout the entire process he was truly kind and was always willing to chat with us or give input on even the smallest questions. An elopement like this can feel complicated and intimidating to plan, but Malachi made it feel painless and we could not have done it without his help and expertise. When we finally got to meet in person on the day, we had a wonderful time chatting with Malachi about everything as we walked through the park. He was happy to share his travels and listen to our own all while taking lovely candid shots and stopping us to get some of the more picturesque landscapes exactly right. We had a great adventure together and it didn’t feel like being hounded by a camera crew which is exactly how we preferred it. Malachi was well prepared too he had all the permits in his pack and even brought supplies in case we had a wardrobe emergency or needed first aid. He had even visited the park a day early to scope out some of the better locations and figure out what order we should go in. Being in Valley of Fire is breathtaking as is but nothing prepared us for the photos when he shared them with us, and he even gave us a few quick edits as a sneak peak early on. He has an amazing eye for angles and color and our wedding photos looked like something out of a dream. They came out better than we could have hoped for and Malachi captured our adventuring and care for each other better than you can describe with words. Malachi is an amazing photographer, but he is also a thorough professional and a fantastic human being. Our day could not have gone any better and we had so much fun the entire time. We would recommend anyone looking for an unforgettable experience and beautiful pictures to contact Malachi, we would do it all again in a heartbeat.

Domenic Amato & Katie Wilken

My (now) husband and I were so nervous about having photos taken of us because we are both so unnatural and awkward in front of the camera. This all quickly subsided as soon as we met Malachi! He has such a friendly and natural presence and way of making you feel instantly comfortable around him. Not only this, but he truly went above and beyond on our wedding day. He tied my husband's bow tie, helped decorate our cake with greenery when I was running behind, provided us hand warmers and spikes for our shoes so we'd be comfortable while hiking to get photos, the list goes on! On top of all this, I must say the photos are absolutely incredible; they perfectly captured the beauty of the scenery while still somehow keeping the focus on us. They are everything I could have hoped for and more, and people are still raving about how beautiful they are. Malachi truly blew away any and all expectations and hopes I had for our experience and I am forever grateful we chose him for our wedding day!!

Sydney Wells

Malachi was great to work with, super helpful and knowledgeable helping us plan our day around Telluride. He helped us plan with ideas for shooting locations, including several different options of lakes, trails and hikes that we could take around the area. We ended up going up Imogene Pass and taking photos on the top of the pass, and then set up a picnic a bit further down towards Yankee Boy Basin and Ouray. He was very friendly and professional all day long, and even helped wrangle our dog during some of the shoots to get his attention to get the best possible photos. We ended the day shooting some sunset pictures on Last Dollar Road which was completely his suggestion and the photos turned out amazing. We would highly recommend to anyone wanting to elope, as he provided an all-inclusive service helping us plan the day, and provided great pictures that captured the day perfectly.

Ryan Sellinghausen
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