Pretty/Bold Photography

Pretty/Bold Photography

Based In: California
Business Attributes: Woman Owned
Photographer: Pretty/Bold Photography

Pretty/Bold Photography

Based In: California
Business Attributes: Woman Owned

Are you one of those people who instantly transforms into a human pretzel with T-Rex arms as soon as a camera appears? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! In fact, 99% of my clients share that same delightful quirk. As a self-proclaimed freeze-and-make-weird-arms enthusiast myself, I completely understand the discomfort that comes with hours of posing for pictures.

But fear not! Ensuring you feel relaxed and have a blast during your elopement is my number one priority. After all, if you’re not having fun, the photos will show it, and that’s a lose-lose situation for both of us.

But wait, there’s more! In addition to creating a laidback atmosphere, I’m a big believer in open communication. We’ll plan for the worst-case scenarios in advance (because hey, life happens), leaving no room for unexpected stress on your big day. And when it comes to those epic shots, get ready for some serious drama (the incredible visual kind…this isn’t a Bravo TV show)! I’m all about capturing bright, colorful, and joy-filled moments that truly reflect the love and happiness of your wedding day.


Now, let’s talk packages! I’ve got options starting at $5200. But it’s not just about the photography itself — so much more is included to make your day run smoothly.

I’ve got you covered with a comprehensive elopement planning guide, packed with over 100 pages of helpful tips and checklists!

Need personalized assistance with location research or permit applications? Consider it done.

I’ll even hook you up with top-notch local vendors.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the perks: a custom elopement day timeline, travel fees covered, sneak peeks of your images within a week (because who can wait?), and an online gallery where you can download, share, and print your high-resolution, edited images directly from a professional photo lab.

And hey, I’m not just a photographer. I’m also your unofficial local guide to the best tacos, vacation fudge, and wine bars in town! Because let’s be honest, celebrating your love and enjoying delicious food go hand in hand.

If it sounds like we’re a match made in photography heaven, don’t hesitate to reach out through my website or the handy form below. Let’s create some magical memories together, awkward poses and all!


Hey there! Let me introduce myself: I’m Lisa, the creative force behind Pretty/Bold Photography, and I’m all about capturing unforgettable moments that will make your heart skip a beat. Originally from MA, I now reside in sunny Southern CA, where I embrace my wanderlust and jet off to various corners of the US (and even internationally!) whenever I can. Of course, this adventurous lifestyle sometimes irks my adorable but slightly grumpy rescue pets and my ever-growing collection of plants. But hey, a girl’s gotta follow her passion, right?

Here’s a little secret about me: I’m not just a skilled photographer, but also a fellow elopement enthusiast. Yep, my husband and I eloped ourselves in the breathtaking Big Sur, CA. So, trust me when I say I know the elopement process like the back of my camera. I’ve experienced it from both sides of the lens, and that unique perspective empowers me to help you navigate through the planning process with ease. I get it—it can be a bit daunting to start from scratch. But fear not! Drawing upon my own experiences as a bride and photographer, I’m here to banish stress and make this journey a joyride for you.

Equality is a core value that I hold dear, and I’m a proud supporter of the BLM movement and the LGBTQ+ community. Oh, and let’s not forget about our planet! Environmental causes are close to my heart as well. Not only do I volunteer locally with animal and conservation groups, but I also make it a point to donate a portion of each booking to vetted nonprofits that champion these important causes. Because making a positive impact on the world is just as important as capturing your love story.

So, if you’re looking for a photographer who not only has a knack for freezing time but also has a soft spot for nature and saving shelter pets, then look no further. Reach out to me, and let’s embark on an incredible journey together—one filled with laughter, love, and photographs that will make your souls dance.

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Lisa is incredible!! Not only is her photography both pretty and bold, it is also timeless!! The pure and crisp colors are going to be a joy to look at for years to come!!! Lisa even took the time to help me a few extra request and questions about a photo album I was putting together. She was so easy to shoot with and provided very thorough location recommendations. We are looking forward to working with her for years to come! Thank you, Lisa!!

Shelby Zamzow

Lisa took the most beautiful photos of my elopement/intimate wedding. She was absolutely the best vendor choice I made for my entire wedding. She helped us choose an elopement location, shoot locations, and made an entire timeline of the day for us based on when the sun would set in the mountains (and added in buffer times because she knew we would run late- we did). Her experience and talent is truly unmatched. Usually as a bride you are told that you are so beautiful and your dress is gorgeous... but the compliment I receive the most is how gorgeous my photos are. I totally agree. Numerous people have told me that they are the most amazing wedding photos they have ever seen and that they can't stop looking through them. I found Lisa through a chain of photographer referrals because I was getting married in a very short time frame. We got so extremely lucky that she had a cancellation (COVID) for the same day. I cannot say enough good things about her. She was extremely professional, relaxed, knowledgeable, friendly, communicative, and she even was prepared with a piece of gum when I asked her for one right before I walked down the aisle because I was worried about dry mouth during the ceremony. She was able to navigate two moms who love photos and are particular about them, sticky situations with divorced parents, she worked around chaos in the house where we got ready, guided the two of us through the couples shoot with poses (we are awkward in front of the camera and have never had professional photos taken before), and she kept the schedule moving with a calm, kind, and effortless demeanor. Look no further for an elopement photographer. Lisa is your girl.

Chelsea Ritter

Where do I even begin?! Our large wedding was cancelled due to covid and there were many rescheduling attempts before we finally landed our mini wedding date. Lisa was there for us from start to finish and every day in between! She is super friendly, insanely organized, and of course crazy talented! We did not have a wedding coordinator so when Lisa offered to help with some general scheduling and timeline advice, I was super appreciative and stoked!! With her help we had an itinerary that got us through the day at every turn. We made Lisa and the second shooter (yes with a small wedding we had a second shooter, and I don’t regret it one bit!!) show up to a venue they had never been to before. Without skipping a beat they both handled it like true masters of their craft and worked together so well! My husband and I were instantly put at ease with the very helpful coaching we got throughout the day. There was no stressing about what to do with our hands, where to look, or how to stand! Lisa’s eye for color, light, and backdrop scenery is superb and a true gift. The results, hundreds of stunningly beautiful photos that brought us to tears! Seriously, my husband and I, and everyone who views them, are utterly blown away! Lisa is the real deal and the whole package - pro and fun, all rolled into one! So glad we found you Lisa, THANK YOU!!! :)

Erica Mehallo

What you want in a wedding photographer: 1) Amazing photos to commemorate the day. 2) Someone who will just tell you things to do so you don't have to think about it. 3) Cool person you actually enjoy being around. Lisa nails all three! Our wedding got pushed back due to COVID but we still wanted to do something to celebrate our original wedding day, and Lisa came through in the clutch for our "faux elopement" on Catalina Island. She was super helpful when we asked her for guidance coordinating, since she knows Catalina better than we did; she was on time; she was responsive to last minute changes; she was fun to have around! You can't go wrong hiring Lisa.

Scott Swedberg

Lisa was an amazing photographer! We had a last minute change of plans and she gave us so much flexibility. She also helped us with planning our elopement and made us feel very comfortable posing for our photos. They were stunning pictures. I HIGHLY recommend using her.

Katherine Henrick
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