Love Wedding Photos And Film

Love Wedding Photos And Film

Based In: Edinburgh
Business Attributes: Veteran Owned, Woman Owned
Photographer: Love Wedding Photos And Film

Love Wedding Photos And Film

Based In: Edinburgh
Business Attributes: Veteran Owned, Woman Owned

Scotland Elopements

Epic Photography and Cinematic Wedding Films

Winner and Multiple Finalist Of Scottish Wedding Photographer Of The Year

Hey, future newlyweds! We’re Jonathon and Claire Fowler, multiple award-winning photographers and cinematic filmmakers Love Wedding Photos And Film.

Based in the historic capital city of Edinburgh, we’re perfectly placed to reach the enchanting landscapes of Scotland, where rolling hills meet the untamed beauty of lochs and ancient castles. Our journey as leading elopement photographers has unfolded over almost two decades. With a passion for capturing love in its purest form against Scotland’s breathtaking scenery backdrop, our lens has allowed us to become a storyteller, weaving tales of romance and connection.

Early Years and Artistic Beginnings: Our photographic odyssey began nearly two decades ago, fuelled by a profound love for storytelling through imagery. Early on, I recognized the unique allure of elopements—intimate celebrations that allow couples to exchange vows amidst the soul-stirring landscapes of Scotland. This realization sparked a dedicated journey to become a leading force in the world of elopement photography.

A Tapestry of Experience: Over the years, we have had the privilege of documenting the love stories of over 600 couples who chose Scotland as the canvas for their union. Each location has been a chapter in our photographic narrative, from the misty glens of the Highlands to rugged coastal cliffs. This rich tapestry of experiences has deepened our connection to the craft and provided us with an intimate understanding of the diverse landscapes that Scotland offers to those seeking a unique and unforgettable elopement experience.

Technical Mastery and Artistic Vision: Elopements demand a unique set of skills—an ability to blend into the background yet capture the essence of the moment with precision. Our technical mastery, honed through years of practice, is complemented by an artistic vision that seeks to illuminate the emotions, the landscapes, and the intimate details that make each elopement special. From the exchange of vows against the backdrop of a magnificent mountain to the quiet moments shared inside some of Scotland’s ancient castles, every frame is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Hundreds of Love Stories Told: Having documented and filmed hundreds of elopements, each unique in its narrative, we take pride in the trust couples place in us to immortalize their special day. From meticulous planning to the spontaneous, unscripted moments, our goal is to craft a visual narrative that resonates with authenticity and reflects the distinctive love story of each couple.

Beyond Photography: In addition to capturing still images, our journey includes the art of cinematic storytelling. Through video, we endeavour to add an extra layer of emotion to the visual chronicles of each elopement. The rustle of the wind, the whispered promises, and the shared laughter—all find a place in the films that complement our photographic work, creating a comprehensive and immersive experience for couples.

A Legacy of Love Captured: As we approach the two-decade mark in our photographic journey, we are grateful for the love stories we’ve captured. Each elopement is not just an event but a chapter in an ongoing legacy of love—a testament to the enduring power of commitment and connection against the backdrop of Scotland’s timeless landscapes.

In the heart of our work lies a deep belief that elopements celebrate love in its purest form. Our role as leading elopement photographers is not just to document these moments but to elevate them into timeless works of art, ensuring that the love stories of each couple endure for generations to come. As the Scottish landscapes continue to inspire, our journey as a storyteller through the lens unfolds, ready to capture the next chapter of love and adventure in the breathtaking landscapes of Scotland.

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We recently had the privilege of working with Jonathan. He was phenomenal. He was very kind, accommodating and provided high quality photographs that we will cherish for many years to come. We are from the States, so it was somewhat scary planning a wedding long distance. We immediately felt comfortable with Jonathan. We highly recommend his services for all your photography needs. He won’t disappoint.

Glenda and John - Arthur's Seat Elopement
We highly recommend his services for all your photography needs.

Jonathon was an absolute pleasure to work with.

We, Americans here, wanted to have a small wedding in Scotland, very simple-no fuss, outdoors with a beautiful backdrop. After hours spent searching online I found a photographer, Jonathon, who I liked his portfolio, quality of work, and he had photographed at the venue we had in mind - Arthur's Seat.

Although we were in two different countries on two different time zones, coordinating our plans with Jonathon was easier than I could have ever thought. As it was an outdoor wedding, we knew the weather would always be an obstacle. Jonathon worked with us as the weekday drew near to ensure the weather was working on our side and we could adjust the weekday if needed. Anytime we had a question or wanted to verify we were still ago, for days the forecast called for rain leading to the Thursday we planned, he was right there to work with us and quick to respond on WhatsApp.

And the best part? His photos. They were absolutely stunning. He made sure to capture the little moments of our small wedding party and of our wedding.

Really great guy too. Very conversational, easy to get along with, and made the after wedding photos fun. Would absolutely recommend him. Would and do recommend!

Virginia and Henry
And the best part? His photos. They were absolutely stunning.

We had a small elopement at the Edinburgh Registrar with two friends as witnesses. Working with Jonathon was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. My husband and I don't take a lot of photos but Jonathon's knowledge of the area, expertise behind the camera and his really friendly and calm manner made us feel so relaxed and made for a truly special time capturing memories as newlyweds. Jonathon's communication before and after the wedding day was excellent: he listened to what we were looking for and was always on-hand for advice, and he kept us up to date with the editing process. We couldn't be happier with the finished photos and we will treasure them forever. This was more than just having photos taken - it was a very special experience delivered by someone who really cared. We are so, so grateful for everything.

Catriona and Neil - Edinburgh Elopement
Working with Jonathon was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding

Jonathon is a phenomenal photographer! He truly captured our happiness in the photos as well as the beautiful scenery. He made us feel very comfortable and we had the best time working with him. 10/10! I would recommend him to anyone looking for a wedding photographer!

Sarah and Lugh Culzean Castle Elopement
Jonathon is a phenomenal photographer!

A husband and wife dream team, Jonathan and Claire are pro’s when it comes to weddings, especially at Dunglass. Regulars to the estate, Jonathon and Claire have definitely become part of the team. Knowing Dunglass like the back of their hands helps to ensure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to photo opportunities. With creative attention to detail and the ability to capture love in a single moment, there are no two safer hands to be in when it comes to wedding photography and videography.

Dunglass Estate Wedding Venue - Scottish Borders
A husband and wife dream team, Jonathan and Claire are pro’s when it comes to weddings, especially at Dunglass.

Jonathon’s service for our photography and video of our day was outstanding. We had to make all o arrangements from out of country which was nerve racking for us. He provided quick and prompt responses to all of our questions and needs and everything came off without a hitch. Here’s what I wrote to him - “We can’t thank you enough for the beautiful and professional job you did for us. We had Christmas here early since both my soldier son and husband can’t be home for the day. We showed the video to our parents children nieces and nephews as part of the day. My mother who is hard to impress was overwhelmed by both the photography and the ceremony. It was an incredible day and so joyous to share with those we love. Thank you all again. It couldn’t have been better.” Of course we believe our day was the best as I’m sure everyone else feels the with no pride here to support your services please feel free to share our comments photos etc. in support of your truly good work. Thank you again.

Jen and Eric - Dirleton Castle Elopement
photography and video of our day was outstanding

Jonathon was amazing and the best surprise of our wedding. We planned our wedding from the US but working with Jonathon we never felt like we were oceans apart. We met for the first time through Skype and it was easy to tell how genuine he was. He quickly put us at ease explaining and answering all of our questions…. email after email 🙂 He captured all of our special moments of the day, even ones we forgot about ourselves. It was truly magical watching our video and reliving the moment. A million stars wouldn’t be enough.

Tiffanee and Brian - Neidpath Castle Elopement
A million stars wouldn’t be enough
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