Joanna Adams

Joanna Adams

Based In: Northwest United States
Photographer: Joanna Adams

Joanna Adams

Based In: Northwest United States

I’m Joanna Adams – Forever addicted to adventure.

Before an adventurer, I am a storyteller. After spending time studying broadcasting in college, I knew my passion was telling the stories of others. Every person is unique and incredible and I love to tell the stories we have within ourselves. Before we even get to the photo making process and dreaming of this adventure together, I want to know about YOU. How did you meet the love of your life? What are your wildest adventure dreams? What made you choose this adventurous elopement over a big wedding?

Ultimately, this is YOUR adventure. Maybe you enjoy hiking 20 miles for those epic photos taking in the wild spaces and air; or perhaps you are more of a roadside adventurer. Either way, I can promise you a few things, I’m all the way in and we will have fun! If you are not having fun through this photo process, what are we even doing here? Back to that storytelling part. My goal is to make images that your great-grandchildren look at and remember this story of yours was something extraordinary.

Photography for me is not a job. It’s an extension of who I am and the wanderlust that consumes me. Winter time, I’m hitting the slopes with a snowboard strapped on and polar plunging. Summer time, I’m finding the best and gnarliest peak to climb or bushwhack to. Fall time, I’m chasing wild animals and providing meat for my family. My current hunting obsession is archery elk and nothing replaces the tingling sensation when one is echoing their calls through the woods back at you.

I was born and raised in this amazing state of Montana. I spent my childhood years running around Glacier in beat up tennis shoes, jeans, and definitely no survival gear. I’ve grown up, purchased some real gear and am much better prepared for whatever comes my way in the mountains. What hasn’t changed is my love for this state and these gorgeous mountains. My home is found at the base of Glacier National Park loving on my husband and four rambunctious kids.

I have had the opportunity to explore some amazing parts of the world including Iceland, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, and Peurto Rico. My bucket list of future locations is quite long and I am always open to traveling for epic photos.

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I couldn’t recommend Joanna enough! Not only is she an amazing photographer who knows how to capture a specific moment, but she’s an amazing person as well! She was very personable with me and my husband, and she captured the tiny details you may not have even considered! For instance, I got a tattoo for remembering my baptism, Joanna asked about it and captured it in a photo because she knew how significant it was. Like how cool and attentive is that! She also got some “behind the scenes” videos with her cell phone… she literally thought of it all! Made my awkward self and husband feel very comfortable in front of the camera. I could go on and on about Joanna as a person and as a photographer, but I think you get the point!! I LOVE her style with the photos and the vibrant/boldness you get from them - one of the many reasons I went with her. If we can find ways to use Joanna in the future, we definitely will.

Bailey Swanson

We found Joanna by googling Glacier National Park wedding photographers and immediately fell in love with her work. We heard back from her within 24 hours of the initial email and from the first phone call, my husband and I both knew that she would take care of us beautifully for our wedding. She brainstormed extensively with us regarding sites outside of Glacier, including emailing organizations about any necessary permits, and sent videos from the different sites we were looking at. She also created an in-depth schedule for the day of the ceremony (which we adhered to beautifully). Neither my husband or I are natural in front of the camera but Joanna made us feel comfortable and got some photos that captured us perfectly; we couldn't have hoped for more 'natural' and intimate photos from our special day. We loved getting to know Joanna and our only regret is that we don't have another wedding to work with her for!!!

Sarah Janouris

Joanna Adams is amazing. I cannot recommend her enough. She responded quickly to all our messages and questions, and was super flexible with some of the changes we had to make to our plans. She is so much fun to work with! She even brought a fur rug to pose on! She gave us our sneak peak within 48hrs of our wedding! The photos were so beautiful and perfect, I cannot stop looking at them. She made us feel comfortable and made us look even better.

Nicole Garcia

Amazing person, breath taking photos, she captured exactly what we wanted. I cried when I saw them. The whole experience was perfect. If I were to take wedding photos ever again I would choose Joanna every time

Kristy Macmillen

In short: We absolutely loved Joanna as our wedding photographer! The photos were jaw-dropping and we are so grateful to have them. If you're looking for a great photographer, hire her right now! You will be happy that you did.

Long review:
Joanna was so on-point every step of the way. Soon after I reached out, Joanna and I got on the phone and I could feel her warmth and knowledge immediately. My husband and I are from NJ and we were doing a destination wedding in MT, so hearing how personable and knowledgeable she was gave us great comfort in making a decision to work with her.

Over the better part of a year, Joanna stayed in touch with us to ask exactly what we wanted from our photos, from the locations to the family shots. She also helped us draft an agenda that would allow for the best flow on our wedding day and adventure shoot beforehand. She stayed in touch with our wedding coordinator, as well, so that all went smoothly.

A few days prior to our wedding, we did an adventure shoot and we were smiling ear-to-ear from all the fun we were having. It was awesome to be guided by Joanna about where to go and how to pose, and we learned so much about Glacier National Park and Montana from her.

By the time our wedding came around, it felt like Joanna was a friend of ours! Soon after the wedding, Joanna sent us a sneak peek. My husband and I were in awe when we saw the photos and had so much fun looking at them and reminiscing about all the excitement from our wedding day. A few weeks later, we received the link to all of our photos, as well as a package containing the flash drive and a few other goodies. All of this was so unexpected, so personal, so professional, and much appreciated.

Joanna was our favorite wedding vendor because we felt like we got to know her and that she put so much care into the work that she did for us. Joanna is a true professional, polished and so personal. Thank you, Joanna!!

Deniz Schwartz

Joanna was incredible! She was so easy to work with and made our elopment so special and fun. She was flexible and easy-going while still being professional and responsible. I couldn't have asked for a better photographer to work with. The sneak peek photos we received were nothing less than extraordinary and captured the moments perfectly. Highly, highly recommend!

Mary Walsh

Joanna was super informative and helpful throughout the process of our elopement. She helped us find a perfect place for our ceremony and she found us a beautiful spot for extra photos! I highly recommend her for anyone looking for a friendly, fun and very energetic photographer! Even my husband said she made the process so much less stressful and more fun! She knows the area of Glacier very well!

Haley Fabrycki
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Mountain Top Elopement - Glacier National Park

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