Jaakko Perala | Nordic Elopement Photographer

Jaakko Perala | Nordic Elopement Photographer

Based In: Finland
Photographer: Jaakko Perala | Nordic Elopement Photographer

Jaakko Perala | Nordic Elopement Photographer

Based In: Finland


Hi, I’m Jaakko. Adventurer, outdoor-enthusiast, husband, father, in love with the wild north. I photograph elopements for people who want to honour their love through a meaningful experience and memories that last for a lifetime.

If you’re like me, a big wedding isn’t for you. Not if you really think about it. And I want you to be brave enough to say no to it. Because I wish my wife and I had been. And I’ll be there to capture it all.


I offer elopements at select locations in the north of Europe on set dates throughout the year as full day or multi-day experiences.

The destinations I choose all include the elements you need to truly feel present on your elopement day. In these places, nature’s force sets the rhythm, and we humans are only a tiny piece of it all. My goal is that you can feel this deep in your soul when you stand by the wild sea or at one of the silent lakes when you travel through vast open spaces and explore nature’s barren, raw beauty in the north.

It’s not going to be just a romantic getaway with unique landscapes. It is the best setting to empty your mind of the ordinary and put your attention on your loved one. If you’re unsure why I do this, please read this first.

I’ll announce my new destinations first to my mailing list and two days after that to Instagram. To ensure your experience will be the best possible, every elopement destination will have limited availability between 1 – 2 elopement experiences.


For the ones who don’t like to be the centre of attention, who know that the intimacy they want for their wedding vows won’t be possible in front of a crowd. For the adventurers. The ones who like to take the scenic route and love and love road trips. The ones who value experiences over stuff and know that time is the most precious thing we have. The ones who love the north like I do.

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You can stop searching for your elopement photographer! We absolutely love the photos Jaakko captured. As a person, he is something else! We just love him! He helped us to live in the moment more, how to show affection, and reminded us what's really important in life. We can't recommend him more as a person and photographer.

Rhiannon + Erik

We were initially looking for a photographer for our elopement day, but when we chose Jaakko, we got much more than we could have hoped. Jaakko helped us plan the day's schedule and ensured at all stages that our own experience and well-being were at the center of our wedding day. We received many ideas and thoughts for planning our special day and, above all, the courage to make choices that felt good to us.

Planning the day was difficult at first. Since we got married without guests, the wedding ceremony was very short, and without traditional celebrations, a lot of time was available. Jaakko helped us create a meaningful day from morning to evening. The planning meetings were inspiring, and as a result, our day went according to our wishes – we felt serene all day, and there was room for emotions.

Jaakko met us with a genuine presence, which relaxed the day's atmosphere and made it immediate. It is easy to be in Jaakko's company – after a few video meetings, it felt as if we had known each other for a long time when we finally met in person. Jaakko's actions exude professionalism and confidence, making it easy to trust him.

In addition to the wonderful experience and memory of the wedding day, the pictures turned out incredibly beautiful. They capture so many emotions, and looking at the pictures brings back the emotional spectrum of the wedding day. The significance of the images is not based solely on visual aspects, but they also skillfully preserve memories, moments, and emotions. For this reason, the importance of beautiful pictures is likely to grow year by year.

We warmly recommend making your wedding day your own and focusing especially on the experience. And we even more warmly recommend Jaakko.

Emmi N

We are both visual and wanted to memorialize our wedding day with beautiful, atmospheric pictures. Since we eloped, we were able to focus on the most important things for us, such as pleasing rings and high-quality photographs.

Jaakko was chosen as the photographer for our important day based on his excellent photo portfolio and the warm tone conveyed by his website. The choice turned out to be perfect, as in the first video meeting with Jaakko, it was evident that we were dealing with something much more significant than just posing in our formal attire in front of the camera at a scheduled time.

Jaakko helped us plan the wedding day, choose activities and the setting, and make practical arrangements. Solid experience and passion for photography shone through in everything he did, and he sincerely desired to help the couple create their dream day. On the wedding day, Jaakko read situations beautifully — he was "invisible" in the right places and supportive and relaxed the atmosphere at the right moments. Jaakko captured all our most important moments with extremely high quality and beauty.

We're so happy to have these beautiful memories of our elopement day. Thank you to Jaakko for making this unforgettable experience possible! We were left feeling that we had a small, good group of people celebrating our love in a way that was true to us.

Niki L
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