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Candeo Films

Based In: Asheville, NC and Houston TX
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Candeo Films

Based In: Asheville, NC and Houston TX


Memory is meaning. How you choose to preserve your memories now will affect how you remember them in the future. I specialize in wedding videography you can feel – creating films your children will be able to feel.

Remember the moment you knew you would fight for your relationship.

It was love. It was raw. It was yours.

Whether your wedding is a production or an elopement, at the heart of your wedding is a love story.

It’s one of the greatest honors to be trusted to capture and create something meaningful – something yours.

Candeo Films was birthed from a desire to create art for all couples that want to commemorate one of the most important chapters of their lives in a deeply personal and intimate way. I don’t believe in the paint-by-number approach to wedding filmmaking. After more than 10 years I am still just as excited to capture the stories of all couples madly in love. I’ve been providing wedding videography for couples in Asheville, NC and Houston, TX for over 10 years.

I’m passionate about capturing real moments between two lovers.

The process is simple.

  1. Authentic

    Over the years I’ve cultivated a documentary approach to wedding filmmaking. I frequently incorporate audio from all parts of the day, not just the speeches. It helps to capture the feeling of the wedding day in ways that photos cannot. I seldom use slow-motion because I find it takes away from the authenticity of the day. The result is a film that evokes a feeling of presence and nostalgia in a way that beautiful images alone cannot.

  2. Bespoke

    Have you ever seen a wedding film that presented the couple in a generic way where you could easily swap in a different couple and it make no difference? I’m passionate about handcrafting your films, taking into account your musical tastes, your eye for style, your sense of humor and more to create something that screams “you.”

  3. Connection

    It’s impossible to tell the story of a couple I don’t know. We’ll meet together multiple times in the lead up to your wedding – with time dedicated to creative brainstorming as well as the logistics. Together we’ll figure out the things that make you tick as a couple.

Erin & Spencer Asheville, NC Elopement

[5:46 min]

Justin was very attentive to our wants and needs for the project. He spent plenty of time with us outside his scope of work just to make sure he had all the shots he needed to capture the essence of my relationship with my wife.

Justin is an artist. He knows both music and video and pairs them perfectly together. When my wife and I received our video, the resounding message we got is that anyone who watched our video who didn’t know us and our love, certainly would by the end.

Outside of his incredible work, he is a pleasure to work with. He is funny, responsive, inquisitive, and witty. He knows his stuff but is humble to any ideas you have for him creatively.

If you want to tell him what you want your wedding to look like/feel like that’s great. He can certainly do that. If you want Justin to shine though… tell him and show him what kind of love you and your partner share and give him the reigns to tell that story for you, and you won’t be disappointed.

Spencer Miller

I couldn’t possibly say enough to do Justin the justice he deserves! From start to finish he was incredibly communicative and personable! My husband and I had a zoom meeting with him prior to booking where he really took the time to get to know us and our story and asked what we envisioned for our wedding day and video.
Once we booked Justin came over and met with my husband and I in person and recorded some audio as well as got some shots of our letters we had written to each other while dating! It was so awesome to do this in a comfortable setting and totally helped us feel more natural on our actual wedding day!
We also decided to add on a “Well Wishes booth” where our guests recorded video messages for us! Literally the coolest thing ever and so hilarious!
We received our sneak peak video while on our honeymoon and have watched it probably 2000 times since… at least!! He absolutely nailed it and captured all the emotions of the day! We seriously get compliments all the time!
Our final video has absolutely blown us away. While watching the video we laughed, cried, and smiled the entire time- same as on our wedding day! He truly couldn’t have done a better job!
A few final notes about working with Justin:
- He was communicating with updates on where he was at with our video and sent a few short clips!
- He made our video so unique and so US!!
- If you haven’t booked him yet what are ya doing?!?!?!!?

Sophia Sanders
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