Aimée Flynn Photo

Aimée Flynn Photo

Based In: Arizona
Business Attributes: Woman Owned
Photographer: Aimée Flynn Photo

Aimée Flynn Photo

Based In: Arizona
Business Attributes: Woman Owned

You deserve a wedding day that is legit, totally, completely, whole hog, your best freaking day ever. You deserve a wedding day that’s  just you, the person you’ve decided is your forever, and the sky as your witness. Yeah. That’s my jam.
Hey, I’m Aimée! (Pronounced M.A. It’s French, I’m *not* French, it’s just a whole thing). I grew up in the midwest believing that the desert wasn’t for me- till I visited the west in college. And whew boy- I was hooked. So much so that a few years later I packed up my stuff and moved west. So believe me when I say I love the strange beauty of the desert just as much as you.

Hey, I’m Aimée! (Pronounced M.A. It’s French, I’m *not* French, it’s just a whole thing). I grew up in the midwest believing only people on TV had adventures- and then in college I visited the mountains for the first time. And whew boy- I was hooked. So much so that a few years later I packed up my stuff and moved west.


And my role as your photographer goes way beyond just grabbing epic photos (though there will be plenty of that for sure!) I’m here to walk you through every step leading up to your rad wedding day experience. All my packages include:

  • An 84 page elopement guide, exclusive to my rad couples
  • A questionnaire so I can get to know all my couples- personally AND about your elopement hopes and dreams!
  • In depth location scouting based on exactly the experience you want
  • Personalized vendor list full of industry folks I know and trust
  • Timeline construction so you don’t have to worry about travel times, when sunset is, or other logistical headaches. Your timeline will be relaxed and focused on your experience (not just a full day photo shoot)
  • Guidance on the permit application process
  • A gallery full of banger photos. Don’t worry- you get all the good ones 🙂
  • Unlimited access to me- I love answering questions and helping out so whenever you need a quick chat, I can make it happen.

And friends, I would love to chat with you about all your elopement dreams. Check out my website for more info, details, and inspiration 🙂

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I could not recommend Aimee enough! She was amazing to work with from start to finish. Throughout the planning process she will send you questionnaires about your relationship and what type of day you are envisioning, and this made our whole experience with her seem really special and personalized. She can also give suggestions for food, makeup/hair, flowers, etc. She made sure our elopement day was perfect and exactly what we wanted! It was so much fun to have her with us on our hike as well. Most importantly, our photos are STUNNING and we could not be happier. She is the best!


We were so happy with our photography services from Aimée! She was such a delight from start to finish, and was so flexible with any changes in our plans. She moved around our ceremony like a stealth butterfly, capturing the most awe inspiring images that we could never imagine. She was so careful with Covid safety, and took care of us from start to finish. She even guided us through a very sweet couples meditation/intention setting before we started our shoot that really set the tone. We highly recommend Aimée. She is the ultimate peak experience.

Ash + Chris

We can't say enough how much we loved working with Aimee! She provided so much more than just really beautiful photography -- she worked with us on all the details from location to permits to timelines to create an experience unique to us and our story. She was so communicative, client-focused, and just fun to talk to and work with at every step, and we always felt confident that we were in great hands working with her. Our pictures are beautiful and authentic, and perfectly captured us and all we were feeling on our wedding day. We were really lucky to work with her to make our day feel so special!

Katie + Mitch

I can't stop looking at the pictures from this shoot! Aimee captured me and my guy beautifully, and made it all so easy and comfortable for us. The planning process involved some of the best customer service I've ever received: She put together a document with a bunch of location options based on our initial request (and even included details such as whether or not there would be restrooms at each location). She was very responsive during the planning, and super prepared on the day of the shoot with a Mary-Poppins-like bag that seemed to contain anything we might need. The best part was, instead of suggesting poses for the pictures, Aimee asked us how we already interact with each other in those little moments at home that nobody else sees, so our pictures capture the ways we naturally connect and show love. Surprisingly, the shoot was pretty fun! I don't generally like to be photographed, but it felt more like taking a hike with my guy and a friend, and stopping every so often to hang out and be sweet. The resulting pictures really took my breath away. Aimee undoubtedly has a talent for capturing a connection. Highly recommended!


I would recommend Aimee Flynn 1000 x’s over. The whole process was very smooth start to finish and exceeded my expectations. Thanks to Aimee the planning process was effortless on our part. Aimee goes through all the trouble to find out what your goals are i.e. purpose of the shoot, style you are looking for, location scouting, etc. She put together several information packets which included different locations she researched, what we should wear, time of day, park facilities, everything! All we had to do was decide on the location and time. She was super responsive with communication usually replying to our emails within 48 hours (typically within the 24). Since she did a lot of the leg work for us beforehand it allowed me to just be excited for the shoot instead of stressed out trying to scout out locations, decide what to wear, worry about permits and such. Once the day of the actual shoot came my expectations were well exceeded. Aimee provided detailed directions to our location, came prepared with anything you could think of: nutrition bars, cold brew coffee, first aid kit, hand-warmers, etc. Her real talents though, lie within the photo taking process itself. Before we even took a picture, she gave us an exercise as a couple to just center on each other, connect to the love that we shared for one another. It made taking the photos such a joy. I had a blast. Aimee never had us do anything that felt unnatural, quite the contrary, she was able to draw out the natural quirks of our relationship and capture them so beautifully. My fiancée love/hates when I pick her up so naturally Aimee had me pick her up and it’s one of my favorite shots because when I look at it I see the essence of us. We received our images in a timely fashion and they blew my mind. The way she captured the landscape and the intimate moments between us took my breath away. I speechless but quite grateful. She sent us a special link where you can download all the pictures right then and there. There were so many great shots my favorite changes from day to day. Working with her was such a joy. She’s fun, creative, quirky yet so organized. I never laughed so much on shoot before and it felt less like a photo session and more like a date-night with my fiancée. Kudos to Aimee for making us feel THAT comfortable in front of a lens. I can’t recommend her enough. You will not be disappointed!

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