The Wild and Romantic Elopement of Kristin & Chris: A Journey Through Northern Ireland’s Enchanting Landscapes

The Wild and Romantic Elopement of Kristin & Chris: A Journey Through Northern Ireland’s Enchanting Landscapes

Photography by Caragh Isla Photography


Kristin and Chris’s elopement is the stuff fairy tales are made of. Marrying the love of their lives while embarking on a day-long adventure in some of Northern Ireland’s most iconic spots. And as we, at Wandering Weddings, dug deeper into their story, what resonated the most was their desire for a personal, intimate experience—a break from tradition in the most romantic way.

The Magic of Giants Causeway

Their day began with the ethereal beauty of a sunrise elopement at Giants Causeway. Against the ancient basalt columns and with the waves of the North Atlantic as their audience, the couple exchanged their vows. And though the weather tried to challenge them, it only heightened the raw, intense beauty of the moment, an experience Caragh Isla Photography captured brilliantly.

The Why and How of Elopement

Kristin and Chris’s journey towards eloping started with a shared love for non-traditional experiences. After the global pandemic, the duo felt an itch to travel. Kristin shared, “Eloping for us meant that we would be able to give each other our full attention while going on a day-long adventure that mirrored our favorite things to do together.”

When it came to choosing their elopement location, Northern Ireland had been on their travel wishlist. The couple gushed about the Giant’s Causeway, calling it “the dreamiest place” for their sunrise ceremony. With Caragh’s in-depth guides and recommendations, they were able to craft a day that perfectly reflected their adventurous spirit.

A Journey Through Time at Dunseverick Castle

The adventure continued as they drove their VW campervan, a delightful surprise from Kristin to Chris, towards the historical Dunseverick Castle. With every step through the ruins and cliffs, it was clear that this was more than just an elopement—it was an immersive experience.

A Day of Surprises and Intimate Moments

With a heartwarming picnic inside the campervan, and a spontaneous coffee stop to ward off the chill, the day was interspersed with delightful moments. As they reached Ballintoy Harbour, the universe seemed to celebrate their union with a rainbow arcing across the sky.

When asked about their favorite moment, both reminisced about the early morning at Giant’s Causeway. “Walking across the stones in the early morning mist truly felt like a fantasy. We laughed and cried while waves crashed around us, setting the perfect tone for the day.”

An Ending Fit for a Fairytale

The day culminated at their Airbnb, complete with a private hot tub. Here, they sliced into their wedding cake and soaked in the tub, likely recounting the day’s enchanting events.

Some Words of Wisdom from Kristin and Chris

Their journey, though unique, serves as an inspiration for couples worldwide. “You can do absolutely anything you want with your elopement day!” exclaimed Kristin. With meticulous planning and the right vendors, their day became a dream come true. As they emphasized, every bit of their elopement was stress-free, thanks largely to the guidance and expertise of Caragh Isla Photography and the other professionals involved.

Final Thoughts

Kristin and Chris’s Northern Ireland elopement was not just an event—it was an adventure of love, partnership, and embracing the beauty of life. Here’s to more couples finding their own paths and creating memories that last a lifetime.


Photography: Caragh Isla Photography
Video: Mark Ryan Wedding Films
VW Camper & Picnic: @Tones_ (Instagram)
Celebrant: Karen The Celebrant
Engagement & Wedding Ring: Sofia Kaman
Cake: Baked by Corri
Florals: Harriet Reilly Floral Design
Airbnb: The Burrow