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Skeleton Halloween Couple Session

Halloween inspirational shoot.

If You are Looking for Inspiration for an Elopement or Engagement Shoot, Then this Halloween Couple Session will be Perfect for You.

Photographer Meghan Huryn, finds styled shoots to be fun and inspirational for couples and photographers. She tells us she always wanted to do something like this and seeing it all come together was so special for her.

Meghan comments on how styled shoots allow her and many other photographers to reignite their creative drive.

“A fun, relaxed, and random styled session can be the best medicine to reframe and refresh our minds and spark that passion for photography all over again.” [Meghan]

Photography by Meghan Huryn

Bringing a Spooky Skeleton Couple Session Together

To bring this Halloween session to life, makeup artist, Lia, transformed the couples’ faces into skeletons. Brenna from Wild Honey Weddings created amazing florals to tie the entire fall look together.

Meghan’s vision for this shoot was to find a location that would translate a ghost town feel as the sun started to set. She comments on how difficult this was to look for in the city of Toronto. However, since the shoot would be during the fall evening, this allowed her to capture the golden glow that she was looking for.

We can all appreciate the glow across the sand mounds against the twisted, leaning trees that bring out the Halloween season in this shoot.

“Since the faces were to be the standout feature across the session, our couple wore all-black outfits with some cool elements like lace, chunky black platform boots, a biker jacket, and a wide brim hat to all complement the skeleton faces while still letting them shine.” [Meghan]

What do You Love about Intimate Photo Sessions?

We always like asking photographers why they enjoy intimate photo sessions, and Meghan’s response hits the ball out of the park.

“ I adore shooting intimate photo sessions such as this one because when you take away so many of the necessary and sometimes strict requirements we need to keep in mind when shooting more formal events such as weddings, you’re left with just the couple in front of you as well as your vision for the shoot in your head, which gives one full creative freedom to go anywhere one wants with the photos.” [Meghan]

Meghan’s advice for photographers, who are scared to do something out of the box is to, “listen to that creative voice and drive in the back of your mind.”

Moments with the Couple During this Halloween Shoot

When a couple hires a photographer for a photo session, they usually go into the shoot with their outfits planned, but not ideas for the actual portraits. According to Meghan, these two brought the heat when it came to cool poses for the session. Between Meghan, the couple, and the other two vendors, they all bounced ideas around the whole time.

Meghan’s favorite moments all involve little things that broke the ice and made the session fun and exciting. One of these moments was when the couple looked at the camera and gave a huge toothy smile.

“It looked so goofy with the double sets of teeth on each of them. It was so opposite to the rest of the photos, and I just loved it. Another funny moment was near the end of our shoot when we were doing reflection shots of their skeleton faces in the water, and the lifeguard station was in the background of the photos. Someone commented, ‘guess the lifeguard wasn’t on duty.’ It was so morbidly hilarious, and we all burst out laughing.” [Meghan]

This couples session shows us all, no matter what you want to theme your shoots around, it’s ok to be a little silly.

Advice For Couples Who Want to do Seasonal Shoots

If you love these pictures as much as us, you’re probably pinning all these images to your Pinterest board for your couples’ session. Before you fully decide on doing a seasonal shoot, Meghan shares the one thing she recommends to couples. 

“The number one thing I recommend is doing [your shoot] in your favorite season rather than just the most popular one! MacKenzie and Jake told me their favorite holiday was Halloween, so this shoot fit them perfectly. Also, I recommend incorporating a few elements from the season into your photos, so nothing takes away from the two of you. In this case, we had the face painting and the florals, with a pumpkin in the odd shot too.” [Meghan]

With that said, Meghan also comments on how couples shouldn’t be afraid to share session ideas with your photographer.

 “We always love brainstorming fun and original ways to get creative and try new things. I pinky promise [photographers are] going to be just as mega stoked about bringing it to life as you are.” [Meghan]


Florals| Wild Honey Weddings
Makeup| Lia Pistilli

Thank you to Meghan Huryn for sharing this Halloween couple session!

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