Rustic Wedding in Monroe, GA | Macey & Trevor

Maura Davidson recalls booking this particular wedding as an emotional high, both personally and professionally. Having grown up with Macey in a small town, the photographer instantly recognized how well Trevor complimented her, describing their relationship as a match made in heaven.

Prior to the wedding, Maura was conscious to avoid browsing other photographers’ work from The Engine Room, striving to keep her perspective “fresh and original”. When the day arrived, Maura’s primary goal was to play with angles as much as possible. “Even if it’s just a shot here and there that is a little different, it adds so much character…” she says. She felt the day was made special by the details, from the peacock feathers in Macey’s bouquet to the piece of her mother’s veil she incorporated into her bridal look. Maura says, “[This] wedding was nothing short of enchanting… It was an honor to witness this union.”

Photography by Maura Davidson Photography

“One of my favorite memories from the wedding day was Macey’s first look with her dad and brother. Watching her dad wipe away his tears was such a bittersweet and raw moment. I definitely had tears in my eyes as well.”

[Maura Davidson, Photographer]

“Trevor is Macey’s safe place. Macey is Trevor’s ray of sunshine. It just works. Neither of them stopped smiling the entire wedding day.”

[Maura Davidson]

“When Macey and Trevor were pledging themselves to one another during their ceremony, Trevor accidentally said ‘I do’ instead of repeating the vows after their officiant spoke them. Everyone had a good laugh and made fun of him the whole rest of the day for jumping the gun.”

[Maura Davidson]

Thank you to Maura Davidson for sharing this session, and congratulations to Macey + Trevor!

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