Pacific Northwest Beach Elopement in Brookings, Oregon

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“With adventurous elopements like this, I think there is a huge thing to be said about trust. Building that beforehand and making sure you’re on the same page will take you leaps and bounds.”

Wise words from photographer Naba Zabih, who captured this couple’s nuptials flawlessly. “I know a lot of people think it’s not the photographer’s place to create but to just capture,” Naba says, “And I think that’s where I always fall off the bandwagon. I love taking moments and making something beautiful… [Mary and Tyler] love each other so much, I don’t know how to even encompass what they have in words. It’s simple, it’s sweet, but it’s so full of life…”

The couple left their home state of Arkansas to say “I do” in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. Their goal was to celebrate their love with a truly unforgettable experience and to start their next chapter focused solely on one another. “They said their vows next to a waterfall, hiked all day to get to every location, literally rock climbed for a shot on the natural bridges, and then got their clothes wet because they were only going to wear them once,” Naba recalls. “It was exciting, because I think they kind of realized that this was how they were deciding to start off their married life. How could the rest of it not be as equally amazing?”

We couldn’t agree more!

Photography by Naba Zabih Photography

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“We chose an elopement over a traditional wedding because we truly value our time together. Tyler and I both come from large families… and the more we tried to plan an intimate wedding of ‘just family’ the larger it got… We ultimately decided to go somewhere special and celebrate the occasion with the excitement and adventure it deserved.”

[Mary, The Bride]


“I looked for months to find the most beautiful places for us to travel. Eventually, I realized there was a pattern forming — all of the places I chose were in the Pacific Northwest… [Naba] had shot at these beautiful cliffs over the ocean. It was perhaps the most beautiful place I had seen. I messaged her and asked, and she gave me a few tips and places in that area to research. Brookings, Oregon stole my heart from the second I saw it.”



“Other than budgeting, there wasn’t a lot of planning… One day, I saw an old friend from high school post an Instagram story where she was helping her friend [photograph a wedding]. I clicked on the page and everything fell into my lap… [Naba] made a real effort to show that these dramatic and beautiful pictures had normal stories and love behind them. They were beautiful like a magazine, but the people were relatable… We got married on a Monday, so that made the process a lot smoother because we weren’t [in] conflict with any major crowds or other weddings.”



“The best part of having such a private ceremony was the opportunity to be completely encompassed in the commitment we were making to one another and being selfish with each other’s time. I have heard so many times that people don’t get to truly enjoy their big day because they are busy trying to greet everyone and thanking them for coming. I got to soak up every minute of Tyler I could. Because it was the two of us, everything just felt more natural and intimate. We wrote our own vows, and there were no nerves concerning judgement or embarrassment, just emotions overflowing. I cannot put into words how grateful I am to have such a powerful beginning to marriage.”



Videography | Kilen Murphy

Thank you to Naba Zabih for sharing this session, and congratulations to Mary + Tyler!

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