Love at Sunrise: Rae and Dilli’s Grand Teton Elopement

Photography Credit: Out West Elopements

Every once in a while, love takes us on an unexpected journey. For Rae and Dilli, this journey led them to the breathtaking beauty of Grand Teton National Park. Over five years of friendship, they navigated life’s challenges, with Dilli standing unwaveringly by Rae’s side. Upon moving to Jackson Hole, Rae realized that the love she’d been seeking had been with her all along. Their shared dream was to exchange vows amidst the natural splendor of the park, and serendipity played its part when they connected with Alina of Out West Elopements.

One of their first shared experiences in this new chapter of their life was a hike to Delta Lake. It was an intimate moment, with the majesty of nature serving as a silent witness to their growing bond. Their dream was to elope there, amidst the same natural splendor, but circumstances threatened to change that dream.

However, serendipity played its part when they connected with Alina of Out West Elopements. As Rae narrated her vision, Alina’s suggestion mirrored their dream: a hiking elopement to Delta Lake.

The Grand Elopement: Delta Lake at Sunrise

The trek began in the wee hours of the morning, at 4 am. The goal was simple but profound: stand by the pristine waters of Delta Lake, with the first rays of the sun illuminating their commitment to each other. With Dilli carrying Rae’s dress and the preserved flowers from their first date, and Rae equipped with a headlamp and a heart full of anticipation, the two embarked on the 7-mile round trip.

While the initial trail was straightforward, the final stretch required boulder hopping, challenging their resilience and determination. But, as they’ve proven time and again, together they could overcome any obstacle.

Upon reaching the location, a beautiful private exchange of vows transpired. The sheer joy and intimacy of that moment, the culmination of years of friendship and love, and the breathtaking backdrop of the Tetons made everything worth it. It was an elopement that perfectly encapsulated their journey: spontaneous, adventurous, yet deeply intentional.

A Photographer’s Insight

Alina, the talented photographer behind Out West Elopements, reminisced about her experience with the couple. “They were thrilled when I suggested the Delta Lake hike,” she recalled. “Their gratitude and joy were palpable throughout. The highlight for me was witnessing Rae’s happiness. After a challenging few years, seeing herself so radiant in her wedding pictures brought her immense joy.”

For those considering a similar elopement, Alina advises obtaining the necessary permits from Grand Teton National Park. With specific locations designated for ceremonies, the park ensures that the wilderness is preserved for future generations. As for the hike itself, she recommends starting early, preferably 3 hours before sunrise, and always carrying bear spray.

When asked about the uniqueness of Rae and Dilli’s elopement, Alina shared, “Their simplicity and spontaneity, combined with their adventurous spirit, made the day perfect. Rae, donning a glamorous wedding dress amidst the boulders, was the epitome of adventurous elegance.”

Love’s Triumph

By the time the first rays of the sun touched Delta Lake, Rae and Dilli’s elopement had transformed from a dream to a cherished memory. Their journey, from friends to soulmates, and then from planning a traditional wedding to a sunrise elopement, is a testament to following one’s heart.

In life, as in love, sometimes the most challenging trails lead to the most beautiful destinations. And for Rae and Dilli, their elopement in Grand Teton National Park was just the beginning of many more adventures to come.