Lakeside Cabin Elopement Ceremony With Kids & Family, Montana

Lakeside Cabin Elopement Ceremony With Kids & Family, Montana

This couple had their elopement ceremony at a lake near their cabin in Montana. In the end, they ended up getting in the cold pond water in the backyard of their cabin which the kids were very excited about since they were in formal clothing.

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About This Lake Elopement in Montana

Photography by Crystal Cousin Photo

“The couple ended up bringing along a few more people than originally planned so we decided to do something a little closer to the cabin where they were staying, so I found a nearby lake for them.

I love the non-traditional attire and rings. Everything looked so good together and I love that they didn’t go with the traditional ball gown and silver solitaire diamond ring.” [Crystal, the photographer]

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Planning This Intimate Wedding Ceremony in Montana

“We are very private people. We wanted to keep our wedding small and intimate with only our parents and kids so that we had the time to celebrate with the people we love most. Our day was very simple. We chose a location, photographer, and place to stay, rented a car, and ordered our clothing. The rest just fell into place.

Our elopement consisted of a 5-day vacation in Montana where we stayed in a cabin and made lasting memories…We live in the desert, Las Vegas, so we are always looking to travel to greener places. We hopped on the internet and chose Whitefish, Montana.” [The Couple]

Advice Eloping Near Here

“The road to get here is pretty gnarly, which is something I let my couple know about in advance. The day before the elopement I was scoping out a few spots and though this one had the craziest drive, it was the most beautiful so we went with this location.” [Crystal, the photographer]

Memorable Moments From This Elopement

From the Photographer:

“During the ceremony Savanah had gifts for Jake’s two kids asking them to accept her into their family too. This was a really sweet and emotional moment for everyone. The bond that they both have with the kids is so sweet.”

From the Couple:

“The best part of our elopement was hanging out with our families and celebrating with no pressure and lots of love.”

Final Take Away From This Wedding Day in Montana

“For this elopement we had a general plan. I had a few spots marked out, but we were waiting until I got there to scope out to make a final decision on locations. Sometimes this is the best way to make sure a location is really what you want it to be. Elopements sometimes need to be a little flexible!” [Crystal, the photographer]


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